• About five years ago i had a dream about my past life. The dream was in black and white during the world war II. I saw myself living in the Netherlands in the beginning of the 1940's I believe. I was going to the shop with my mom and I must have been 12 or 13 years old. By the time that we got to the shop we saw one soldier armed with a weapon guarding a gate which was closed. I remember that I asked the soldier why the shop was closed and he said that it was because of the war. I don't know if I was a jew but I think I died during the world war II. I can also remember that I spoke Dutch. That's all I can recall from that dream.

    I have also had many different dreams from other past lives. In another dream I was living in a villiage in Italy and I remember the scenary around it. I saw blue skies, green trees, white little houses (very different from what I am used to), clothes hung on strings and other things as well. I can also remember that I spoke italian but I can't recall which year this was. Maybe it was during the 1950's or 60's. I think that in all my previous lives I have died early. So that's why I have been reincarnated over and over again. I think it is strange that I have died early in most of my previous lives. I now live in a country with the same letter as the first dream I wrote about starting with a N.

    Captain, can I have your insight in this and can you tell me what you think?

  • Yes, we all relive our past lives when we sleep. We all have hundreds maybe thousands of other lives so you won't have always died young in them all. Dying young is an experience we all must have, as is every other type of life experience.

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