3rd try to get into college?

  • so i have this important test in 2 weeks, and im wondering will i do it well, cos this year i really have to go to the college

    my sign is virgo

  • Hey Nency

    How have you been? I have been away from the forum and saw your post and thought I'd say hi.

    I drew the 3 of Pentacles which is a very positive sign of you doing good work on that test. I am confident you will do very well!

    I am also trying to get back to college, have applied to a local university and hope to pursue a psychology/counseling path. I hope it will help me figure me out haha...

    nice to see you out there, hope your relationship/love life is going well!

    peace and love,


  • hey, i'm fine 🙂 how are you? lately there were some changes in life but it's ok

    uh thank you, i hope i get in. and you too 🙂

    it's going well, even though i'm afraid im going to ruin it, but i hope i wont 🙂

  • yeah you'll do fine.

    I got my acceptance letter yesterday from the University so I see that as a very positive sign for you too!

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