One card reading

  • I would like to try giving readings online for the first time. I have done some in person and I thought they were accurate and the others liked them also.

    Just ask a question about one thing and make it simple...try to not saturate it with details. If I need to ask you something I will. I'll give you insight but not a yes or no. Make sense?

  • Can you reading about my relatioship please.

    Thank you

  • Makes sense to me!

    Will Dennis and I get married this year?

    Thanks so much for the offer.

  • Hi Burning Dream,

    Would you tell me if I will be making a long distance move in 2012....thanks!

  • I have been looking for a job for quite a few months. One friend offered to help me again as he has lots of connections in the industry. May I ask whether or not this friend G can help me find a job eventually? Thanks for your kind help. Much appreciated. blessing!

  • Opps sorry will C and I be together for long?

  • Thanks BurningDream,

    Love relationships for me this year. Hopefully that's not too vague.

  • Sagitarius Gurl:

    The Sun: you will be rewarded for what you put into this relationship, its also symbolizes vitality, energy, new beginings...etc 🙂

    Ruby Red Lips:

    Six of Swords: indicating that you are moving from past troubles, a time of integration or reintegration, balance and optimism towards your future. 🙂

  • Lemme ketchup you all!

  • And another question if you dont mind - Will I get into D company? Thanks!

  • Libra Luli:

    Are you wondering if you should? 9 of Cups: Everything you hope for you can have, ask and it it given (guess that's true for all when the wish comes from your soul not the ego)

    DDTT: Two of swords, you must rely on pure faith that the universe will handle things. Even if you are in an awkward position, speak up communicate clearly and trust yourself...look honestly at the situation. 😉

    Sagittarius Gurl: The Chariot

    You may find that things move very fast, always compromise when there's a conflict of mind or in the relationship, if you keep in balance at this fast pace will take you in the right direction. 🙂

    Danceur: 6 of Pentacles: (R)

    You may need to recoup after a period of loss or confusion to set a new pattern and peace of mind.

    (2nd card fell out)The Falling Tower: reiterates getting rid of old structures in previous relationships or in you habits of thinking. You should know what they are. The change is for the best. 🙂

  • DDTT: Nine of Wands (R)

    Know when something won't work out don't fight a loosing goes along the lines of asking the universe what you want but being rigid about where it must come fluid expect it from anywhere.

  • Guess its enough for tonight but I would like to do this again. Thanks everybody for participating tonight, its was fun! I hope they were helpful and insightful for you. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for the offer, burningdream. Wish you have a wonderful weekend ahead 😉

  • You know I feel better about the issue I posted about and in general by doing this. Thanks DDTT maybe I will and wishing you'll get what you want very soon!

  • hope so 😉 thanks for your kind words. i wish you the best also. xx

  • Hello BurningDream,

    Thanks for the offer!

    Is JB my soul-mate or a waste of time?

    Light and Love surround you,


  • Morning BurningDream, very kind of you to offer this.

    Will my life soon change for the better as this year not been too kind so far to me. DOB 24 Nov. 1959.

    Many thanks

    YB x

  • Thank you on the offer!

    Will my ex take what I will tell him bad or will we remain friends?

  • hi fishybone, hope you are still doing these ....Will i be able to find a new job soon?

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