Broken hearted..starting all over alone

  • I'm bitter angry and completely lost. I got married to not end up alone ..that is exactly h what

    Happened . I was in an abusive relationship where after five years iwanted out..but I let his mother talk me into staying..big mistake! I believe as does everyone else she started planning on how to get rid of me. Granted I was not the easiest to get along with seperation anxiety. And my husband worked worked offshore. Not always but sometimes I would get upset. BOttom line though I raised those kids spent all my time with them and loved it! I taught my son to play baseball helped out at school substituted loved it. THEN my husband got layed off ..things got bad.He got drunk all the time actually lostjob because he got into fist fight drunk mouthed off but his family blamed it on me. THenstarted smoking port just got ridiculous..around kids ..I always covered for him. HE drove our brand new car into the ravine..I had to stand in snake filled water to help chain car to get out ..long story short he would have got arrested if weren't for me I new police officer they let their drunk butts go...anyway things got worse..we ended moving to Oklahoma into his moms house..big mistake...I got worse I felt such a huge sense of loss..myhouse cats dogs and finally most important my role as mother. She just took over..pushy witch. I started acting out I started drinking pretty crazy...then mothers day of all days I got caught drinking..duo and I did get angry because I new his mom would push to get rid of me and that's exactly what happened ..They took my best attorney...mine was scared..and funny thing she even got disbarred..well here I am alone very sad angry..feel outplayed by his I didn't turn him in for his abuse which I had so much on him in Houston..that's why she wanted to get me to small town lexiton..she used to wrk in courthouse...witch but what's worse I played into her hands! I'm not sure who I'm angrier with her or myself!!!" Well I'm fortyfour alone bitter and lost!! I thought IWould be married forever I loved being an active Mom now I'm just left out alone ..feel very suicidal..all the loss and inability to make it ..I need advice a career way to make money very outgoing can talk to anyone just don't know what career but do know I need something can make GD money so van get kids. House ..any help appreciated..._

  • Well what sort of things are you good at - managing a home and kids alone would give you quite a lot of organizational talent, to start with. What sort of career interests you? What is your passion? Do you want to work from home or get out into the world?

    And the only way to be really happy is to live in the present. The past is behind you and the future hasn't yet begun. Start afresh right now and put everything bad behind you. Fill your heart with hope and determination to make a better life for yourself. See this as a new chance for a great new life, rather than as a defeat and rejection. There is no use bringing all the past upsets with you and it won't help you with your kids, either. You now have the chance to become whatever you want - make it a positive change.

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