Confused in Colorado

  • I am a taurus woman seeing a leo man. We were friends for 2 years until we got together last October. We have been seeing each other ever since, but several months ago (about February or March) he started denying that I was his girlfriend. On May 20th he went to another state for his daughters graduation and returned May 24th. While he was there his ex-wife stayed with him. After he got back she apparently found out about me and told me about staying with him, but I had already figured that out. He returned to that state on June 29th for "his nephews wedding", which was on July 12th, and came home on July 9th. While he was there his daughter was text messaging me and told me he was back with his ex. He and she have been texting back and forth daily since then. He says they are arguing. He also keeps talking about getting a job out-of-state. Yet, he acts as if he wants me to be around. I've told him that I would leave if he wanted me to and he said no and paid more attention to me. Does he really want to be with me, her or, for that matter, someone else?

  • OUCH !!!! At first i said WAY to complex... this relationship won;t make it ...

    frustrating when a man carriesso much of his past & old baggage around

    he seems to be tittering here nor there~ but wants his licks & taste of two different pies whenever he so chooses..... So what Gives with this man....

    RUN Sweetie, you deserve a FREE & Uncomplicated Man in your life... someone on an other post made a cooment to another complicated relationship

    she said to RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN & don't look back~~~~~~Hmmmm Sorry !!! if you know of a better way to resolve this..... let us know..... sorry i wasn't more help to you..... 😞

  • in my honest opinion i would walk away. even if he acts like he wants you around it might be in case things don't work out with his X.

  • I agree that does not sound good at all! He picked a heck of a time to see his X. Not a good way to begin a relationship!

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  • Hi, Sorry to be so blunt but you need to get R I D of him. He has both of you on a string sounds like. Save yourself a lot of grief. Keep the good thoughts about your present and future. Don't look back.

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  • The reason it can be so confusing is because he even tells me (since late May or early June) that, as far as he knew we were just good friends. So maybe I should rephrase it, we had been sleeping together for 7 months when he went to the graduation and he did not lie to me about his ex. He was talking about denying me the other day and said he was being an idiot. He also gave me the money to pay my rent. He also treats me real good when we are together. Are you as confused as I am?

  • NO! I am not confused at all and you shouldn't be either. You need to dig deep and find your pride, dignity, and self respect. This man is making a mockery of your commitment to him and what he now conveniently calls, "friendhsip", not a good situation. I know because I have been there twice, (I am embarrassed to admit). Sometimes we want a relationship so bad we will go to any lengths necessarey to keep it together, even though we truly know it is not what is best for us. Trust me, this will only turn out bad for you and any other woman he is involved with. Please listen to your gut, I know your gut is telling you to get out.

    One more thing, if women would just learn to stick together and as soon as they find out there is the slightest chance of another women, be it spouse or girlfriend, and cut off all ties until there is no one else involved, there is a good chance we could avoid some of this unessessary heart ache. We are all worthy of one on one loving mongomous relationships, don't settle for less.

  • As far as women sticking together, you are totally right. His ex-wife was sending me text messages for a couple of days telling me things he had said, etc. I sent her a couple back, but stopped because she would tell him I was sending her messages and she would lie about what I had said. Like I told her, I don't understand why women get mad at the other woman--even if she didn't know--instead of getting mad at him. I never understood that! Years ago some guy was trying to get together with me. He had told me that him and his girlfriend had broken up. A month or so later he brought around. She ended up calling me when he was at work and asking questions. I told her everything she wanted to know. Then I went to her house and showed her a ring he had given me. I gave it to her and we visited for about 2 hours.

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  • Oh my, I as a Taurus woman as well would try to rationalize any reason to stay. From an outside perspective, he is clearly lying to you and being the back up plan doesn't feel any better. He wouldn't take you with him to these family events? LOSER!!! Anyone who professes to love you, but won't claim you as a girlfriend , isn't worth claiming. Has been sleeping with you but thought you were just friends? USER!!!!!! RUN as fast as you can and don't look back. This would be a good time to dig up your other Taurean tendency, independence. You deserve to have respect and you are not getting it here.

  • I believe in love, but is that what this is? Love yourself first. you already know what's going on. I know it hurts, but you can do waaaaaaay better then someone who won't even offer you honesty.

  • Oh and forget about being friends or allies with a woman when you're sleeping with the same man... it'll never work. You guys are not and will not be friends any information she gives you is to make you do what he won't, walk away and the same is true for any information you've fed her you two are and will be rivals. But this man sound like a cracker jack prize...... small and disappointing

  • You go and buy the book "LOVE SIGNS"' by Linda Goodman. You will find exactly what you are searching for.

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