Do scorpios ever come back once they're gone?

  • My now ex-boyfriend is a Scorpio and he just broke up with me after icing me out for a while. I figured he was just playing hot and cold but when he broke up with me he told me he had been icing me out because he was too afraid of hurting me.

    We had gotten in an argument before the lack of communication began. I was being kind of demanding a lot of attention from him (I'm a Cancer), but he was refusing to provide me with it. We were both really drunk when we got in this argument but what I can recall from memory was that he was telling me he was sick of pouring his heart out to me and devoting so much to me and it was too painful for him. He said he was tired of not being able to make me happy. I had never seen him this emotional and I was trying to comfort him and reassure him, but things got really weird after that. He said he wanted to go inside because he "didn't feel safe." The next day things seemed good. It was long distance so I left to go back home and it was like as soon as I left a switched turned off. He wouldn't respond to my texts, he wouldn't acknowledge there was something wrong.

    He ignored me for several weeks but would randomly text me saying things like "I'm sorry, I've been such an ass lately. I've just been really busy." At one point he even told me that he loved me and wanted to work on our relationship. But then he would go directly back to the same behavior he was apologizing for.

    Eventually I confronted him and told him to figure out what he wanted. He finally sent me a message breaking up with me. In the message he basically blamed the entire thing on me, he said I'm too immature for the relationship we had. He said we are not in the right place for relationships right now. He said that I need to be able to make myself happy before I can be in a relationship. He said he really thought we were going to make it. He told me he still loved me in the message, too.

    So here's what I don't get... he is still icing me out. But I thought that Scorpios were black or white/love or hate type people. If that is the case why is he icing me out and telling me he still loves me at the same time. He is claiming to not want to hurt me but hurting me by icing me out. It makes no sense to me.

    Will I ever hear from him again? Is it over for good?

  • He loves you as you could be, not as you are now. He cannot handle your need for attention and wants to devote some attention to his own needs right now. He felt you selfishly ignored his feelings and desires in this relationship, only wanting what you wanted from it. I feel he can be won back however if you work through the issues you have that are getting in the way of a good relationship. You will need to take a good long look at yourself and admit to your faults so you can deal with and heal them. Only then will this guy want to come back. Things cannot stay the way they were if you want to get back together.

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