Energy Report for May 2012

  • a message from Kate Spreckley

    May 2012 looks to be a very powerful month with the 5:5:5 Stargate, Full Moon, New Moon and Solar Eclipse offering us several opportunities for intense transformation and change. These opportunities are paving the way for the very significant alignments and gateways coming in June 2012. The amount of Divine Light moving into the planet is increasing rapidly and the coming Stargate’s, Lunar phases, astrological alignments and Eclipses are all key energetic gateways that will support a realignment of your energy and the continued expansion of your consciousness. These gateways are strategically aligned to activate your consciousness and assist not only yourself, but also the planet and all beings who live upon Her.

    The unfolding of your Spiritual path has shifted your energy and expanded your awareness to the point where you are now able to process and integrate vast amounts of Divine energy. The quantity of Divine energy you are processing and integrating now is in direct proportion to the amount of healing, cleansing and clearing you have endured. There are many who may feel like the last decade has been an all consuming cycle of change, clearing, releasing and healing, and it may well seem like these coming months hold only more of what you are now intimately familiar with! But as the gateways increase in power and strength new and vital energies are being birthed to sustain your evolutionary growth and initiate you into new understandings and deeper levels of Spiritual awareness. As you become more and more adept at processing and integrating the incoming energies you will find that your Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies advance beyond anything you may have experienced before. These experiences will be unique for each individual but will also act to activate any dormant Spiritual gifts and add power and strength to your current awakened abilities.

    While your consciousness continues to expand you can expect the advancing energetic gateways to contain some mental, emotional and physical adjustments. These adjustments may feel like those good ol’ friends – exhaustion, insomnia, broken sleep, anxiety, dizziness, etc, etc. As much as we may resent the discomfort of these symptoms, they are supporting us through an energetic transition and increasing our capacity to function in higher resonance energy. Making use of tools such as meditation, massage and energy work will support you during these times of discomfort.

    The Full Moon in May occurs on the 5th in the astrological sign of Scorpio, with the Sun in Taurus. The union of Scorpio and Taurus energies will be greatly influenced by the opening of the 5:5:5 Stargate on the same day. This Moon phase and the 5:5:5 Stargate call for a profound transformation of the inner beliefs and attitudes you hold which continue to keep you in a state of imbalance. The energy will work to reveal the truth that lies behind your current motivations and your abuse of power and Earthly resources. With these revelations you will be obliged to take responsibility for the imbalances in your life, your environment and your world. You will be pushed to engage with your heart to redefine your beliefs and gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of your life and thus the responsibility you hold as a steward of this planet.

    Humanity currently exists within a healing crisis and as the energy shifts around us we are required to take responsibility for the unsustainable ways of living and being we continue to practice, which uphold and further this crisis. We are urged to reconnect with the natural cycles and laws of nature and to recognise and honour the life giving, nurturing qualities of the Earth Mother. If you allow yourself to enjoy the beauty and abundance of the Earth you are required to then respect all of life! By honouring and respecting your human life, you are able to embrace your physical existence and thus relax into the flow of Universal energies. In this way you move into a space of acceptance and love where you are able to respect your human body, the Earth and all physical manifestations. Thus you develop a new relationship with the physical aspect of your Spiritual experience, which enables you to further integrate your Spirit. This development will connect you more fully with your Spiritual gifts, making it possible for you to know your Earthly mission. This knowledge will make it possible to fully address the environmental, social and economic crises of this world and apply new and sustainable ways of living and being.

    The energy of May possess the virtues of empathy, forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. Virtues that are required to carry humanity forward upon this path of Spiritual evolution. By consciously aligning with the incoming energies you will realign your energy with your balance Spiritual power, which will assist you in redirecting your actions and choices in a new, heart-centred way. As the energy of each gateway is released a variety of energetic shifts will occur on all levels of your being. The frequency of light within your energy field will increase and expand realigning you with a more centred and balance degree of energy.

    During the Full Moon phase the initial impact of the 5:5:5 energy will be felt by your Spiritual aspect. This will jolt you into a new awareness of your responsibility as a Spiritual Being engaged in a Human experience. You will be asked to recommit to your growth and development and to let go of anything that may be holding you back from building a new, sustainable future for all of life. As this new awareness unfolds the energy will begin to assimilate into your mental aspect on and around the 14th, (5:5:5), the emotional on the 20th, (Full Moon Solar Eclipse) and finally the physical on the 23rd, (5:5:5). This rebalance will prepare you for the upcoming alignments and gateways in June.

    Eclipse months are always very powerful times and the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 20th is no exception. What makes this months eclipse even more intense is the alignment of the Moon and the Sun with the central star of the Pleiades. The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, is an open cluster in the constellation of Taurus. This star system has been the object of much wonder and interest and the subject of many myths and legends in almost every culture. The Pleiades is considered by many of the indigenous people as our ancestral home. As such we can expect a massive download of Divine energy during this Eclipse that will create a collective cleansing in the heart of humanity. This cleansing will secure our energy within the light of Christ Consciousness, gifting us with an open and emphatic heart. We may be thrown out of balance momentarily but ultimately this will prepare us for the Venus Transit in June.

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