Daliolite could i please get a reading from you

  • I would love to get more insight in my love life

    I had long distance relationship with this guy, birthdate 08 October 1959

    He just visited me, was only suppose to stay for seven days, but in the end stayed for ten to meet my children and spend some time with us. Told them he loves me but its difficult.

    We have decided to just be friends, but his actions confuses the h3ll out of me. Don't talk love but shows it. He came back yesterday to say goodbye before going back to his home town, an extra drive of 3 hours. That on itself tells me he feel more than what he says.

    Please can you see what you get on

    1. possibilities of relationship in future

    2. his real feelings for me

    3. How should i proceed

    Thank you so much in advance

    Love and light

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  • I can do a reading, have several others ahead of you of the other post...

  • Thank you, ill wait for my turn. :))

    Love and light

  • Was under the impression i posted on your other thread but cant find it there. 😞

  • Wanted to let you know I'll be working on yours soon..

  • Sweetdee47, Do you feel like you're battling against the odds. Someone here feels this way. I see this man as being in control of his environment. I feel his situation is different than yours. I keep getting 2 sides, 2 different sides, 2 choices. He's going to be more distant than what you need or really want. A plateau was already reached w/him and is leading to the present. There's going to be a block w/him about moving ahead w/the relationship. Your challenge is being patient. You feel like something must be said or expressed. At some point w/this you're gonna have to decide what YOU want out of a relationship. There are not good pairings regarding this relationship. At best, your reading is saying to take a rest from this relationship. I don't see it moving forward based on this reading.


    present--3 of swords

    above--7 of rods

    below--King of swords


    past--ace of cups

    challenges--4 of swords




    advice--5 of coins


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