What Does It Mean?

  • Lately i've been having these strange dreams. I'm sitting at home on my computer and it's just me alone. I always seem to be getting emails from this stranger I don't know. It seems to be a male. He seems to always talk to me about the relationships i've been in in the past or crushes I have now. And he simply rules out certian things. While i'm talking to him I feel this sense of being watched from my hallway. It seems to be a really errie feeling. Like whatever it is is terribly evil or wants something. It scares me. I've been having this dream all week. The first night I had this dream the man seemed to be mad at me for having a crush on this guy I had just started talking to. This was diffrent from the others because in the first dream I ended up in a house I didn't know in a bathroom. It was big and dark. The bath tub was filled with blood. This dream scares me and I don't know what it means. It would mean ALOT if someone could please help me to see what it means.

  • A bathtub filled with blood can mean that you feel you are holding your self back from living the life you want in some way. Blood in dreams often indicates suffering. This suffering is usually the consequence of the dreamer’s mistakes. The dreams all seems to involve you and relationships. What fears do you have regardng love - that you won't find it or may choose the wrong person or be alone forever or what? To rid yourself of these nightmares, you need to face and deal with these issues while you are awake.

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