A posibble renewed relationship

  • We meet again after 35yrs I married and was divorced 7yrs ago He never married. We had a 6 yr relationship there was a deep but toxic love there at the time I let go and he accepted, There is something still there on both our parts. but we are both cautious, I really never thought much about him over the yrs, but after meeting again yes he is on my mind a lot and I can still see why we didn,t make it but life is short and i can,t believe I have feelings for him What should I do HELP. HE SAYS WE CAN BE FRIENDS BUT HE IS ALL OVER ME AND LOOKS AT ME WITH LOVE WHICH HE SAYS NEVER LEFT HIM.HE IS VERY ECCENTRIC AND RICH BUT FRUGAL

  • OOhh Boy !!! there are so many Questions to WHY or How Come~~~ I too sometiems question the What If's or why didn't that relationship Spark in the first place ~~ or Why did it haveto take Years of separation to discover that there was a very much Burning Spark Still there ~~~ I say this :: Darling Weare being led by our Angels ~~Go with your Gut & then follow your Heart ~~ somewhere you'll come to understand his Love ( True ) or Not ... but I'm bettin~ on ( True Love 4 U ) This man had to experience his own life's lessons & his other loves before he could align his own love energy to yours..... Does this make Any Sens ~~ does this resonate to you ??? I say Go to him ~~ he will be there with Open Arms.... Embrace him Again in a much more bright light ~~~ you both have grown So enjoy this renewed love for each other.....

    make Sparkles again... would love to hear your love firewoks.... Wooohooo


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