Love Reading Please

  • I am a Taurus born 4/22/76 at 2:15 p.m. in Hyden, Kentucky and he is Cancer 6/27/76 (I don't know his birth time) but also in Hyden, Kentucky,,, I would love a reading, and any direction about where this will go. Thanks!

  • This is a good relationship for work or business but difficult for love. This man probably would not approach you first about getting together - you would have to be the one doing all the chasing. Your overly sensitive Cancerian will find you too overbearing and, though he may accept such an attitude for a while, eventually he might revolt, perhaps bolting in the opposite direction. Or worse, he may be too fearful of standing up to your dominance at all, and become emotionally dependent on you which you would hate. You need a partner who is tougher emotionally and more independent because you would soon grow impatient with the Cancer man's moods and what you see as his ineffectual or misguided actions.

  • Thanks, Captain.... That seems to be the case. I am always having to chase him. It's exhausting... I think I will leave this to friendship and move on. 🙂

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