Could someone be so kind to give me a reading please! :)

  • I would appreciate a reading if anyone could. i would like a general reading to tell me what will likely come forth in my near future in regards to school, work and my relationship with my boyfriend. Im a scorpio born nov, 10,1978 and my name is caroline

  • For your general reading I pulled the 6 of chalices. This card symbolizes of memories, a past that comes back or someone from your past coming back into your life.. It a very positive card that also symbolizes a gift from this past.

    I pulled the strength card. It's a strong cats that tells me that you he chosen a wise career path dor yourself & that you need to stick with it. I'm also feeling that I need to tell you to stay strong with this too.

    Your next card I pulled is for your work. It is the chariot. This card is just reiterating your precious card with success. It's saying to trust your gut. You make all the right moves.

    Your last card is for your relationship with your boyfriend. It is the 5 of wands. To m this card it saying that he is a lesson for you to learn. This is also a positive card. I coul mean you learn from him, or you learn something about yourself through knowing him. Take time to think about what you feel from him, how you truely feel about him, who is he to your future self. You'll find the lesson if you fallow your instincts

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