Reading for me Please!!!

  • Hi, i recently got a job early April. i appreciated and i believed that i'm very bless for having this good retail job, for being my first job. But the bad thing is, i'm always doing call ins i work like three time out of the week. An to top it all of, i barley make a good amount of salary. I was hoping to get another better job in the future. But in the mean time i want to stay there and get another part time job so i can make a little bit more money.. So my question is, do you see another job coming soon


  • Well, are you looking for another job? If you keep trying, you will eventually get one. Have you asked the management of your present job if they can give you more hours or permanancy - you may be on a three-month trial?

  • i only work part time. Recently there was a variety of positions available to sign up and the one i wanted was to have 20 more hr, i applied for it and i was also interviewed but, i didn't get it.

    i want to stay there and also have another part time job. So my question is do the tarot cards say anything about getting another job soon

    PS thank you so much for answering me back:)

  • You know you can ask for feedback from the interview to find out why you were not picked. There may be something you can do about that to be put on full-time. Employers like people who are keen to work for them. I feel that getting another part time job is not in your future yet.

  • Alright, thank you Captain.

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