Hi Captain...It's me about my friend again.

  • I asked about my friend a few weeks ago about his hard time. Well he is still going thru it but now he lost another relationship. I am worried about him because now he won't talk to anyone. Will he be alright? Is there any way I can help him?

  • He needs someone to point out where he keeps going wrong so that he won't keep repeating his relationship mistakes. Do you know why he keeps failing at love?

  • I was with him for 2 years and from the few things he told me about their relationship I saw alot of similarities between the two relationships. 😕 Ours was not very positive at all but I do not know their relationship well. He had only just started talking about it. I worry about him because he is going thru a difficult time without this.

  • What did he do (or not do) to make you feel bad about your relationship?

  • ~simplyjustme~

    Be there for him and things will work out eventually in time.


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