Awakened from my sleep?

  • Could anyone answer my concerns? For quite sometime now I’ve been awakened from my sleep. It mostly happens after I wake up early in the morn been awake and decide to lay back down. Once I thought someone was in my bed and when I reach out to touch, I can’t. Another time I felt a hand on my shoulder. Sometimes I wake and hear my husband’s voice. But he’s not there; he’s gone to work. This has happened off and on for years and I’ve always brushed it off as I’m probably in a rem state of sleep. When it happens I’m frozen stiff like I’m paralyzed and cant reach out or barely open my eyes to see. I've often wondered about this. Just a few weeks ago I held my sisters husbands hand as he drew his last breath. Now I wonder more then ever before. Can anyone answer.?

  • Early mornings (around 2 or 3 o'clock) are the most psychic times of the day or night - they are that in-between time between deep sleep and being fully awake. So it's not unusual or suprising that you are in a state of super-awareness at this time. You become aware of other beings and entities who are not in our world but whom you sense from theirs. There is so much more going on around us than most people realize - you have just become more aware through your awakening psychic senses. It's something to be enjoyed and celebrated, not scared of. Your fear of this process is what paralyses you.

  • Thank you Captain. After it happens and im fully awake i think to myself why did i freeze up like that? Have a lovley day and many blessings to you.

  • Millcab90, to expand on what TheCaptain said, there are other beings interacting with you on a level that is more "SuperConscious" than conscious. You become aware of something, but can't place your finger on what, exactly. This happens to me as well. Some people call it "Night School".

    Study the Spiritual Hierarchy, specifically the Order of Melchizedek, there is nothing truly scary about the spiritual or higher dimensional planes. Most of what goes on with me, I'm told, is cleansing, clearing, and teaching. I wake up sometimes with knowledge or wisdom that i didn't have before.

  • Thank You for your reply Crabby.... I looked up a site and have been reading about the Order of Melchizedek. Im always trying to learn.

    Strange thing happened to my husband yesterday mornning. We both were awake all nite because of our job. Got home and he layed down on a bed we have in liveing room and went to sleep. he said he was sleeping and it felt like the bed was shakeing. Umm,,,?? I thought things like that only happened to me?? I do wish I could learn to control my fear when this happens. You have a great day. And many blessings to you.

  • Sometimes when we dream, we cross over to other dimensions. We travel a lot at night - look up astral travel. Your husband may have been experiencing shaking when he was 'in another place' but only thought it was happening to his body in our world because it seemed so real.

  • Captain, He was up all night which is very out of the norm for him. He’s an early riser and early to bed. It’s the 1st time that’s ever happened to him. This seems to be happening allot lately.

    I’ve felt like someone behind me in bed holding me. And sometimes it feels like a hand on my shoulder. Another time like whispers in my ear. It seems to scare me to the point I can’t open my eyes even though I try. And I cant move my hands or arms, Im like petrified. But im not afraid when I’m awake.

    Thank You for responding. Many blessings to you.

  • There are many more angelic guides and helpers around us at this time than ever before, preparing us for the changes to the earth to come.

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