AstroAngel... anyone... tarot reading please!!!

  • Hello,

    I have visited this site in the past and have really enjoyed the advice and readings I have received. I would like to know what you see in the cards regarding love. Love in my future. I have dated a few men in the last year and just don't seem to have a connection with any of them. Is there anyone coming my way this spring and/or summer? I am very blessed in so many other areas in my life, but don't seem really connect and find the love I am hoping for. Someone to share my life and dreams with.

    Thank you in advance for your time! 🙂


  • Hi BrightSmiles...

    I have been the Hermit lately doing some of my own work on myself... and that pulls me away from the forum...

    Let's take a look at you and see what is going on...

    You are the Queen of Cups (centered card at top)

    I ended up with two rows of cards for you.

    There is a preponderance of swords which shows a strong thought/philosophical maturing for you. And the the appearance of some Cups (the red dots) in position 5 and 7 seems to be showing some timing possibilities.

    1. The Five of Swords - your life is experiencing some adjustments in your attitude/philosophy of life.

    2.The King of Swords, you are releasing an older philosophical pattern... continued development of your thinking as regards your life and the entering in of love.

    3. The 2 of Swords is affirming something new in your thought life, growth continues...

    4. The Six of Swords is a new more reliable lifestyle and attitude, you are settled at this point and then...

    5. The Six of Cups - this seem to be where LOVE makes an appearance at last, after the string of swords. Continuing on,

    6. The Ace of Swords seems to be saying YES to this new emotional development

    7. The Magician Card is "comparing realities" so I take this to indicate your new relationship has the two of you comparing back and forth some life goals and dreams, there is some dialog here...

    8. The Eight of Swords continues the swords energies which are now very well organized and strong.

    9. The Nine of Pentacles could be a clue as to timing, I will circle back on that.

    10. The Ace of Wands seems to be affirming a new identity for you, possibly the result of a lot of diligent effort on your part with your approach to lifestyle, love and relationship.

    11. The Page Swords is a card of taking some risks intellectually,

    12. The nine of Swords is an "integrated thought life".

    This is a lot of cards however I think it is telling us something very important about your life right now. You are VERY much under a LOT of Sword energy which is helping to guide your thinking and attitude, and your approach to love perhaps into some new directions which will facilitate a nice new relationship. This seems to be a very important part of your life right now, learning some things intellectually and perhaps trust is a part of that.

    As for timing when this love will appear, I will share what I see. I am tending to see this as 12 cards = 12 months.

    The Six Cups is very nice and appears at month 5. I wasn't totally sure we were talking months here however we only see one Pentacle card, and that is a card of Months/Years! Swords are Weeks/months. So... the common denominator is months. Therefore... it looks like somewhere in September a new love appears and it must be nice (*The Magician Card).

    HOWEVER and I really want to stress this... timing is totally up in the air as you have control over your life and your choices and attitude can speed up or slow down the timing. I would hope for something a lot sooner!

    My take on it is that your thinking is really going through some adjusting and and this is required before a relationship can come in. There could be something in your "concept" of love/relationship that is needing some adjusting before love can come in. All of these swords seems to be saying that. And the one wand, an Ace seems to be showing us that a new you is in development. This card falls under the 6 swords, so that shows that once you reach the Six Swords phase, you are also being the New Self Identity that you need to be... then a relationship appears that you can really enjoy. Until this Ace Wands/Six Swords appears in your being, a relationship might do more harm than good in your situation.

    Does that give you anything to go on? I wish I could have said a relationship next week, however I just try to read the cards... I know that you WILL have a wonderful relationship before you know it...

    love and light


  • Hello AstraAngel,

    Can you do me a reading please?

    I have to move back to my mother house this year. ( she passed away last year) Do you think that's a good idea? I am busy looking for a new job, do you see me getting it and well paid?

    Am I getting back with my ex? He's libra 4 oktober 1962. I'm sagitarius 9 december 1962.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thank you

  • Hi pinky9dec

    Looks positive to me on all counts.

    Yes on the move (2 pent)

    Yes on the job and the the pay (Universe and the Chariot - you can see how these energies mate up nicely, cups and wands this looks FANTASTIC for you!)

    And Yes on the ex, as this is the Page of Swords and carries a 2 of swords suit symbols which is a strong affirmation card.

    Glad to help


  • Hello AstraAngel

    Thank you for the reading!

    I have more question: My ex move to his country last year, we do communicate a little. My feelings for him are still strong. Sometimes I think about him. But the thing is that we are not wich each other so we both are free to look for someone else. And also we live far from each other. And that's what he's doing there. I can see his profile and he also told me that he's looking. In the beginning when he left, he said he missed me and he wanted me to come for vacation or to live etc. I told him yes, but not now. I wasn't ready to go there and also get back together right away I have my plans too, like I told you earlier. Even if he find someone else, do you see later in life we get back together? And when?

  • Sure thing pinky

    I broke this down into a series of steps to see about pinpointing when this could happen. Keep in mind that nothing is absolutely fixed, however we can see where the trends are and select a specific quantum reality where this reunion does occur. Then, as long as you keep going as you are and want that, it will happen.

    1. By decade. I drew 5 cards to represent decades to see which decade this could occur. The 9 of cups showed up in the first decade, and the 4 in decade 2. So the focus seems to be on the first decade. So within the next ten years you will get back together.

    2. By year. Now that we know the decade we can pinpoint a year. I reshuffled and drew 10 cards for each year and the 9 cups shows again in year 9. It looks like in year 4 there could be an attempt to reconnect however the emphasis seems to want to be on the 9. So 9 years from now you will reconnect.

  • 3. Now, let's pinpoint the month. I reshuffled all the cards and drew out 12 cards, and the 9 cups shows again! And it is also in position 9 which is a nice confirmation. Also note the appearance of the Lovers card in the sixth month so that is another great sign that this year it happens! So in the the 9th month of the 9th year from now you will reconnect.

    4. Now, let's find out what day. I reshuffled and drew 2 cards to represent the first half or second half of the 9th month and drew the Magician (which has cups) in the second half of the month.

  • 5. Now lets find the day! I laid out 15 cards to represent the second half of the 9th month of the 9th year from now. And look what we get! The TWO of CUPS on the 9th day, in the 9th month, of the 9th year from now - How cool is that! Also note how we have the Page of Cups (which has 2 cups) on the 8th day which seems to be confirming that yes we are looking at the 2 of cups on the 9th (2 - 2, double)

    (I could continue and we could narrow it down to the hour and minute)

    So, you two will certainly be reconnecting. You could start counting the years and days from now and arrive at the specific "date" that is something you can now do, I would pass this along to him, and let that energy go to work in him as well.

  • Also, note the Magician card has 4 cups in it, so 2 - 2 AGAIN connecting to the 2 - 2 cup pattern on day 8-9 in the 9th month, of the 9th year from now.



  • So your lucky number for love is 999

  • oops i forgot we are talking about the 2nd half of the month, so the 9th day of the second half would be 15 + 9 = the 24th day.

    So the 24th day of the 9th month of the 9th year from now.

  • Thank you very much to answer my questions so fast!

    9 year from now, I am going to be 60 years old.

    Before 9 year from now, am I going to meet new man? And when?

  • The Star - yes a new relationship.

    Page Cups - 2 something, 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years

    7 pentacles - months/years (lets hope months) - six swords, yes months.

    So 2 months, a new relationship and it will be very se xy (6 swords) and nice.

    It will bring some material changes in your life as well, better materially and financially.

    Yes, something materially will be improving for you and somehow it is connected to this person. Also, the "basic instinctive drives" (strength) will be fantastic and you are going to really enjoy this. Something you have really been looking for.

    I am getting a LOT of Pentacles in this reading so who/whatever this is will be bringing some amazing changes somehow in your life materially.

    The lovers card, so yeah something is coming your way soon and he has money.


  • Hahaha,

    Thank you, you make me happy with your reading.

    Financially I am broke. So if my financially situation is going to improve, I will be very happy.

    Until now I have been struggling with money. I have my job, but the money is not enough.

    About the man, is he black or white? Or is he from another country? How old? How we gonna meet each other? His age? Etc.

    I am thinking about starting a small business, I have a little bit of money. I want to start with that and see how it goes. But I will keep my job for now. Do you think it's a good idea?

  • Hey Pinky

    I am going to start a new thread for you as this is BrightSmiles thread so that will keep it separate.

  • ok

  • Hello, AstraAngel,

    When are you going to open a new thread for me?

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