Inner turmoil..

  • I am getting married to the cancer guy i've been ranting about (hehe) in a month..

    Relationship with my parents have not always been smooth.. Though I realise that I have been luckier than many children material wise, I do come with past childhood traumas.. I have been trying to break free from the toxic behaviours and patterns. I cannot help but feel that I would have some respite from it now that I'd be away from my mother. I still love her somehow but we have a difficult relationship. I try to live the present moment but this situation has me hoping that I am leaving the most difficult times behind.

    This difficult relationship makes me shy away from motherhood. I would not like to be a reflection of what she was to me..

    Now, my lady times are going a bit awry, I feel that I might be sinking into Premature Ovarian Failure. I have not done a gyn test yet but the symptoms sound a lot like it. I don't know how to feel about it. I don't know if it is karma's way of catching up.

    My guy is pretty much keen to become a dad in due time..

    I would really appreciate if I could have some of your precious time for a reading on the situation please.

    Thank you,


  • You should see a gyno first to ease your physical fears before consutling a psychic.

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