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  • Dear ScorpioEden,

    i have been wondering about something and i hope your reading can clarify it for me, i have not really talked about this to anyone or consulted any other divination methods, but i was wondering whether the cards could give me an answer to a question -

    Is my apartment haunted?

    My dad died in this apartment 7 years ago - sudden death, when i think back all my pets (cat, parrot, fish) died here very quickly, but when they are around i feel better, at night i have a very uneasy feeling about our hallway looking into my bedroom, i have not noticed any other weird things or voices or sounds just an uneasy feeling?

    i hope tarot can help me get some answers, your reading will be much appreciated

  • romali

    Thanks for reaching out to me ^^. That question is better suited for a medium, through the cards it's very hard to channel, they are more of a tool to help with divination. If in fact you do have a haunting, which is all just energy from spirit your medium would be able to help you a little better then I. They would start by investigating the house, but be careful who you allow to help you with this. There are a lot of crooks and fakes that pray in the grieving.

    I do mediumship but only face to face if you need help locating a good medium please start by going to a local metaphysical shop.



  • LeoLight

    Hello my dear ^.^ All these Leo’s, very very exciting indeed!!

    First off I would like to start off by saying the first impression I get when I step into the energy of your marriage. Even though being with another person always has its ups and downs it’s been as of recent you feel your marriage has been on the rocks. Every other disagreement you two have had was settle quite quickly and usually because one was being more submissive. Unless he’s an Aries or Taurus it was probably him. A wise man once told me,”Ask yourself, is it a big deal or a little deal?” Will the Earth stop moving or will someone die, has someone cheated or physically abused you? Or mentally torn you down to the point you want to die? If you’ve answered yes to any of these it’s an abusive relationship. If you’ve said no to all something can get done to just reignite that spark!!

    First card I drew for you is: Nine of cups reversed

    This card says beware of not allowing others in, when you feel it say it!!! In a relationship if you get a king or queen don’t shuffle the deck you might just get the fool. Be straight forward and never assume he knows what’s on your mind.

    Second card I pulled is: Nine of wands

    This card says reflect, take time step back and see why you’ve become so defensive with this person. It says love and learn. Ok, so enough of being scared of the unknown you have a wonderful marriage and it just needs to come first instead of getting caught up in the whole rat race of work, family, chores, bills etc…

    I say this because the last card I have for you is the ten of cups: And an outcome card with a positive twist! You have created a happy home life. It is full of satisfying activities and comforts. This moment is the epitome of domestic bliss. Enjoy it.

    This reading flowed for me, but I felt a little off. Let me know if I was way off 3rd base 😉 other wise good luck and Bright Blessing.

  • tnx kayla,

    i dont think we have mediums aka people who come to your house like in America or England (i am from central Europe), but i guess i can get a priest to sort of bless the house or i could do a sage smudging....i know i have to do something as i sense there is a definite energy problem

    my best 2 u

  • hana2012

    I assume you’re a Cancer. Starting with this by saying I love Cancer, they are so sensitive and sweet. My fellow water sign, there is a thick skin that you need to begin to grow (of course this would come out of a Scorpio ^.~) when it comes to the work place. Most places are professional but this job you’re holding seams to be the whole big fish little fish or only the strong survive. Someone has insulted you and you lashed out in a way that hurt their pride.

    The first card I drew was the three of wands. This card is all about patients and making choices and now waiting for results! Let me see if there is anything I can see about this for you.

    The four of cups: Gifts have been given to you, as in a steady job and yet it’s so hard for you to receive. I will also add there might be a touch of anxiety and depression of which you had already been in battle with before the job and all its drama. Your mental health is just as important as your physical. Think of taking a scheduled vacation day on a Monday and use it for an extended weekend.

    The third and final car I pulled is the Queen of swords reversed: Do not discard your own emotions to try and accommodate others. Still you have to remember your way is not always the correct or the only way to reach a goal. All in all I’m thinking this little issue at work will blow over like a bad storm, just fly low on the radar for a while, gather your head and give right back in.

    Hope this helps, and I hate work stress 😞

  • Sundaychild

    Wow!! The cards are hot for that question. It looks as if within the next 6 months you’ll have to hold onto your hat. The first card that was pulled for your love question is the King of wands. A driven successful man with a masculine energy, possibly a fire sign like Aries. These men are extremely driven and know what they want to the point of even being stubborn. Unlike the king of cups who is too emotional and whiney, or too coldhearted like the king of swords the king of wands has a wonderful balance of both his professional and personal life.

    The next would be the Fool: This is one of my most favorite cards in the deck. Ok, this means take a leap of faith, do you remember when you first fell in love? How easy it was and how you just allowed it to happen. Please allow yourself to enjoy this lover once they come your way. Understand if you push him away (like you do sometimes) he won’t push back and will just leave. Being not to self centered he’s not going to be thinking of himself but what also makes you happy.

    Lastly the Queen of cup: LOOK TO THE NEEDS OF THE HEART! There is beauty in everyone and everything. So I want to say this man, you might not fall madly in love with him right away and there might even be a few things you find annoying about him. Have you ever heard of the twin flames? If not please read up on the subject and it will make perfect sense.

    Best of luck!

  • Dear ScorpioEden,

    That sounds great!!! A fire sign would be perfect, whichever! within the next 6 months... I'll be sure to keep you posted.

    Thank you so much and all the best to you!

  • Hi again ScorpioEden, I think you may have overlooked my request?

    Many thanks

    YB x

  • Thank you for your kind and loving offer!

    May I have a reading on a relationship issue?

    His date of birth October 8 59

    Mine May 4 62

    Do we have a future or is it best for me to move on

    How does he feel about me

    Many thanks in advance

    Love and light

  • Thank you very much Scorpio

    your input is very valid. It is hard to let him go, I would love to stay friends with him but the chemistry between us never dies. He said that and I think that. I have known him for 10 years!

    Every times we see eachother its like fireworks.

    Can I please please ask you just this one more thing?

    How will he take it when I tell him I want to be just friends and maybe we should cool it off ?

    I know it shouldnt matter how he would feel but I still wonder so please 🙂

    Thank you very much!

    He is not like many think stringing me along beacuse I am the one who said yes to drinks and stuff, but I appreceiate the concern!

  • Dear Scorpioeden,

    please i really need your help,give me a reading please....about my present relationship,should i move on?he is having another woman.his birthday feb 27,1967 my birthday sept 18,1969....please please please help me...

  • Dear Scorpioeden,

    If you are still giving readings, could I have one about my next year as my birthday is Tuesday and I was born in 1960. I am just crious as to if it will be the start of good things to come since the las 5 years have been a little rough. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Thanks, ScorpioEden!

  • Sorry I've been away. I had to take care of some personal things. I will catch up with readings as fast as I can. 🙂

  • Tissy86

    If I didn’t know any better my dear I would peg you for a Cancer. Very sensitive you are and with a new friend things shouldn’t be this rocky as you put it. This new friend did either one of you have feelings to be more then friends? If not I would say this person has hurt people in his past. Being very selfish at one he’s been trying so hard to avoid this now but it has been a difficult journey. Your friend have even been a victim of abuse. When I step into his energy this is the first impression I am receiving.

    The first card I pulled for your situation is the King of Coins. This card is about working hard and enjoying the finer things in life. A luxury for you is friends. You have found good ones are few and far in between. You become attached so easily and you’re a fixer. If someone is lost you find them, if they’re bleeding you bandage them etc… I want to say in this case be the best friend you can but look out and guard your heart.

    The second card I have pulled is the Five of Wands: Now, this card is all about conflict, I will openly say if you continue with a ‘close’ friendship and not just the occasional lets get together for a movie or to chat; you are going to get hurt! If my senses aren’t too rusty I will say this friend has even said, “I don’t want to hurt you.” (emotionally of course)

    Last and final card: Six of coins. This is the loan card usually when I read, you might notice money starting to be loaned in this friendship or when you go places you’re always paying and he doesn’t have much to add. Even if he has money it won’t go to anyone but himself. Time is also money, your time will be ill-spent.

    I wish I had some better news but the cards will say what they say. Practice caution and don’t be too available.

  • Warning

    I have noticed there are people asking the same questions on several threads. Please practice caution when doing this. You'll only become confused and the same answers from different psychics will usually come to you just in different forms. It's not a good idea to ask the same subject/question unless there has been a major change in events.

  • Hi can I get a reading in family wise, health, economic wise and anything the cards want to say? 11/30/89


  • Hi Scorpio Eden

    I'd love a reading if you have time. The last year has been tough, with heavy burdens and no-one to lean on. I'd like to know if theres any sign of someone to share with in the no too distant future?

    Thanks for your time


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