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  • Hi ScorpioEden, Thanks so much for your reading. I truly appreciate your time and your advices.

    Yes, this friend helped me before hoping to get into the company where he's working at. But they are not hiring these days. Thats why I asked him if he can give me reference to other companies. Okay, I will see where I can improve, Starting from my resume. Thanks for the tip 😉

    I am quite confused with the last card - I do wanna own my business, but definitely not these years!! I want to gain enough working experience first. But I will keep your words in mind. Good thing is I dont gamble =p

    So from your reading, it seems pretty promising right?? Do you mind pulling a few more cards to see if I can get into one of these two companies? D or EY? and when probably? Thanks a lot!!! love and light to you!

  • fishyOne

    Well sweetpea… I am somewhat related to the Pisces being Scorpio a lot of us have the same attitude especially when it comes to relationships. I am seeing a Gemini and he doesn’t treat me like this one is treating you, Tarot and Astrology aside I want to say that no man should have you on a string, you’re too nice and beautiful for that to happen!! Maybe I can shed some light onto your situation and you can help make the best choice for yourself. Remember the Tarot is a roadmap, I can show you the easy path but in the end it’s you that has to walk it, no one else. ^^.

    The first card: The three of wands in reverse indication of a premature situation, or something that needs to be learned. Ooohh these Gemini men are so handsome, funny, romantic!! (when they want to be) yet when that evil twin comes out it cuts like a double edged sword. Every person the Universe places in your path has a lesson to teach, I believe this is tolerance for you. I see in your past that if anyone else had done this to you they were quickly discarded and you would shield your emotions from them very quickly. Yet with your Gem you keep coming back for more? Ask yourself why.

    The reversed five of swords: I see a female, an older female with dark hair trying to give you advise about this guy and yet you aren’t taking it. It might sound like she has been trying to ‘slander’ his name to you but in the truth you need to take a step back and listen. Write down a list of Pro’s and Con’s about this guy and what he’s actually brought to the table with this friendship/relationship. Please, if you confront this man do so on the phone or in a hand written letter. Gems respond well to hand written letters. Just saying.

    Five of wands in the upright position: Well lots of fives here, it looks as if THIS month is the time in which you need to see what good for yourself and not what this man wants. Remember it’s very hard for Air signs (especially Gemini and Water like Scorpio or Cancer to gel) both parties have to WANT it.

    I’m not saying write your friend off, I’m saying draw a line in the sand. If I might give you good advise with male Gems. Be his friend only first, guard your heart until he makes his intensions known. Gems will play and flirt, but to have a deep connection they will pull back, insult and everything else (weird way to act when you’re falling in love) then they will return like a scolded child. At least you know what’s on their minds, they are very truthful but just can’t make up their minds.

  • Marishkaa

    Woah, hit the breaks!! ^.^ for a Libra you are off balanced about the whole job thing!! Remember Libra’s are always about being fair and not to mention can even have a slight OCD about things being in place. Slow down and reflect, what jobs have you applied for, when and are you qualified or over qualified. You see the base line issue of this would be; you’re moving too fast for your sign. Lets take a look at the cards shall we?

    First card: The ten of swords reversed. In the past you have left situations of the professional setting because of hurt feelings. I want to say when someone goes you an injustice or says a hurtful word in the work place you’re ready to up and leave. Be careful about that and think things through all the way before you up and quit any future positions. Things have a way of working out and people usually find out the truth!!

    The second card: Five of cups reversed, alrighty… this one came as a bit of a wild card and I will try and interpret this the best way I can, I’ll be honest it’s a little unclear at this moment but this is screaming at me about relationships that have really dominated your career path. Your work has always been placed on the back burner when it came right down to it. Like moving around to be with someone instead of focusing on your career. Are you still needing to finish college classes? If so might want to try and work those in.

    Last card is a reversed Queen of swords: This woman is very forward and down right hurtful… even if it’s a relative please guard yourself when you speak to her about job hunting, if I might be so brave and say you’ve even borrowed funds from this woman.

    I see a lot of changes here when it comes to jobs, I want to say there is going to be a quick job acceptance almost like temp work and this is going to get you through to the path you need to be on. I wish there was more for me to tell you but temp work is going to be it for now, please sign up at one of those agencies that help find you work if you haven’t already done so!! You’ll get your foot in the door.

  • Scorpioeden,


    best wishes sent to you.


  • Scorpioeden! Thank you!

    Yes job causes some off-balancing to me) (i have moon,venus mars in Virgo maybe that's why)

    I feel sometimes i do not accept criticism, but usually i try to suppress my feelings in case of conflict, and in past i think cards showed a redundancy. It was sudden for me, and quite painful. and then started all this long situation with job search. I am very passive in searching( partly because i want to find interesting job and i can't do it.

    "Your work has always been placed on the back burner when it came right down to" and yes, i sometimes take job very dreamy ) and you said about college, i am currently selfstuding ,preparing for one exam, little bit exhausted)

    Scorpioeden "a quick job acceptance almost like temp work and this is going to get you through to the path you need to be on." - let me ask please, ,do you think i will like it?

  • "Things have a way of working out and people usually find out the truth!!" you are so nice about this)

  • and about Queen of swords - do you think i will encounter this lady in future? or this is only now?

  • Hello ScorpioEden, Can you tell me or advise me in any way as to WHY I find myself enjoying my own company feeling a small sense of contentment and noticing that my siblings have sort of turned on me as I am not as endearing to them and their demands. I have a very sick older brother , I am alone as my husband left me 9yrs ago. Perhaps you can see the picture I am trying to paint here, I have always been the nuturer of the family and now I am older and tired. My children live in other Countries and I just look forward to when they visit. They are wonderful to me and I miss them. It is my siblings that stress me out and always leave me feeling guilty they don,t include me in anything as my circumstances don,t fit into their world. I need an Intelligent and wise person like yourself to advise me.I THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION....... Lienida

  • Hi Scorpioeden

    I feel as if I am at the crossroad of my life with my career. I'm graduating this May with the opportunity to continue with my Masters. At the same time I need to get experience working as an RN. Without experience, employment opportunities are slim.As for the Masters should I do it? Is this all going to fall in place? I'm sure which direction to pursue. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • This post is deleted!

  • brightmoonshine

    Well, well hello there Leo ^.^ On the job front, the first card I pulled is drum roll please!!!! Nine of swords: First word of advise, GET MORE SLEEP!!! It's getting very hard for you to concentrate on even looking for job and even so it's making you so unmotivated and placing you in a bad mood. I'm using my Guilded Tarot deck for this reading and in the right hand corner of the window in the image is an owl. Owl's are the symbol of change, good or bad they are the bringers of omens and messages. It looks as if very soon your life is about to change, and if you already are down in the dumps you are going to be picking yourself up pretty soon.

    The second card I've pulled: The four of coins!! YES!!! This is all about money, please save as much as you can. I also have a feeling you've become quite tight fisted when it comes down to it. This is GOOD, stop allowing people to get loans off of you.

    The third card I've pulled is Strength: For me this means it's time to start looking for jobs in which you enjoy instead of just the ones that get you by. You see, you've been asking the Universe for a very long time: "I want a job I can enjoy." Also when the alarm goes off more often then not you've been thinking, "Oh god... do I have to." The answer is no, stop looking in the wrong places and everything is going to fold out as it should. However in order for this to happen you're going to have place a little faith in the skills you have. You're a natural leader and it's time to apply for some management positions you are truly cut out for.

  • Thank you so much I feel a lot better after your reading and yes you are right I am loosing sleep over because I am the one in charge of paying bills and it is hard to get by ,yes I have cut a lot and I will stay that way . My self confidence is low , it is getting better but I hate to be late on payments and not being able to save. I will follow your advice and will keep in touch love and blessings

  • ScorpioEden I forgot to tell you that I got a realtors license with the hope of eventually getting an income , I am also an artist .I know I have to build my confidence back and keep looking for a good job not just a job Thank you again

  • Hi Scopiden

    Can you give me a reading on my health?

    And did he love me

  • Hello ScorpioEden!

    Thank so kindly for this generous offer! May I have a ready on he (Jul 8, 54) and I (11 8, 63)? Does he truly/honestly love me? Do we have a promising future together or am I wasting my time here?

    Thank you in advance! Light and Love surround you!!


  • Hello Scorpio Eden,

    Thank you for offering readings ^__^, I would like to know what kind of a career should i choose...

  • Hi ScorpioEden

    What a wonderful reading and so accurate.

    You said he and I were " no strangers to heartbreak. But who isn't , eh? "


    There was a part that i would like you to clarify, if and when you get a chance. You are really popular. You drew the 3 of swords and said it could also mean a physical addition. Not sure what that means.

    Thanks again for my reading.

  • Dear Scorpioeden

  • Dear Scorpioeden,

    Thanks for offering .i am having a problem with my present relationship,having a third party on his side,can u please help me.i would really appreciate it..thanks.

  • Hello Scorpio Eden,

    i have maybe a strange request for a reading, but i have kept a secret for a few years now, should i tell it or will it come out on its own?

    i appreciate your feedback

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