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  • Hello there!!

    If anyone is interested in free readings I would be more then happy to help. I've been reading for about 20 years: Professionally, personally and just for fun with friends. I'll be private confidential and sensitive to your situation.

  • If it's very private my email is always avl.

  • Dear Scorpioeden,

    Thank you so much for the offering. Can I please have a reading on my job search/ career. I have had no luck in finding work as a LVN. I'm a single mother with a about to die car. Anything about this matter would me great.

    I thank you a head of time.


  • Good Morning ScorpioEden

    Thanks for the offer. I would like a reading on my love life with Dennis. Where is this relationship headed?

    Don't know if you need them but my DOB is Aug 5, 1951

    His May 15, 1953.

    I appreciate your time and experience.

  • Morning Scorpioeden. Thanks for the offer. May I have a reading from u?

    I have been looking for a job for quite a while. No luck. My friend who has lots of connections in the industry offered to help me again. Do you think if he can successfully introduce me to another company this time? And will he eventually help me with a job? Could it be D company? ??

    Thanks! Am looking forward to hearing from u. Hugs.

  • Yes, I will have these completed by this evening 🙂

  • Thank you on your offer very kind of you.

    Could you as a part of these readings take a look at my topic please?

  • This post is deleted!

  • ScorpioEden would you do a reading about getting a job and money I am very concern thank you

  • Dear ScorpioEden, could i get a reading on my marriage, please? Current and near future, pretty please? 🙂 Thanks much!

  • Hi scorpioeden,

    i would appreciate a reading regarding my career reputation, i feel it has been severly damaged, will i recover?

    Many blessings for your time and effort!

  • Hi Scorpioeden,

    Thank you for your kind offer. I would appreciate a general reading and in particular if there is love coming for me in the near future.


  • Dear ScorpioEden,

    Could I have a reading regarding a guy called Sean S, I am wondering how he feels towards me? We have a friendship that is very rocky and have only recently become friends again, however I do feel his attitude is different towards me and I want to know what he is thinking regarding me?

    thanks a mill


  • Hello,

    I would like a reading on my current love relationship. I would like to know if there is a fututre with M. and I would also like to know if he really does love me or has a hidden agenda.

    Thank you very much and blessings

  • Afternoon ScorpioEden, this offer is very much appreciated.

    My DOB is 24 November 1959 and I wondered if you'd have the time to do a general reading for me but focusing on career, love, family and money.

    Thank you so much.

    Have a wonderful day

    YB x

  • Hi ScorpioEden.

    If you have time for me i would love a reading about my future, as im struggling to move forward with my life. My dob is 10/9/1968. A fussy virgo but not a perfectionist! Thank you for your time and offer. Effie

  • dear scorpioeden,

    i hope u r still accepting readings as i would like some insight as to why i was fired from my job, i was not given an explanation, this was my parttime job

    many tnx for your time and effort

  • Hola sweetoty!!

    I’m glad you’re willing and thinking of allowing your friend to help you find work. Sometimes in life there are things out of your control and you need to reinstall faith in others. In this particular situation I can honestly say every little bit and every connection helps. I have pulled 3 cards for your situation:

    The first is the 8 of wands, this card has everything to do with being hasty and in the past position I want to say please be mindful of your past experiences with accepting a job very quickly in order to pay the bills. Just because you’ve find work doesn’t mean you have to stop looking for something better, or even closer to home.

    The Second card I pulled is the King of Cups!!! YES ALLOW YOUR FRIEND TO HELP!! I see a male friend that is trying so very hard to help you and yet you’ve been so focused on doing things yourself for so long you don’t allow the universe to send you gifts of help. Yes I know in the past a lot of people that have helped will then throw it in your face once again, but I don’t believe this person will.

    The third and final card is the two of coins!! Coins are very good in this situation, even if this means you will have to balance your budget even more then you already have… I feel for you in this situation because you have already sacrificed so much. The money will be there and to practice attracting and allowing is the best way to gain money. Tell yourself every morning that the money is coming (a whole psychological stand point of allowing the glass to be half full)

    By mid summer I see the prospects of a job, and the woman doing the interview will have reddish hair and glasses. Please be mindful and talk yourself into the job position, make sure you tell her that you’re the person for the job. I want to say July or end of June you’ll be called for interviews.

  • RubyRedLips

    Hi there!!! I have pulled a few cards for you here is what I come up with:

    Neither of you are strangers to heartbreak, who isn’t eh? Well I want to say in this particular case one of you is getting over having to deal with an unfaithful partner from the past. It’s weighing on this relationship and it might need openly discussed. As far as what is expected if this relationship is to bloom. I get this information from the 3 of swords, which in some cases can also mean a physical addition.

    The next one I pull is the 5 of pentacles or coins as I like to call them. This is an indication of a lacking of, one is also not good with money and often forgets some important event and it hurts… please don’t take it personal sometimes more often then not it’s my sheer accident. I want to say you two get along pretty well, but there is a small fog that you always seam to be in with this particular person, getting them to open up and actually express their feelings is going to be your personal challenge. (This could also be a reflection of you ^.~)

    Third and final card: The two of CUPS!!! YAY!!! This is a positive outcome if you’re willing to communicate, space is the key and your partner often likes their quiet time, however I do see a union in the future!!

  • DDTT

    Wow, lots of career paths you’ve had!! A jack of all trades I can kind of see when I step into your energy. This will be a good thing, and more often than not no one brings you down when it comes to your work. If I didn’t know any better I would say there is Virgo somewhere in your chart with all the things you’re able to create!

    The first I picked for you is: The Sun, great positive force here and the most optimistic card in the deck. Everything is less intimidating during the day when the sun is out. Meaning YES!! Your friend is able to help you, he has helped in the past and will be able to help you in your future. Just remember to return the favor.

    The second card I drew was the six of wands: The strut card as I like to call it, boasting in this incidence will land you a better position then the one you’re hoping for. When was the last time you re-did your whole resume/CV? And before you answer, I don’t mean click backspace and full in the blank. Re-do your whole resume!! >^.^<

    The third and final card!! I have the seven of coins in reverse. This card is a warning to you, something there an unwise loan (borrowing of money) or gambling, something you’re unable to obtain back or pay back. I want to say this has to do with wanting to own your own business, please please please be careful when it comes to borrowing or loaning money out at this time!! Just say no, I also want to warn I’m looking at October before you’re comfortable financially again.

    There is some fine tuning that needs to be done and start with your resume to speed up the process, don’t wait for your friend start hitting the pavement yourself as well. This way you’ll have a choice of what job you pick instead of the job picking you as it’s done in the past.

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