Dealing with watersigns cancer and piceses

  • how do you get along and having effective communication between each other

  • Hmmm, being a Cancer with a finace who is a Pisces, this is the easiest relationship I have ever had in my life! We hardly need words 99% of the time. But we are both poets, writers and reviewers, so words come pretty easily to us. I just make sure to appreciae every little thing I can about my adorable Pisces... it's not hard at all. And he in turn reciprocates. Ohhh, he might not say the same things, but he writes them, and I cherish each and every one of his over 2,200 letters now.

    If either of us makes a mistake, we are careful not to tempt rejection and hurt and all the other crap we have experienced from everyone else in our lives, and say something like, "I am still learning about you". No truer words have been spoken. We are learning, and we love it. First relationship I have been in where I don't have to walk on eggshells. I can be myself, and so can he.

    He is a guy, so secret # 1 is when you need to talk, DO something. Don't "talk" the relationship to death. It will work, he feels safer without head-on confrontation. We love to walk and we'll talk when sitting or standing side by side. Side by side, it's OUR problem, not his or mine. Works like a charm. Not as subterfuge or manipulation, just understanding a Pisces guy's needs.

    Good luck in your relationship!

  • Hello ~~

    Hi Seanymph. Wow i can totally relate to this ~~~ thank you for sharing xxxxxxx

    i agree on ( Pisces energy) I remember long time ago~I was introduced to a Piscian very sweet & loving girl,... We both were young ~ I was just married ..LOL~~ she was in & out of relationhips ~~but searching for her soul -mate !!!!

    During our friendship ~ I Tell You ~ That I truly loved this girl ~ she Was such a sweetheart ` so easy to get along & easy talk to~~~ & you are Spot On ~ about 99% no need to talk~~ the synchronicity between ( us 2) sweet &

    was magikal~~

    But all good things in life they either Ends to soon or causes us to take another path / route

    .... Am I right ~~

    Eventually my Piscian friend ~ creeated her wqants & her reality she (( finally married )) she went to have her life as i had already started mine

    & with that we simply lost touch SAD~~ I now wonder why ~~~ ???? being that we both enjoyed each other's company, we spent allot of time together ,& I felt we were more than just friends maybe we were SOUL FRIENDS

  • thank you for that beautiful insight and i feel that at times when we talk. Our relationship is a long distant one and communication is our key of relating. We have been trying to meet for over a year now, but other things have transpired in which we are not able to see each other. just wondering weather i should continue with it

  • If I may, granboo, a long distance romance can be quite fabulous! I prayed for a Pisces for years. Long story to follow, but I hope you can continue with your Pisces. I met my Pisces fiance (!!) overseas. Oh, I had virtually met him on a forum, discussing experimental music. But we met in person, less than 2 weeks later. It was the most insane -- and the most inspired -- thing I have ever done. I hadn't the money or time and lots of reasons not to do it. I'm glad I I threw caution to the wind, as it changed my life completely. Money amazingly appeared in the form of more work, time was cleared, and miracles happened. Our time together from the start was quite wonderful, in so many ways. We connected on a deep level. He was first to feel it, to be honest. But we both felt the commitment in less than a few weeks.

    We have been together a year and a half. People are astounded that I travel to another country 3000 miles away so often. Easy -- I live verrrrrrrry simply! As does he. I have my priorites, as does he. So, I work, care for sick cats, help out my aged mother, and write. That's about it! All my friends are far-flung, Europe mostly. I haven't bought new clothes in more than 2 years, I literally never spend one penny extra other than bills and care for those closest to me. All those movies and drinks and dinners out and shopping and and and ...? (you get the picture) Some women would feel deprived, but... I don't have it, of my own free will, as I look forward to that next plane flight. It is 150% worth it 🙂

    Not for everyone, but the rewards are astounding. I have a soul mate who is more supportive and loving than any "guy around the corner", including 1 ex-husband and far too many guys to count.

    We only have words as well, but it flows easily. He is a rather shy person, for someone well known, so he expresses himself more easily via written words. My friends who are settling for boyfriends close by envy what we have. More than one has named us Elizabeth Barrett Browning & Robert Browning.We do talk on the phone in between our physical time together. Though he has more than once said that he "is the worst person on the phone, because" to him, "The phone is for business". Definitely a male way of thinking. We just talk to hear each other's voices. Our real communication is by written word.

    He communicates artistically too. He exhibits paintings of me, and writes words in his editorials that only I know exactly which experiences he is referring to.

    I'm very biased, but I'd say hang in there, granboo 🙂

    And if it helps you feel hope and encouragment, I am emigrating soon. Working on my visa, and it is looking incredibly good. 🙂

    Thanks, MilleFeori! Yes, there is this magickal synchronicity and deep understanding between Cancer and Pisces. I have found that with the wonderful Pisces friends I have been lucky enough to meet. It doesn't hurt with my fiance that there are many conjunctions and sextiles bewteen all of our other planets. We marveled how alike we were, and in ways we differed, we complemented each other. Makes sense when you look at our charts.

  • Granboo, listen to these guys! They are right on the money. A Pisces and a Cancer are more than capable of having a long lasting and very fulfilling relationship no matter what the circumstances are. I am a Pisces and the love of my life is a Cancer. We get along as if we are made for each other. While we may work one another's nerves from time to time, we never let our frustrations push us away from each other. There is a mysterious understanding between us. And like seanymph pointed out: we, too, rarely need to speak words to understand what the other desires or is trying to express. While this may not have been my easiest romantic relationship, it has definitely been my most cherished and longest lasting thus far. We are alike in tons and tons of ways. And our characteristics that do differ extremely have often been the things we love most about each other. This is a combination that often resembles the greatest love affair of all the ages.

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