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  • WaterBearer, We are AWESOME. Most people cannot figure us out, I am involved with a Gemini and he's the only one that can handle me or figure me out. Love that guy..

  • I'm a Cap with Aquarius rising and I also do not like to be told what to do. I am currently working with a person (Gemini) who is forever saying, "What you need to do..." and that bugs the heck out of me. I've had a talk with her about and she cooled down for awhile but it didn't last long! How do you handle this type of situation? In no way do I want to hurt this very nice lady's feelings!!

  • Working condition are different to me. I have never worked with anybody that was a Gemini. My honey is a Gemini and he would tell me some of thge things he did at work. He had such a smrt mouth. It would be funny some of the thinhs he would tell me. He was crazy funy. Sorry.....

  • Well, I know next to nothing about astrology. Although I haven't a clue as to my rising sign or moon sign, I know I am an Aquarius (born 01/30/1980) and here's what I know about me: I struggled for quite some time before I settled on a career, mostly beacuse I liked and was good at many things and couldn't choose. I eventually became a nurse, and LOVE it. I shy away from confrontation with my loved ones, but have no problem aserting myself with strangers. I hate fighting. I tend to be very laid back and go with the flow of everyday. I enjoy variety imensely and all of the men I have dated have all been very different from one anohter. I love very deeply and am very loyal. I let people walk all over me sometimes. I can be very sensitive and hurt easily, and I am a good loyal friend. I tend to give good advice, and so am the one friends call first to talk about problems. Sometimes, I come off as stuck up or snobby, but it usually is a misinterpretation of my self confidence. I am quite intuitive and insightful, but forget about those qualities sometimes, and thus don't use them always. I am constantly in a phase... be it classical music phase or metal or jazz, or mexican food vs. chinese, or doing handiwork around my house or just being lazy... I tend to go through phases with my actions and interests.

    Does any of this make sense?

  • Well I'm an Aquarius with a libra moon and a libra rising. Life can be hard if your an aquarius. Like you get bored easily and can't do anything about it. All the people starring at you if you do something stupid. Well I say things without thinking. I have a "disconnection" atleast 3 times a day. I have a very sharp tongue. My friends are mostly Libra's,Leo's,Aquarius,and Capricorn. Most things I say don't come from my heart. I'm very "cold" at times. I hate people that say things I don't care about. I'm very sensitive when it comes too love. If you reject me I WILL CRY. I tend to ignore people that hate me and don't interest me. And I'm extremely lazy at times. Thats My Personality 🙂

  • Very,Very similar. When is your B'day? What really gets up under my skin is I hate an ignorant man. That is the worst for me and I am very well turns me off. I cannot stand that. I also hate to be told what to do. Sorry that's just how I am. We are just different and that is ok with me> We really do stand out from other people. Would love to know when your B'day is. Mine is 1/23.

  • I hate that too 🙂 Mines 1/29.

  • Hi, I'm Nahasha and I am an aquarius ! It's fun being one but, I have had a hard time with the mood of different environments and adjusting to certain people.When I go new places I want be there long if the mood that I receive within me is not settleing.The same with people as well. I can since a vibe that tells me to remain in the mist or quickly reframe. My life have been a roller coaster. I have several hobbies, reading, writing, singing, dancing,music,taking pictures etc.I am so adventuriuos!!! Although some times being so spontaneous has it grat points the bad side of it is it get's me into alot of trouble.

    Thanks for letting me tell your viewers what a true aquarius is really like!!!!

  • Hi, I'm Nahasha

    I am an aquaruis . I love the fact that I stand out in the crowd. I'm a leader, a lover and I love to feel needed. My relationships with men have been horrible because a lot of them need me more than I have needed them. When it's time for me to collect the same love that I have been given alot of them have not given it back. So I have learned to wait more instead of leaping as I have alway's done in the best. How to control being an aquaruis!!!!!

  • HI all

    I have a small stellium of planets in Aquarius THe sun mars and Saturn along with my north node.

    But I have planets in Virgo capricorn and a venus in the fishes trine Neptune in Scorpio

    With a Jupiter Aries Im a person with ALL SEASONS

    With a LIBRA ASCENDANT and a moon in LIBRA.

    Yes I am impulsive but only in one area and thats in the critizism department

    In the past if someone critizied me I would take it on the chin and accept it.

    Today after 45 years I go out of my way to defend my pride,my character and my rights!

    Im always cooperative Im always making do Im always agreeing it gets tiresome

    I also have the unfortunate pluto/uranus in the 11th opposition to my venus in the 5th house

    Im a magnate for liars cheaters users and scoundrals!!! Demoral and Stressful men who first play good guy/victim and Im there to save them and scoop them up from the belly of the whale they got swollowed by...just for them to chew me up and spit me out cold!!!!

    Im in one again after 6 years of no men BANG! it happened again

    this time the woman eater is in the form of a snake who is a VIRGO with a VIRGO rising and a SCORPIO moon/mars/neptune with a roaring Mercury in LEO!!!!

    THe cat always tries to get my tounge

    He is the buggest control freak I have ever known!!! He cant even stand to hear a pin drop

    he goes to pieces when when something is out of order or something doesnt turn out correctly...boy when that happens the shit hits the fan and evryones soul leaps from their body and leaves them scared and cold...and he says I make him tired! Ghangus Khan,Adolf Hitler,Julius Ceaser would simply applaude with delight and bring him in as one of their top 10

    he is very neglectful and very verbaly demeaning

    and virgo women I have found to be just about the same out!!! when they are nice to you! Somethings brewing...oh and they cant explain why the gal in the apt below keeps coming up and ring the doorbell and and knocking from 1:00 in the morning ...Oh honey its nothing but he refuses to answer the door!!!! and gets angry cause I keep asking him why and then he says THATS THE REASON I WANT YOU OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!

    So go figure people....

  • CSRZ, what are you talking about.

  • hi. everyone! capaquarius here, i't is very confusing being on the cusp and i was born two days into aquarius so i tend to look at both looking for the best outcome!! LOL, any way i'm a simple person i started my life right out of highschool,parenthood, marriage, house, car, more children (twins this time)!! All is gone, divorced for 13 years and kids are grown ,starting there own life and i just got let go of my job of 15 years. Sitting at home on unemployment and internet is my best friend. they say we are good with technology(WELL I"M NOT) a old friend popped back into my life, and yes i've been single for a long time due to the fact i believed that i am aloof, cold, and distant . he is a cancer (UGH) help me fellow aquarius! and i do tarot and read my horroscope before i make a move everyday! how much should we read into compatability??

  • Robbigirl, you are a true Aquarius!! We are a sounding board for man kind! LOL Now everyone comes to us, because we listen and don't judge and most of the time don't reply! people love that!! The big question is? can they help us!! LOL

  • Lezzete, don't agree Aqua are very opiniated people and we do judge. I will agree with you when u sau we listen that part is true. But, people will come to me because I am honest and they want my opinion and they know I am going to tell the truth. Lezzete are you Aqua? Everybody knows we give our opinion on what ever. But, that too is ok.

  • I worked with an Aquarian woman who was very blunt and straight to the point which is cool but not when it's hurtful. This woman did not give a damn about your feelings and was not liked by her co-workers. I tolerated her attitude just to get along (I'm a Cap with Aquarius rising, Mercury & Venus) but there were times when I wanted to knock her block off!! On the other hand she could be very generous, caring and kind and with a great sense of humor. She could make my sides split and I hers. She's also a very attractive woman but has problems in relationships with the men she dates. I told her once that her standards are too high and she needs to lighten up. We do not work together anymore since she found another job and not realizing that I was getting on her nerves I would call and keep her updated on office news such as: Ms. So-and So died or was placed in a nursing home (I work for an agency that provides in-home services to the elderly). One day when I asked why she wasn't calling me she politely stated, "If you didn't call so much maybe i would call you." That was my cue to end the frequent calls and when she hadn't heard from me for several months came to the job! We still talk but not as much after all I wasn't more than an acquaintance, not a best friend!!

  • worthy i want to thank you! all this time i thought i was just a cold fish!! i restrain from talking to people, especialy in ther time of need because i felt i would say the wrong thing, not what they neede to hear!! Now tell me if i was wrong telling a old friend that i'm the one for him and that if he has doubt about his situation that is cause enough? we havent seen each other other in 23yrs and hooked up recently. your saying that was my true aqua nature??

  • Aquarius women are beautiful especially when I make them laugh 9 14 86

  • I like to consider us UNIQUE, because we really are.

  • I also have a boyfriend who is a libra and i aquarius and before that i was married to a leo for 23 yrs he was abusive to me so i took myself out of there and met a beautiful libra he is great we talk not fight he makes me laugh all the time . .as an aquarian i think iam very caring person but when things get crazy i need to be held tight and told it will be allright .

  • Hello 1248 - I totally agree. My mother of 87 years was an Aquarian

    as am I. Also helpful in understanding your personality (this time on the Earth, anyway)

    is looking @ the Chinese sign. I am a snake, so is my grown son (who looks like his dad,

    but acts like me) and his youngest daughter..

    we all have a need for understanding others, and using wisdom to handle challenges....

    or trying to anyway. One tip about an Aquarian's good intellect...use it to keep the body in good health. I am almost 70 and have no heart problems, no cancers, no diabetes, and in good health....thanks be to God and having the ability to make wise choices about lifestyle with an Aquarian mind. May health and wealth find you and yours!!

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