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  • You may have an astrological association in your state which could provide you with more information. You have a boatload of planets in 5th house, children. Your professional and personal success could very well revolve around children.. You derive great personal satisfaction from working with children.

    I am Sun Aquarius, 5th house, Mercury in Aquarius, Libra rising, Venus in Capricorn, Saturn and Neptune in Libra, Moon in Cancer, Uranus in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, north node Pisces.

    Jupiter in Aries. Many people tell me their problems and see me as very intelligent and analytical. I'm an information junkie. Virgos and Aries love me. Taurus is attracted. Haven't found tbhe best match yet, but probably another Aquarius. My daughter, both sisters Leos.

  • I Was born on feb 17 Am I A Cusp Of Aquarius & Pisces Or A True Aquarius

  • Dallmin - thanks for the information on my specific birthday! I know what you mean about that whole 'mental capacity' thing and how you thought there was something just fundamentally wrong with your biological make-up, or at least that's how I felt. After reading you post I couldn't help but agree on many things you said.

    FYI - I'm afraid there isn't much I can offer in advice, but I hope something I say helps. As an Aquarian myself I can see why he becomes detached for months at a time. That's basically the way I am. I usually need time away from people. Although Aquarians are very social and nice, we need a lot of space too. I personally do not like to be overcrowded. I need silence and free moments of time to just simply think, exist, and relax. I see it as a form of meditation, but without any form of religion attached to it.

    I thought leaving the cookies in his car was sweet, and if it was one of my many female friends who did that for me I would think that it was the nicest thing in the world, but I think you also have to take into account that your friend is male and he doesn't think the same way women do. He could have felt slightly cornered or trapped inside this overwhelming friendship you have encased him in.

    By your description I feel like it would be good for him to have a close friend as well, but I feel like he felt trapped and constricted by your presence. Just because we are in the house of Friendships does not mean that we are happy all the time. I keep a lot of thoughts to myself and I rarely express my innermost emotions or feelings with anyone. It makes me feel vulnerable and unable to care for myself. That actually brings me to another point. Aquarians love being free! It is an absolute necessity. If I felt a really great friend of mine that I have known for a long time was crowding in on my personal space and taking too much of my time I would have to immediately book it. It sounds awful, I know, but I would be willing to sacrifice anything for my freedom.

    The only advice I can offer is to stand by him. It may not feel like he completely appreciates all you do for him, but even you can see that there are glimpses that he really does care. Also, you cant think of things in a statistical manner, with statistics and all that, because its about quality, not quantity in friendship.

    You both seem really close and I wish you the best. I hope this helped at least a little bit.


  • Hi, I am new at this. I am having a hard time understanding that, "This is to be my year for money. I have not yet found any luck relating to my Aquarius - Year of money. It seems like my luck is asleep or something. I am Aquarius and my rising is in Libra and have a Scorpian moon. DOB, 01/30/59 can you give me any info on what's going on. I have really given up on my favorite topics of Astrology that I read almost every day. Help.

  • Being an Aquarius and thinking outside, inside, underneath, above and beyond the box within microseconds- and being bored with the box because it is so yesterday can sometimes cause a few raised eyebrows, eye rolls, giggles, laughs, amazement, and good things (and the ability to "open up someone's 'other eye'") is a gift I am pleased to live through 🙂

  • My Mother is Aquarius. I'm the only child, Scorpio daughter. We love each other, but do NOT get along!!! She's extremely intelligent and seems unable to stop lecturing. We do share a similiar sense of humor-Thank goodness! Humor is my only tactic to defuse the continual landmines I'm stepping on! Please, can someone, anyone give advice @ how she and I might find a way to have a more peaceful relationship? It's very important to me as we're not getting any younger! Thanks so much! Oh, she's VERY stubborn...

    Lisa, tired of fighting!

  • Thanks so much Moonliel! I posted that so long ago and I never expected a response now, but something drew me to the forum today and it was such a welcomed treat to hear your words. It was kinda hard because some people are so quick to assume I had ulterior motives, or tried to make me feel like I was an awful and selfish person in this friendship...which I know is simply not the case!

    I really appreciated you taking the time to share your personal feelings. That is precisely what I hoped aquarian who would try to help me understand them better. That, my friend, you have certainly done. : )

    I am so completely into deep, intimate personal open with my feelings that I allow myself to become far too vulnerable. Although I cannot relate to it, I am fascinated with his ability to "clam-up" and protect himself.......a trait I sometimes wish I least a little. I want to die if I hurt another and he shrugs it all off. Although we are complete opposites in so many ways, and is so easy to allow myself to get hurt sometimes.....I enjoy his company as he offers a great deal of diversity to my other friendships, and very insightful perceptions.....often contrary to my own.

    As I read your post, many things came together and made sense to me.... like pieces of a puzzle. I am so glad to hear that his need for space is not personal...which I just didn't understand. I am learning how different we all are and how important flexibility is in each of us.

    I know that I must be important to him, even if he is never able to express that the way my other friends and I are so comfortable doing. I know that friendships are worth working towards better understanding, and I greatly appreciate your help in my quest.

    Now the hard part, trying to be the kind of friend he needs, rather than the kind of friend I tend to want to be and/or have! : )

    PS. Thanks for the comment about the cookies! I love to do things like that for my friends and I am glad to see that everyone didn't think that make me a crazy stalker! People are so quick to jump to conclusions, when there ARE actually people out there who are still head-over-heals in-love with their spouse and friends are precisely that--friends! : )

  • Hello, this is my first time posting here. I was just wondering, is anyone else (Aquarius) feeling "stuck" right now? I have been trying to reach some goals for about four years now and it just seems like everything is stuck in every single area of my life; home sale, job, romance (what's that?), moving forward in any way whatsoever. I have never felt such stagnation before. I work very hard at trying to get things moving and finish goals, but nothing has been working for about four years. Is anyone else feeling this? I was wondering if this was something to do with the Aquarius sign right now. Any help or advice would be appreicated. Is there any change coming for Aquarians in the future?

  • My love's Moon sign is Aquarius, can anyone please explaine me what does it mean? As far as I know they love much freedom in a relationship, and they rarely show their inner feelings. Can anyone please explaine it better?.

  • Hello AquaVeronnie, You wonder about your Cancer boyfriend... I am Aquarius - was married to a Cancer man - happily for over 10 yrs - guess I may have ended the marriage because I was bored? But this man was one of my best friends since kindergarten and still is tho we've been divorced for 17 yrs - I think that Cancer people are so in love with FAMILY = family is family and don't HAVE to be blood-related to BE "family." So if you're his "family' and choose to belong you can be in for life. Sometimes as Aquarians we tend to over-analize EVERYTHING - and see all under a microspope and find fascination in the quest - and what we often overlook as we delve deeper and beyond, is the simplicity of everything - read about Cancer, Cancer men... Think simple.. your Cancer man - loves deep, flows like the sea - has a tide - has a shell to protect soft insides - or to retreat and "hide" in and may need to be coaxed out - think of the moon, too - crabs in nature as crabs also walk sideways and startle easily... sensitive - they have eyes that can "see' ... I know you can see this - you probably overwhelm him at times - and he you... you can detach easier than he can without feeling overwhelmed - just coax more, empathize more, listen more, more hugs, etc when his tide is not at his happy level - too overwhelming? Go check out something else to do, see or? for awhile, then come back to him and check the waters - I dunno.... enjoy life - enjoy him - enjoy yourself.....

  • Hello! I am what is called an "Aquastell Aquarian". I was born February 4, 1962 in Fort Worth. "All Aquarians born in January or February of 1962 have a stellium in Aquarius. There has never been another year where there were so many planets grouped together in Aquarius. Some of these people will have all seven personal planets in Aquarius. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were all in Aquarius for a two day period in early February 1962" .I'm supposed to be an extreme Aquarian! I'm not so sure about that. I was liberal in my late teens and early twenties, but became much more conservative in my late twenties. I'm married to a Cancer (20 years) and my best friend is Cancer. Go figure! I knew when I was a little girl about the extraordinary events in the Heavens at the time of my birth, and couldn't wait to grow up to change the world! I'm still waiting! My whole life I've felt as if something there was something right around the corner that would be life changing and earth shattering. I haven't quite figured it out yet. I am blessed with a comfortable life, happy and healthy children, great husband, and a job with a non profit organization that I love. I am so fortunate to have both of my parents still married and living! And a best friend of over 30 years. Just waiting to peek around that corner! Is there anyone that can relate to this? I don't believe it's midlife crisis, I've always lived in this state of perpetual anticipation. BTW, my sister and brother are Aquarians, as well!

  • Gloegrl, you are very lucky to have so many planets in Aquarius! I only have an Aqua Sun and rising sign. But both my parents were Aquarians. My sister-in-law was born on my birthday, and my mother-in-law was born on my mother's birthday! So, lots of Aquarians in my family. 🙂

    I think it is the nature of our avant garde sign to always anticipate something right around the corner. You say you are still waiting to change the world, but I'm sure you've been changing it all along. From working in a nonprofit, to influencing all your friends and family! 🙂

    As for becoming more conservative, remember that Aquarius' traditional ruler is Saturn, who is the king of conservative! Therefore, you will see Aquarians who are very conservative in some areas of their lives, but a little bit radical (Uranus) in others.

    With all those air (Aqua) planets in your chart, it's not surprising you are drawn to water signs like Cancer. We often seek relationships with people who have elements we lack. So I could see you with lots of earthy people (especially Capricorns), as well as water and fire people.

  • I'm an Aquarian in many senses of the word, such as being stuck in the mental realms, head shrink material more often than genius level, and feeling the need to have freedom at any given moment i feel too constricted; running off for a few days whether it's from my mom's when i was younger or my man's nowadays. Also the tendency to tell the truth, but cut small details out, or try to teach someone a lesson by making up a doozy of a story when people don't believe the first time... I have a strange way of seeming completely zoned out, but absorbing every detail going on around me, having that ability to filter stimuli and record, as well as put every person under my microscope. but strangely my rising AND moon sign is Saggitarius. I can definitely see those qualities in me, sometimes a tendency to be brutally honest, to have no idea about social subtleties, etc. I have the soft, sweet, bubbly side too, but sometimes my brooding Aquarian influence muddles my optimism. I'm still learning about my astrology, and how to mesh with signs not recommended particularly for mine, such as Capricorn, my significant other. Any thoughts on how to mesh better? We're also Tiger and Dragon in chinese astrology.. what a combo, yeah?

  • Hey! Check the username,aquar37! 🙂 I have Aquarius as my sun sign. I am quite the unusual Aquarian,as I have Cancer as my moon sign (at it's home,Pisces decan with that moon sign),and Virgo rising (Capricorn decan). I love music,and I am always singing and listening to music. I am a pretty avid daydreamer,always daydreaming about something. I always care about what people think about me. I want to help others,maybe they need help learning something and I can help them learn it. I get angry when others fight,and I sometimes feel like cring for reasons I normally wouldn't cry for on one of my extremely sensitive days. I like to have some sort of excitment or surprise, but once and a while have time to myself. In class,I'm VERY shy and silent until I get angry. Then,I get boisterous and loud,and somewhat aggressive. Sorry for such a long first post. 🙂

  • Hello, I'd like some Aquarian ideas, please. I've got Chiron conjunct my IC/ 4th house, in Aquarius. I've always had issues with my environment . My sun is in Leo/10th, conjunct pluto, and Uranus conjunct the MC is directly opposite Chiron.

    I've read a lot on the web, and have dealt with the obvious chironic family nasties; but this thing with my environment just has me going crazy this year! (Jupiter is making the chaos larger than life)

    I work at home as well, so I really want to integrate and resolve this energy. I read last night that aquarius in the 4th is like saying freedom equals security. That's exactly how I feel!!

    . But with scorpio rising, venus in cancer, and pisces moon in the 4th ---I have this compulsion to hang on to family memorabilia.

    Any thoughts on how to get environmental freedom I need to do my art, and get free from the chaos of paper, and the tyranny of housekeeping?

  • Hey Gloegirl!

    We forget with all it's revolutionary tendencies, that Aquarius is a fixed sign--it has problems changing it's mind and direction sometimes, you know?

    With a stelliun like that, it makes alot of noise in your life

    Look at your north and south moon nodes. Your North node is that subtle spiritual direction your life needs to move towards, in order to achieve your purpose here. Thje message can be very surprising The house indicates the area, the sign indicates the manner or way to achieve it. The south node is what you need to be moving away from.

    Hope this helps with your vision to change the world; it might be as simple as changing a focus or habit in your life--then ripple effect can take place!

  • Hello to all, and especially you I just can,t get over how many of the characteristics you describe, I have felt for many yrs . I was born Feb. 5th appr. 7: P.M. many yrs ago and i had 3 sisters 2 brothers none with my sign. Somehow coming from a larger family I was constantly observing and analyzing others my reason for this was almost always WHY do I feel and see things so differently. And now today I still feel that way , it,s like I have one foot in the past and the other in the future. In some things I am am very quick and can see what is coming., I often feel like de-ju vous what is that ? I would like to have more info on where my moon and sun signs are.

  • I think it is quite possible that your Mother is really just trying to teach not lecture as often we feel &see things and of course a loving mother would want the best always for her child. So maybe just sit listen and see if there,s anything you might benefit from her .

  • Hi All

    I need some advice about my girlfriend who is Aquarius (Jan 30), and who has Pisces moon, and Virgo rising.

    We met online about 15 months ago, and met up for the first time last June. We have continued to meet up every month since then for a long weekend each time as we live about 400 miles or so away from each other. Due to the nature of our relationship we mostly hold it over the telephone a couple of times a week except of course for those weekends each month when we meet up. We are coming up for our 12 month anniversary next week.

    As my user name shows I'm a Pisces and so I'm rather emotional and sensitive etc.. all the usual Piscean traits, however with my gf being Aquarius, she embodies the typical emotionally detached personality that I keep reading about.

    She isnt very good at opening up emotionally or talking about herself - talking about other people and things she is interested in are not a problem for her.

    As you can imagine this is very frustrating for me, and even though I try to get her to talk to me and open up a bit, even to get her to admit things like she misses me, or has feelings for me its really really difficult and she almost freezes up in fear and gets very very quiet.

    For someone like me who can be emotional and expressive etc.. I am now starting to feel resentful about this and recently (last couple of months) its felt as though any intimacy we had is essentially all over. Anytime we talk on the phone now its like we just sit and watch television together and laugh a lot - which is good, dont get me wrong, but I just want more now as I'm developing more and more feelings toward her.

    At the start of our relationship things were a lot better - emails, photos, flirting etc.. and I know that during the start of any relationship its all new and exciting and the honeymoon period which does start to wane as time goes on.

    Lately I've been having thoughts about leaving her as things dont seem to be moving forward. I will be talking to her when we meet up next weekend about all this, but I guess I need some advice about how to handle this and if its worth sticking with it. I've done loads of tarot readings on this site over the past couple of weeks and they essentially all tell me to be patient and not to throw it away and al that, but its just hard and I get frustrated over this whole thing.

    If it makes any difference I'm 28 and she's 30 and although I dont know the full story about her ex'es she has been with 5 guys before me and has never had a relationship longer than 9 months. My track record with women isnt amazing either, and this is my longest relationship as well.

    Thanks for listening, and if anyone can advise on where to move from here I'll gladly welcome whatever you can tell me.

  • My rising moon is Aquarius. My sun sign is pisces and I'm a Cancer rising. I feel adrift most times, can't make a decision to save my life. Example?.....I've wanted and planned and pictured myself moving and living in CA. I'm currently ending a divorce and it'd be the perfect time to go, start fresh..... I love it there, already know the area and someone who is a Cancer lives there, I miss him, possible soulmate I think. But just knowing that this is a major junction in the road scares me to the point of non-movement at all. I just can't decide!

    My Mom is an Aquarius. I don't know if that contributes anything at all. I want to know whatever secret it is to life that everyone else seems to just make a choice and go with it.

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