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  • MainCat I do get what you are saying. People tend to tell me that I am very Selfish, I don't think that I am. I don't have to worry about a hole lot of ppl in my life. Everyone just tend to take care of themselves and handle their own business, that's a good thing. As far as being selfish not true....

  • We must have been born the same year!

    I have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius in 4th house. North Node in Leo, Pluto in Virgo. My Moon is in Capricorn with Libra rising.

    I love getting to know a lot of people, but have just a few very close friends. I tend to get overwhelmed after a lot of socializing and retreat to my "cave" for recharging.

  • Wow! This is a great read for the Aqua that loves to learn!

    I am new here and was hoping to find people with similar birth charts. I have been going through a huge "growing" period the last few years and am wanting to really find out more about me.

    Born 1/23/78 I have come to learn that I am an Aquarian with Virgo rising and a Cancer moon.

    I think my strongest Aquarian feature is the rebellion trait. Anyone can ask me to do anything....but tell me to do it and I will make every effort to not do it. And I won't just not do it....I will smile in your face, say ok, and find the sneakiest way to prove to you that you will never be able to overpower me. Wow~actually typing it out makes it sound so devious and evil, yikes!

  • Hi There,

    Let me guess that your Birth Year is 1962, Right?

    There was an unusual number of planets in Aquarius in that year and month, with the most happening around Feb 5.

    We are collectively known as the Aquastells of 1962

  • sorry i meant to direct that post to Vivacious One

  • Hi Dazboootzy!

    I couldn't sleep and popped on here only to find this thread resurrected. Vivacious 1 posted that almost 2 yrs. ago and I haven't seen anything by her since. You right though about the Stellium of 62' ..... wish I could learn more, haven't found much here on the internet. ; (


  • I'm a Pisces female, 26.

    He is an Aquarius, 28.

    Distant though always very respectable friends for about o 5 years. I have not seen or talked with him in atleast a year and a half, because I've been dedicating my full time to my almost 2 year old son. About a week ago he emails me, and says lets hang out. I give him my cell, and say just call me.

    Talking back and forth every night, mostly him telling me, he has what I WANT and NEED. I told him I'm intense and require a lot, because I give a lot! I then said don't let that scare you, he just laughed and said "you can't scare me". He sends quite a few texts saying we need to hang out soon, I with a cold had not been able to get out of the house till this weekend. We had made plans to hang out yesterday, though never heard from him, I mean nothing.

    I tried calling a few times though actually worried about him...

    Is this a normal thing? And what's going on with him?

    I really want to see him

  • Well turns out he ended up leaving earlier to go pick up his son for the christmas season, just got back today, and had no phone with him.

    Grrr. I have been praying for him this whole time to be ok, and realize all of this stress is actually necessary to the fact that he means a lot to me. ❤

  • I love being an Aquarius! I don't know much yet about my Moon in Taurus or the AC in Scorpio and how that has affected my personality in life, but I relate to many Aquarius traits. I know other people think I am aloof at times, whereas I know I tend to just block out what does not affect me at the time. I do enjoy learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others. My favorite saying is "Knowledge is Power" . I can be pretty stubborn to a fault, although this has gotten better with age. Unfortunately, my mind keeps me awake at night thinking of future possibilities. This is generally not to helpful, since I finally get to sleep late and then wake up later. I am actually a planner, big time and don't really like to make impulsive trips (unlike the fact that I make impulsive decisions - all the time). I have been in a relationship with a Leo for the last decade, however, from what I read about Leo's - he just doesn't fit the bill most of the time. I am very interested at this time in my life to pursue Astrology and my psychic gifts.

  • Hello... I've noticed in this thread that there are several Aquarians born with the Aquarian Stellium of 1962. Where are you guys? Would you like to chat? There's a facebook group called Aquarius 1962/ AquaStell. I'm a member there. Have you been there? It's really amazing how much we all have in common and of course how different too due to the influences of the other planets/houses. Anyway...check it out.

  • I was with a taurus guy for a couple years and I also found them to be easy to relate. I find Taurur and Aries men very nice for Aquarians. I am now with a Capricorn and I feel that more often than not I have to try to please him. It's more him feeling happy than me feeling happy. We have two kids together and I love him but I need help in relating to him.

  • Hello my fellow rebels and go-getters! I am an aquarian born feb 1st so I just lived it up a couple of days ago for my 25th bday! I am learning more about myself and just life everyday. I find that I am somewhat of an insomniac. At all hours of the night I am the one on my phone looking up what makes this work, and why and all kinds of randomosity! From reading different posts and articles, I find that I am truley an aquarius. I am very friendly but do not have many close friends. I am careful about who I let get close to me. Once you piss me off, I have no problem cutting you loose, and 10 minutes later its on to the next! I find that I can be a little attitudinal, especially if you try to play me like I'm stupid, when all the while I know what's going on! I am a retail manager so I have come into contact with people from all walks of life and some even come in looking like death! I hate rudeness, especially if I go out of my way to assist. I am dating a virgo and we have been together for the past 3 years. My spontaneous decisions drive him crazy! Just a month ago I shaved all of my hair off! I love to re-invent myself and try something new! He is a true virgo and has to plan out everything and if things don't go a certain way, his whole day is ruined. I take things as they come. We are both really goofy though, I love to laugh and we indulge in riddles and sudoku! I love being an aquarius. I hate taking orders, I love my freedom and find that I need silience every once in a while to collect all of the thoughts racing through my head!

  • im a scorp 11/20/56/ my man is aqar / 1/26/49/ we were together 32 yrs ago. i was engaged to him then. well it didn'thappen . i was so in love with him. and he loved me too. we are soul mates. i ended up marring another man i didn;t love .i felt i had to .i got pregnant and was pushed to marry by him and his aqaura man called me 3 days before i was too get married. i had not heard from him in 7 he wants to marry me pregnant and all. i was crushed and confused.i loved him so much i couldn;t do it. we kept in contact all these yrs.i was unhappily married for 29yrs .today im back with my aqua man .he never married.he is still a mystery to me.and we always loved each other.i would like info on our charts if some one could help me out .thanks .scorpdelite...

  • i can relate to that i wonder if im a triple do i find that out... the sun moon and where i rise

  • Scorpdelite, go to your local borders book store and find the section with all books astrology, there should be a huge red book called "relationships" and it should be next to the other huge birthday book that will tell you everything about the day you were born on as well as how your relationship is with your Aquarius man. As for you Aquas, go to and click on free birth report. Just make sure you know your EXACT time of birth.

  • I wrote back to you on page 18. Sorry I'm still new to this site.

  • Two of my BFF earlier in life were Gemini's. We have grown apart due to distance and relationship responsibilities, but if we get together no time or love lost between us. I love Gemini's and I get them, both sides. My work relationships always tend to end up with Aquarian women and it works very well for me. We get each others habits, work modes, and can usually tell what the other is thinking. I am with a Leo romantically and since we are opposites we tend to compliment each other. Sex is very good between us and although I would like more intellectual conversation and debates on world/life, when we do have them he is definitely someone I can learn from and I love that. I am more trying to figure him out so we can move on to the next "level" instead of myself these days. I am less rebellious as I mature, but I do not like to be told what to do either. I have learned to eat crow and not always have to be "right", it is ok just knowing that I am (lol!) and not have to prove it to them.

  • I wanted to tell Historical Goddess that I too am an Aqurian and have been married to a Scorpio for 31 yrs. We seem to be opposites and have our moments but always work it out. But I was always wondering if other Aquarians are always looking to the future and can sometimes predict the outcome? I will sometimes know how someone will react to what to will happen in the future. I also think I explain things well-but my brother & sister just don't get me and make me feel so inferior-yet what I say usually comes true.


  • Yes we do tend to be able to predict things. I too am a Aqua.

  • I am Aquarius Sun, Aquarius moon and Sag. rising. I don't fit the profile of Aquarius and have been rather confused most of my life trying to find reading material that didn't make an Aquarius out to be such a cold fish. I like closeness, and haven't done really well in the love dept. I have 3X's been divorced, and would still love to have a husband that I would be compatible with.

    I pray for people who need healing and volunteer my time when I can. I believe strongly in God and Jesus who heals our every health issue and need. I do have a group of friends mostly women around the country and we keep in touch. I am concerned about the Environment and World Issues.

    I'm not real computer literate, so I hope I can figure out this website for the forum. So far at 62 I am trying to be as open minded and keep learning as much as I can to improve myself and my world around me. Maybe someone can point me in the direction of knowing myself better, through books or websites that can help me figure out myself better. Thank you. I hope I did this reply section correctly. SisterAnne

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