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  • Thank you all. Love this thread. I have known many Aquas(including family members) and was involved with two. I also have several planets in Aquarius and have gathered insight into my own as well as other's motivations.

    And I have laughed to tears in recognition in reading these responses. There are none as loving and loyal and so incredibly exasperating as the Aquarian. You ROCK. But you know that!

  • The Significance of the Phoenix

    Various tales abound concerning the mythical firebird, the Phoenix. From east to west, and north to south, many have caught a glimpse of its unrivalled beauty, but few have heard its undying song. Its colour is crimson (Mars) and gold (Sun) with a plume of purple (Pluto). The flames of its funeral pyre are fuelled by frankincense (Love) and myrrh (Law). Eternal symbol of Physical Immortality, the Phoenix makes its nest in the top of the Everlasting Tree of Life.

    The Phoenix is the higher frequency symbol for Aquarius, the Bearer of the Cup containing the Waters of Life. The Phoenix of Aquarius represents the collective or planetary gaining of Everlasting Life. Those who have the Seal of the Phoenix upon them are the torchbearers of Immortality. They have discovered their Highest Purpose is to attain Physical Immortality in this Life and dedicate themselves to directing Immortal energies for the Evolution of a New Planetary Structure capable of supporting Greater Expressions of Life. If you are one of these beings, then visualize the Seal of the Phoenix upon your brow, or third eye, chakra. The Spirit of the Aquarian Phoenix anoints thee! This Touch of the Fire Bird upon your forehead ignites the pyre that consumes all Chains of Mind and creates Perfect Freedom. Life can not confer the Seal or Grade of the Phoenix upon you until you take the conscious Vow to overcome death and to dedicate yourself to the communication of the Immortal Way.

    The Truth and Way of Life Eternal is a most precious Gift to share!


  • I'm aquarius/pisces and I also love helping people and making them happy- and moving on. Very emotional yet so detached. My BF of 5 years is a full blown cancer. As friends we are great, but relationship is so hard. The crabs clingyness annoys me and my love of personal space, but I love his loyalty, and romantic side. It's the most complicated relationship I have ever been in, yet also the most rewarding. Us water bearers do love a challenge, and the unknown!

  • OMG, Scorpios! Geminis! Sounds Like you need a libra or virgo-maybe taurus. My teenage sweetheart (scorpio) was also reunited with me online, and I did visit him, but I am in a relationship and too loyal for my own good. But my scorpio and i fell apart 10 years ago due to his infidelity with my best friend! I moved several states away and never looked back until last year. He wants me back sooo bad. They are the horniest sign that i have observed in th zodiac. They kinda can't help that fact since their body part is the genitals(scorpio rules that area). But thats no exuse to cheat. They are also so possessive. Nice for short term because of the intensity sexually and emotionally. And gemini's are the twins- multiple personality, bi-polar, very fun and super unpredictible. My dad is gem., my oldest son is gem., best friend is gem., and youngest son is scorpio. I am surrounded!!! Good luck, a soul mate is out there for everyone. I suggest you look for a compatible sign to date, and don't go with emotional response first. Thats how i fell in love with my uncompatible BF- a cancer, lol!!

  • Call the hospital where you were born or look on you birth certificate. Birth records should have it. Good luck!

  • I was born 1/30/61 and am Sun in Aquarius, moon in Cancer, and Pisces rising...which makes me sensitive as well as intellectually-inclined, certainly idealistic too! I try to be tolerant in relationships, but need to watch out not to go too far with their "potential". My fiance is Sun in Scorpio, moon in Aquarius, Virgo rising so it's not the usual 'don't mix' aspects of a relationship, and he's let me know I fulfill his emotional needs with his moon being in Aquarius, as well as Mars!

    Other stuff, too--Destiny Card 10 Clubs is knowledge-driven, ditto Metal Rat. So I am super knowledge-ruled! Important to look at ALL aspects to truly know yourself as an Aquarius!! Important to learn to calm that Aquarius nervous system in general with deep breathing and meditation. Mercury in Aquarius rules our communication, so out comes that eccentric energy!

  • P.S. Anybody know how this goes--"friend" of his who is Gemini, moon in Scorpio, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Libra? She is rather intense about their renewed relationship of 15 years back and surprised me when my fiance asked her to 'step back' a bit from correspondence for my sake...I have Venus in Pisces, Mars in Cancer. I am wondering just what kind of a relationship they have now; she "friended" only four weeks after he proposed to me!

    (She was born May 23, 1967, 9 Clubs, Fire Goat--He is 3 Diamonds, Wood Horse).

  • Hi my favorite ppl, I too am Aqua. I just don't understand the SUN MOON and etc.... How would I know what my sun and moom is. My b'day is 1/23/63.

  • Hey guys,

    I was hoping some of you Aquarians could shed some light on the following for me:

    I have a friend, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aqua, Moon in Taurus, and he acts very very detached and macho at the same time. Some people suspect that he has problems, and I was hoping to help him out if he really does, but the thing is that he doesn't really ever open up to anyone, or atleast none of the people that I know, myself included. He is fun, witty and cool, at the same time he has a very big ego and he never talks to anyone about his stuff. He has tons of friends. I have heard that he has problems with his divorced parents, but I can't be sure. I'm afraid that he keeps all this stuff in and never really opens up to anyone.

    Any ideas to why acts this way? Any ideas on how to help this guy out?

    Also I suspect that the Taurus Moon might be the reason behind this distance facade, anyone else agree/disagree?


  • I am an aquarius, I am new to the forum and do not know to much about astrology but I love it and has always been an interest to me. However, back to the topic. As an aquarian woman I can tell you from experience I have had jobs in many different fields and have excelled in each one to a point of earning constant recognitions. However, I am also very stubborn and keep a lot of things inside and tend to be very quiet am not a party goer or the kind to iniciate conversations unless it is someone I really know very well. I do not know many other aquarians, but from personal experience I think we tend to bottle things up then let them out like other signs. The downside to doing that is they accumulate and over time it gets worse. I guarantee if you set off a ticker on an aquarian more than you expected will come out because they bottle up so much until they can no longer take it. Sometimes the best way to help someone is just giving them a little time and space and letting them be the one to come to you. As a friend when something like this happens I just let them know I am there for them and if they fall I will help them get back up on their feet no matter how many times we have to do it.

  • Good and brief description of a Aqua. I too am an Aqua and we do tend to bottle up our feelings, especially if we don't trust. Having ppl trust us and being loyal is our trademark. Not just having ppl trust us but we must know we can trust other ppl. That is important to us.

  • it's the aquarius in him. aquarius males especially young aquarius males don't expose their feelings. they deal with their feelings by staying focused on their life interests. for example, if an aquarius male is a runner at the time that something distressing happens in his life: he will not cry or go around talking about it. instead he will run to the best of his ability pushing himself to excel at the thing he likes to do. it is the sense of triumph and control over his own life that helps him through his hardships. the taurus in your guy just makes him more determined. don't misunderstand me here: aquarius men aren't cold in any way they just express their sadness in an indirect and nonverbal way.

    take a look at your friend's activities. figure out which one he seems to be devoting more time to lately and that will be your ah hah moment. i hope that his activity is a positive influence on his life.

  • actually, scorpios seem to be the most riscque sexual sign but the flat out sexually abundant seems to be the aries.....can someone spell cheater.....aries can't seem to stay faithful at all even when they are head over heels in love...and when they are single: watch out they are getting with anyone and everyone....

    being a true aquarius i am extremely loyal so this side of the aries makes it very difficult for me to remain close friends with them. i guess it is because cheating encompasses many many traits in a person that i frown upon and do not value.

  • My sun and moon are Aquarius ...I find myself drawn to other Aquarians.

    1 daughter n 4 of 5 grandkids are aquarians...seeing the range of actions

    an the silent understanding between us can only be compared to something

    right out of the Twilight Zone.

    The combination in my relationships have had a permentence we are still

    close after the intimancy gone. I have not had that with other signs .

  • I work with 3 other Aqua's and i is a day before mines. This lady gets on my last nerve's . She is such a pest to me. There's no joy in working with her at all.

  • I am sorry I meant to say her b'day is a day before mines.

  • Hi, I was told that I am a tripple Aquarian,"whatever that is." I can understand what your loved one may be going through with not being good with making plans. I have that same problem in that when I plan to so something, it never works out. Something always happens to change the plan, especially when it is widely known by others. I find that when I spontaneously do something or be secretive about my plans, that it always works out. I've been trying to figure out how to plan but I always under-estimate something. Things seem to change in an instant for me and it is just difficult for me to plan. I would like to be everywhere at once but I can not afford the clones. lol! So I just go with the flow.

  • This post is deleted!

  • what does the Aquarius man love in a partner? DO they like to be the initiator?


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