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  • Bocchino I also at one time dated a Leo, very generous person and like to make sure things where taken care of at home. That's when I was younger, now I am wirh A Gemini and we get along really well. We make a good pair. I think that Aqua are also very sensitive ppl and sometimes ppl just do not get us. And my attitude is O Well.....

  • Ladyfairz stay healthy and keep up the good work. What sign is your son?

  • I was wondering if you all could give some insight. I am close with an aquarian that told me we have a very, very deep relationship on many levels................what exactly does he mean?

  • Gemini and Aqua are very much compatible. Have you guys ever had anything special btw the two. I am surprise you don't know what he's talking about. That's something Aqua people can pick up very well. We Aqua have a special sense of things, that's our gift. If your noy sure just ask him, their always willing to sure and give you insight on things that's what they like to do. Gemini's are just ask.

  • Hi worthy, thank you for your reply. Actually yes, we had a very serious relationship 20 years ago and were living together. He ended the relationship and i was so upset over it that we did not speak for 20 years. We buried the so called hatchet at a high school reunion and have gotten close again. He told me he ended the relationship because he was very much in love with me and had never felt that way and was afraid he would not be the person he wanted to be. He has told me he has never been completely comfortable in a relationship since me. I am married now, but have realized that i never got over my aqua man. Anyways, he knows that i am still in love with him. Strangely, i recently found out that he had slept with someone and two weeks after he slept with this gal he told me that he loved me. When i told him that the gal had confided this info to me, he replied that they are friends and that is when he made the comment that we have a very, very deep relationship on many levels. (meaning he and I ) As i mentioned, i am married, so nothing physical has occurred between us. The last time i saw him in person, he reached across and kissed me on the cheek, which i did not know how to take. I mean here he tells me he loves me and i get a kiss on the cheek, whereas this other gal whom is his friend, he sleeps with (and they barely know each other btw) The same day he kissed my cheek, he used the terminology true friend. I know aquas consider everyone friends, so i took that as a positive that i was termed true friend, but it is quite crazy how hot and cold he runs, although i am use to it, and i am married so i think he is being respectful of that fact. I did not know about the sex when i last saw him, i found out a few weeks afterwards and i told him i knew about it while we were chatting online, but i couldn't talk on the phone at the time and told him i would call at a later date to discuss it.........of course i haven't because he is out of town right now and i thought it could keep...........but its hard for me not to think about it. I think the oddest part is that the day that he supposedly pursued this gal (her words) he spoke on the phone with me for 2 1/2 hours. When she confided in me she had know idea that he and i were or are close btw. She said he insisted on making her dinner and they hit it off so the next week she made him dinner and boom ba da bing. I really was at a loss when i found this out and i realize i am married and have no right to expect anything, but easier said than done i suppose.

  • being who and what i am sets me apart from the rest

  • What is that comment for? Are you saying we are very unique.

  • My name is Drue and I was born during the Stellium of 1962 in Aquarius. My birthday is the 4th. The first time I saw my natal chart I thought to myself "How Boring". Why? Because unlike most people who's chart is spread out, mine is all bunched together. I have 7 planets (Sun, Moon. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) all in Aquarius and they are all crowded together in my 5th house. Oh and my rising sign is in Virgo. What does that mean exactly? I haven't figured that out yet, but I do know that it means that I am very Aquarius and that explains alot. As of late, I feel this strange inner energy that needs to be released. (or like a butterfly that is more than ready to bust out of the cocoon) So we shall see. If anyone is interested in my Stellium chart or you yourself were born during one of these Stelliu, periods, please respond. Thanks : )

  • This post is deleted!

  • My Sun sign is Capricorn and my moon sign is in Pisces. My Ascendant, Mercury and Venus signs are in Aquarius. My grandmother was an Aquarius. I love being independent and do not like being told what to do. My husband of 20+ yrs (a Leo) died in 2007 and I really miss him. He was fun to be with and really took care of me but he could be controlling and we would clash at times b/c he was so insecure of our relationship that he didn't trust me to do things on my own (go to the show with my female boss who wanted to see the film "MOTHER") and thats what caused our fights. Now that I'm alone with only my cat I can go where I want, do what I want and although all I do is got to work, the store and look at what I want on tv that's alright with me. I'm not looking for another relationship b/c I don't want to go through a man trying to control me again. He might get k*****!!

  • geez that Aquarius WIND is sooo COLD and LOUD tonight sorta like a fierce winter hurricane lol

  • I'm an Aqua Sun, Pisces Rising, Leo Moon, with Mercury and Jupiter both in Pisces, and Mars in Aries. I like to think that this makes me a bit of an engima even by Aquarian standards. I'm incredibly perceptive with people's emotions and I tend to have an affinity to Sagittarians and Pisceans (Sag for friendships, Pisceans for romantic interests). The majority of my friendships tend to be fairly superficial; however, when I find someone who peaks my interest and can keep me thinking, I don't let them go.

    I probably tend to be too detached from my emotions, but doing so gives me the ability to look at most situations from a scientific perspective.

    A true Aquarian? I do believe so.

  • Yes Mwb we are known to be detached and I hate that term. I do not like to known as being that type of person. I love to be close. When we love we love hard. I don't know if that scares people because at the end of the day that's what it is al 🙂

  • I have an Aquarian in my life, I dont understand him. I am a Gemini and we are in a long distance relationship. We met through the phone, now he seems aloof and doesnt communicate anymore

  • I am a Capricorn with Aquarian rising and also in Venus & Mercury. Off Topic: Do you look at Y&R, Amazing Race, American Idol and Survivor? Just asking?

  • Given I have heard this so much about Gemini's and my answer to this is, this is just how they are. You will hear from them for awhile and the next time you hear nothing. If yu continue to stay with him you will come to know how they are. I would like to encourage you to go to this website called Fantsy World, very helpful. It takes a lot to be w/ a Gemini and it your not ready theu will drain you for sure and will alos learn alot from them. So get ready for the bumpy ride. I have kown my Gemini friend for many years and is stil learning, and I love this guy. I too am an Aqua

  • Given sorry for some of the missed spelled words.

  • I'm an Aquarius (02-06-86) with my Sun sign being Gemini and Moon sign as Capricorn. I feel they both describe me well. I really like a man who is a cusp Taurus /Gemini (05-19-84), I have no clue what his rising sign and moon sign are. I really like him a lot and would love to become more than friends with him. We both live in separate states ( I live in Indiana and he lives in California). He asked to have some space from recently and I don't know how long it's going to last. I just want him to be happy and successful. I'm trying to finish college, so I will be able to be successful and be able to take care of myself. I hope he will come back to me.

  • @Given : Talking from personal experience, I think that it's hard for an Aquarian to have a long distance relationship, especially one through the phone. Personally, I love physically being with the person I'm going out with, and I mean things like going to the park, or trying out a new restaurant. Seeing someone face to face sometimes makes all the difference. I'm not sure how to explain the aloofness and lack of phone communication. Personally I don't enjoy speaking on the phone much - again this stems from wanting a more physical relationship. Gemini's and Aquarian's are usually very good couples who are are full of ideas and live in their minds. I don't know what else you can do other than continue contacting him. Try not to do it everyday, however, because he might find it stifling. Good Luck!!

    @MsVeroAquarius1986 : It sucks about him 'asking for space' but I think the only thing you can do is acknowledge that, but maybe a nice, short & sweet, handwritten letter or postcard would not go amiss. Email, text, and phone are so electronic that the personal connection is missing. Good luck to you as well!

  • I am an aquarian and have been dating a gemi for 6 years now, Our relationship have been up an down for all this time, some of my friends says i should just let it go but something about him i just love and apparently he feels the same otherwise i think he would have gone by now. I think its time he makes a committment and we make this thing work. Can someone tell me what to do?

    I broke up with him for almost a year but we ended back up into each others space like we just cant leave each other alone.

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