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  • Hi--I am an Aquarius with virgo rising, gemini mid-heaven and both venus and mars in pisces--all of this makes me both typical and atypical. Creative, witty, eccentric, idealistic and something of a rebel-on board with all that-yet I am extremely emotional-atypical-and something of a doormat with people I love.

    I had a long term marriage that ended in 2004, with a gemini man that I loved deeply and miss terribly-he fell out of love with me and into love with another--twins are wonderful, but can be shallow and selfish-also fickle-in the extreme. I believed he was my soulmate--apparently not.

    I made contact with my first love, from my teens-through the internet and online, In 2007. He was a scorpio-sag cusp--5 planets in scorpio--VERY intense--and I loved him desperately, as only a 17 year old can--and he lied, cheated and humiliated me, cheating on me with one of my closest friends. (She is my mirror twin--a virgo with aquarius rising who is unlike me in most ways--sexual fiedelity and loyalty being one of the most obvious.)

    I have been alone for about a decade now, and I despair of ever finding true love. I'm ok alone--we are independent, after all--but I would be lying if I said I wasn't lonely.

    Any other aquarians in the same boat? Best to all-G.

  • Cuss the only thing I can tell you is to be yourself but watch seducing her mind if you are brilliant. You say you would like to be friends with her but you want to be friendly with a rebel who might see as I do and that all relationships are intimate. I have loads of aquaitances but very few friends if that. If you two are having the eye contact she is already thinking. You will amuse her at first so bare with her...

  • I am very free of mind. It gets me into trouble all the time and when someone tells me No I do it anyways.

  • Being an Aquarius is without question an unusual experience. In me, it manifests in such a pervasive manner, it seems to be the crust, mantle, and core of my entire being. I am cool and detached, objective, analytical to a fault, and so independent it can actually be painful. I am simultaneously many extremes. Things that would normally not co-exist together seem to mesh harmoniously within me. I have spent a fair amount of time developing and understanding myself. I think in order to be able to effectively and meaningfully interact with others, it is essential to know the self first. I have a very male spirit, don't really understand most females at all, but I am also very in touch with my feminine aspects. I am a mother of five boys, and almost exclusively keep the company of nothing but boys and men, with the exception of female family members. This has been true of me my whole life. I am not particularly tolerant of typical female behavior and grow weary of shallow, petty minded people of any gender rapidly.

    I am a barrier spanner and will seek to resolve conflict where I find it without taking sides. But, I will also play devil's advocate in situations where I actually have my own strong opinions because I know the validity of introducing the opposition when it is distinctly absent. I tend to make people think about their own positions on issues without even meaning to do so. I seem to set trends, which has always annoyed me because I don't follow them, and would love to see everyone forging their own paths instead of thoughtlessly wandering around behind a leader. I also loathe being imitated, I don't find it to be any form of flattery, much less the highest! I have always processed it as an encroachment on my individuality and because I don't belong to groups or cliques, seen it as a false link to such things when I find others doing what I have been doing alone, of my own accord, for ages before these groups emerged. It will actually force me to rethink my external projections of personality, even hide them, to keep from being mis-identified with certain collectives.

    I am very verbal, heavy headed, and happily melancholic...(again, one of those unnatural extreme opposite things) But I have some retrogrades in my natal chart that lead me to believe they are the root of things of that nature.

    I can be frighteningly quiet, or literally talk your ears off. My energy will communicate a mood to an entire room of people without me saying a word, or behaving in any particular way. Much less, applying intent. I can try NOT to and it will still bear an strong impact. And by the same token, I am extremely sensitive and perceptive to the energy of others. On the flip side of that, there are times I am so oblivious about some things, like ,if someone is coming on to me, or likes me a lot, I will miss it by miles. There are things that I'll feel taking shape long before anyone else has a clue anything is even happening, and then there are things in my face that I may never see unless someone screams, points, and jumps up and down about them. It is those things that will shock me, dumbfound me, and take me a good while to take stock of and absorb.

    I am happiest when traveling. I have gypsy blood and a curiosity about many things that is positively insatiable. There is a restlessness to me that I cannot seem to quell at times. And yet, I can be alone and at peace, quite contentedly for long periods of time and experience no loneliness at all. Often, the times I feel the most lonely are in rooms full of people with whom I can find no common thread.

    I find it exhausting to be me, think I over complicate almost everything and I am sure I think too much. However, I wouldn't have things simple for a minute, and if my life were dull and boring and not laden with dramatic detail, I would surely perish, rapidly.

    The best explanation for who and what I am generally comes down to being something alien to this world. I am an anomaly of sorts and can't really even begin to digest what it all might possibly mean, much less convey such an intangible to others.

    I think it probably doesn't even matter in the grand scheme of things, but on some level,suspect it might actually be very important. I think for me, it's things like this that make the Aquarius experience what it is. I have been this way from birth. I don't think I could have chosen it if I had wanted to, nor do I believe I could change it if I tried. I think this sign is possibly one of the most integrated, complex, and diverse of all the signs of the zodiac. If you consider that we must all pass through the wheel of the year in our journeys through life, this sign seems to not only pass through them, but to pick them up, incorporate them, and understand them in ways that the rest of the signs aren't made to. We can relate to many different people, but don't really get the same understanding back from those to whom we can relate. This is one of the reasons I think we tend to be a little emotionally detached from everyone else. Or at least seem to them to be. Any Aquarius reading this knows that we have feelings, possibly some of the strongest of all, but just refuse to divulge them to others. There are times we get so good at it, we can refuse to divulge them to ourselves. I think we possess so much diversity, it makes us difficult for others to comprehend. And that diversity is precisely what makes us capable of our unique brand of objectivity and understanding of so many different people and things.

    This is clearly something about which I could drone on for decades, there's no good starting point nor place to conclude, so I will have to force one here, in the interest of practicality.

    I have read back over what I've written and it reminds me of what people often say about the obtuse Aquarius methods of communication, we can talk all day without saying a thing, or speak volumes having said nothing at all.

    Thanks for indulging me, either way!

  • Hello Fellow Aquarius! I came about on Feb 10th! It's great to have a forum to chat with like minded others! Seems like we are the most misunderstood sign since we are so FUTURISTIC with our thoughts, words, and actions. Any advise on techniques or ways to deal with my emotional Cancer boyfriend- I love him deeply but I'm just not emotionally dramatic like he is. I think our differences in how we express our emotions brings balance to the relationship- but it seems like he's trying to make me behave out of my element which brings unecessary emotional drama and misunderstanding. I guess my question is....How to stop the emotional merry go round and just be happy together being ourselves? Any of you had experience with Cancer?

  • My mum (aquarius) has been happily married to a cancer (my dad) for 47 years!!! They are so different yet complimentary! Unfortunately my dad now suffers from dementia so the love bond they had has slightly looks at mum as a carer rather than a lover! However, my mum is extremely independent and has a good network of friends and social life...she passed her driving test first time at the age of 66! Growing up, I found my dad supported me through the emotional issues I had and mum nurtured my practical, independent & confident side of me! So, psalm91...I think you'll both have differing roles to play in your relationship and it could prove a long and happy one.

  • I am Aquarius. I am a nurse professionally, but when I have nothing to do I like to tinker with electronic and technology. These two things come naturally to me. I also love to write, but find it hard to focus on one subject. Everything in life is exciting to me, especially metaphysics.

  • Aquarians are biggest conversationalist on the planets (apart from chatty gemini usually the females, males come across as quiet but the're not) and we do have interpersonal skill unless you have moon in Taurus who don't giveanything away smoldering behind those bull horns of theirs. I'm Aquarius Moon in Sag, Mars in Aries, Venus in pisces and Gemini rising. I have a Gemini child who's father is also an Aquarian and both our mothers' are Gem's too. I'm a bit of a Tom boy always have been most of my friends are men (though i don't dress like one). I can't say I've had more than 5 girlfriends at any one time. But my male friends stay with me forever.

    Aquarians when we're good we can be loyal, unconventional, futuristic, fair, the life and soul of the party and intersersted in everyone and everything. We're always searching for the deeper meaning in an intelligent way.

    When we're bad we're ungrounded, selfish, pouty, two-faced insecure and downright difficult to live with. there's always four sides to a star sign the male the female up side the dark side.

    And if yu have pick up a copy of Starksy & Cox's Sextrology where have been? Go get it xxx



  • very well said, I am a Feb 17 aquarian, but there was no time of birth listed on certificate, when I asked my Mom what time I got the reply that she was to comcerned of other things going on and the time was not one of them, she does remember that it was in the afternoon about 3, not sure if that is true or was just said to shut me up. how can I find out, anty help would be greatly appreciated. thank you, Namaste

  • Hi, this is my first time ever being on a zodiac forum, so forgive me for not knowing all the specific details of my sign. If anyone has any information on what other things I can derive from my birthday (January 23) then I would be very grateful.

    I actually sat here and read through all the previous comments posted in the forum and I have to say that I have never been more pleased to finally meet and talk with people who just seem to get my personality. I have to especially have to agree with Analyst on a few different items because it just seemed to hone in on how I am in life as well, along with what JCBDIGGER said as well.

    I agree that we are an emotionally detached sign yet at the same time we are so passionate and caring about certain things. I personally find it really hard at times to really express how I feel and often find that when I want to be caring for those that matter to me I can't seem to find the right feelings or emotion to be able to express what I want the right way. I find myself being awkward and as I hadn't accomplished anything at all.

    At the moment I don't feel as I have any real friends. They might consider me one, but in the long run I don't really care about who I meet as long as I continue to meet new people. I find it hard to keep long term friendships, but sometimes find myself thinking about people way back in my past. I find it odd that we care more for the bigger picture and sometimes more for complete strangers than we do for those close to us. I could chat up a stranger and have them tell me their whole life story while waiting for the bus and I find that so fascinating!

    I love learning new things, but not to the extent of getting all the nitty-gritty details. I love both the past, like the Renaissance and Victorian eras, and thinking about the future and all the new technology and ideas that are being created daily. I just basically find that getting information is my utmost pleasure and I love sharing that information with others. It sometimes frustrates me when other people just don't seem to GET it when I'm trying to explain something, or it annoys me at times when they are unable to see the fascination and, just, coolness in the information.

    I love communicating with people, I love figuring people out. This might make me seem somewhat horrible, but sometimes I like pushing peoples buttons on purpose, or suggesting something that will start a fight or any other emotional reaction and then analyze them. I tend to always analyze my friends (well, acquaintances) just because their very essence and human-ness intrigues me and I find that this is more knowledge than other people have.

    Well, I feel as if I have rambled on enough for one post, but somewhat lately I would like to close this by asking for advice. I'm really into this Sagittarius guy and I just don't know what to do anymore to get him to like me. I do act like myself around him and at times I feel like we could really hit it off, but then it just goes away too. It's not that I want to change myself, but it wouldn't hurt to know if there was something I could do to snag this Sagittarius man.


  • Ni hao (hi) all,

    Moonliel, I was also born on the 23rd of January [check out the number 23 (5) in the Numerlogical system, I use Pythagorean as opposed to Chaldean]. I had struggled with the fact that, "there was something wrong with me", for years until I was blessed with the knowledge of Astrology (and to no lesser extent, Numerology).

    I had always just assumed that I had some type of mental deficiency 🙂 (despite excelling in school), unable to form lasting, meaningful relationships. I've always had what I would consider to be associates; never had what I would call a good friend that I could fully trust with my innermost thoughts. I've always been called nonchalant or uncaring in relationships. Now I can just say I'm cool and detached, LOL!

    It has taken me a long time to realize my true Aquarian potential. My karmic destiny in this life is to be a student and then to teach what I have learned. I believe this is true of most Aquarians (as our sign numerically--via house--corresponds to the number 11, a master number in numerology). Not coincidentally, my life path number is also 11.

    I have always been fascinated with other cultures, people, languages, etc. and would like to travel to as many places as I can. The purpose: to learn from all people. Of course the internet has made that process easier, but I want the real deal, lol.

    As a true Aquarian (my opinion, lol), I believe that all religions hold some iota of truth and it has been diffucult to settle on just one. However, my studies in esotericism, astrology and metaphysics has led me to the natural course of Theosophy (with a Mahayana-Vajrayana-Zen Buddhist blend). This has helped to balance me tremendously (now maybe I can be satisfied with one job as opposed to two or three, lol).

    Peace and Blessings to All

  • I find it interesting that most of us have posted information...only information, no real questions or trying to delve deeper (emotionally) into a previous post! Could this be a truer testament to our Aquarian nature than any of the posted comments here? LOL!

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing all the interesting things you curious Aquarians have taken the time to share with the rest of us. I am completely new to Astrology but fascinated with it all as I see how accurate it's profiles often are. I am a very typical Aries, but I am deeply emotional and attached to people. I am atypical to Arians in that I am not independant -- I need to be intimately joined to my peers. I love having close intimate relationships with others, and knowing there are those out there who know all about me but love me anyway means the world to me. I am very opinionated and strong, and tend to always lead.... but I have a tender heart that is easily broken -- although few would ever know that about me. Most think I am the strongest woman they know. With that groundwork laid, I am here to ask for help from some Aquarians in a matter that is very dear to my heart..... and would greatly appreciate any info/advice you may choose to render.

    I have an incredible life ..... amazing husband, lots of great children, a rewarding career and all that, but since moving a few years ago I have really missed having best friends nearby so I have sought that out. I have found several friends and I love them all, and they are very diverse and each seem to bring something unique to the table, so to speak. I have always had an easier time maintaining friends with men through the years, because I just seem to be wired more like them in some ways. Here is my problem:

    I have this one male friend (Aquarius) who I enjoy so much. He is a great deal like my husband (who I have been with for 29 years...since I was 12) in many ways, so I think I felt like I already knew him a bit when we first met. He was shy and introverted and a loner --like my husband used to be when we were kids, until I changed him! lol-- and I think I pretty much thought that this man could really benefit from an outgoing friend who knew how to get people to trust them and open up to them and all. At first I tried to be friends with him because I thought he needed that, but over the years I have learned how much he has to offer and I count him as a true blessing in my life.

    I have never been friends with any one like him before, and it is a really hard friendship for me to maintain. I consider myself to be excellent at analyzing people and seeing what makes them tick, but I can't figure out one thing about him!!! : ) I am a VERY giving person who just loves loving people. I always look for ways to make people smile, help them, show them they are loved, etc. I am an excellent true blue friend that would die would a stranger easily, so the lengths I would go for a friend are exceptional.

    Over the first few years of trying to build our friendship I probably overwhelmed him a lot and crowded him sometimes, because I am like that and he demands huge amounts of personal space. Like I might let some cookies in his car one day with a note saying "what's up, my friend?" and although it was very strange to him, it was completely normal for me. In the early years, he would make me so mad because I would always try to be there for him in every way that I could, but he never tried to "give back" in any way. There wasn't anything I wanted from him, but it made me feel like he didn't value my friendship. Once I asked him if he did value it and he vehemently could not admit it to me. I told him I wanted to be the kind of friend to him that he knew would always be there for him, and grow old together. He said that was weird, and he doesn't need friends like that, that he is happy in his own little world all by himself...... but his words never seemed to add up. It hurt me so much because I crave intimate friendships, and I just wanted to know what was so wrong with me when I thought I was a friend of pure gold. He basically seemed to be threatened and felt like I was saying he wasn't "good enough" to be my friend when I would try to communicate my feelings about such things. No matter what he said, his warm smile and his slowly-forming trust in me, told me that he must appreciate our relationship. I decided to try to just be the kind of friend he needed and not be as sensitive. I realized that is just who he is and he will prolly never show friendly affection to me in any way. Because I valued him so, I would have to learn to accept that -- as hard as that was for me.

    But here we are, about five years later. ... Aries me and a very typical Aquarian (except not at all the social butterfly or altruistic soul). We have made lots of progress. We can talk on the phone about nothing for 8 hours and it feels like no time at all -- which I NEVER thought would happen in my lifetime! lol Sometimes I know he is enjoying our conversation as I tell him every embarrasing thing about my life --as the total open book I am-- and he gives almost nothing up on himself! I asked him the other day what his biggest fear was and it was like I asked him the most personal question in the world, and of course he refrained from answering !lol In my heart I have come to really know that he values this friendship... I can tell that much....but my head tells me another story. All these years I have initiated every single text, call or visit. I invite him to go places or hang out at my house and he ALWAYS declines. There are only two things he will ever do with me in person, occasionally stop by in the afternoon for lunch as he works almost door, and have me over to his place to hang out/chat some evenings. If I text /message him, I might have a ratio of about 10:1 that he responds. It always seemed to be like he is my friend when he feels like it. I don't understand this-- it seems so cold and selfish. I am a friend to all of my friends 24/7 and NEVER ignore/dismiss them. We can be really having fun one day and the next day he goes distant and wants "his space" for days or months. This makes me feel like there is something so terribly wrong with me, like I annoy him too much to stand me for long. I want to pull away and be mad when he does this to me, but I do love him as a friend and I want so to understand why he keeps doing this to me...over and over again. I am NOT a doormat and don't let people take advantage of my kindness, but I feel sometimes like I let him....but then the next minute I really think he doesn't mean to hurt me and he just can't help it for some reason. I have gone through a lot of hurt in this friendship, and if I didn't have the strong love and security at home in my husband I would have ended it this friendship years ago. I am trying to be strong, avoid conflict by bringing this up to him, and instead just trying to better understand him. That is what brought me to astrology and to this forum. Can anyone out there help me to understand what is going on here with my dear Aquarius friend? Can you tell me if it is me or just "the Aquarian way"? What can help an Aquarian to open up and let others in? He is almost 40 and has never even been in-love once....that breaks my heart! I want to see him let go so he can embrace new relationships and hopefully find his soul mate one day.... but I can't see that happening without being able to express his feelings on an emotional level. If I back away from this friendship I am afraid that he will close himself off to others worse than ever before, but at the same time how often do I need to be made to feel like the mud on his shoe? PLEASE HELP ME OUT, GUYS!

  • Hello, i am posting this for a snake, if you can see this i dont know what time i was born, hope you can get the message now!

  • Aqua sun, Libra moon, Cancer rising here. I am in entertainment, my profession is in Television and Film. I love creating and very much into horror anything. I don't feel like a typical aquarian, I really hate being lumped into a box with others and labled a copy cat. Is that Aquarian? Anyway, I will be reading a lot here. Thanks for averything on these boards. Great feature!

  • I am posting to the question of dealing with a Cancer Boyfriend. I have a very good male Cancer friend, and it is so tough for me to keep up with him emotionally. He will have break downs to beat all break downs, then he we be pie in the sky happy. I stay level through it all. He asks me how i do it. I say, "cuz I am an Aquarius".

  • Forgive me, I am still figuring out the logistics of this board. I am posting to the question of dealing with a Cancer Boyfriend. I have a very good male Cancer friend, and it is so tough for me to keep up with him emotionally. He will have break downs to beat all break downs, then he we be pie in the sky happy. I stay level through it all. He asks me how I do it. I say, "cuz I am an Aquarius".

  • ANALYST! I love your explanation and thought process and felt it was exactly on! Like WHOA! I'm an Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini RIsing; so extremely analytical, speculative and introspective. I'm saving this page so I can re-read it.

    I'm so contradictory it's incredible, but I can make it understandable to anyone who questions. But who would question me? Who would dare question me, not knowing I would have to tongue lash them for thinking they could, perhaps, outsmart me?! I can figure out other people's motives before they even know they had a motive and throw it in their face if they try to get smart, you know what I'm saying? Anyway, I love reading others responses as well and I have to make some breakfast... Do you find you can do some thing for hours on end without any sustenence, be hungry and think "Wow, I should eat something but I can't be bothered"? lol

    I love being an Aquarian! There are just so many famous people who represent us well, so I can't say we're not recognized. But Aquarians as a whole, I think, are under appreciated for their ideas and contributions! In any case... forge on, fellow Aquarians, we have an understanding of life and people like no other. Cheers to that.

  • I am Aquarius Sun Moon Mercury and Venus with Pisces rising and Cancer moon. I was recently reconnected with a friend from High School whom I hadn't spoken with for 12 years and we immediately fell in love and are planning to get married when he's home from Iraq. He's a Leo with Scorpio rising and we are extremely compatible and it's fantastic.

    I find that my mind never turns off and that's a trouble spot for me. But I am learning to only let my mind spin on things that actually matter instead of EVERYTHING and I have been a lot happier and a lot less stressed.

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