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  • Hi powerion,

    Is this feeling normal? My husband sometimes acts the same way as Tar52 and I think he's nuts. I just don't understand. Can one of you tell me what is going on in his mind. I am an Aqua Sun Cancer Moon and most times we can understand each other without even talking but sometimes I just don't know why he is like that.

  • Oh I forgot to mention he is an Aqua Sun Aries moon as well. He is full of spunk and pretty animated and then when something bothers him he is intense and withdrawn to his own mind.

  • So I would really apreciate help or explanation from some aquarius here,people please:)

    I am a double scorpio and I met double aquarius maybe 7 months ago,he wanted to be with me and after some time I agreed-then I think he started to lose interest in me...maybe I was just a dare to him. That was the first man I slept with and even if he sometimes said some stupid and weird things to me that hurt me, I ignored it because I wanted for that relationship to work.I am a little horoscope freak so when I met him I searched everything about aquarius and because I saw that they love their freedom I didn't call him often or ask him to commit,which was pretty hard for me(clingy scorpio), but I was ready for everything in order for him to stay...But that so called relationship was far far far from being nice and sweet and because of his disappearing and coming back I got a lil bit tired.

    We didn't see or talk to each other for a month and he just appeard at my dor at 1 am asking me to be with him again- I said no,but it was so obvious that I am in love with him and I know that he was aware of it ...even if I acted cold. Then he told me to think about it and to call him,then he left.After a few days I saw him with another girl,then with another and so on(he lives just across the street)...

    2 months after that, he called me and asked to come over-" If you don't hate me"(his words). I was a little drunk so I let him,but even If I sad no,he would come,he doesn't care about rules or anything when he wants something. Just when I totally forgot about him and got better-here he comes with a smile like nothing happend. Just a knock on the dor and "I just came to kiss you" (so much confidence don't you think?). I gave in, we kissed and he asked me again to be with him I said no and told him I saw him with his girlfriend, he just smiled o.O In all that talk he found out that my reason for not wanting to be with him is because I'm tired of being hurt by him-and he was suprised about that(what is weird about that,its so obvious, who wouldn't be hurt??) I asked him why did he came back after so much time and he just said "Life is strange".A few times before that night, he apologized to me for doing those things- " I know that you're a good girl "...but even with that being said he kept coming back and messing with my heart. He kissed me in the end said that he'll come tomorow and left...and ofc he didn't come,that was a week ago...SO PLEASE TELL ME WHY IS HE DOING THIS,IS THIS JUST FUN FOR HIM TO TORTURE ME,TO SEE IF HE CAN GET ME BACK?WHY ISN'T HE PERSISTENT IF HE WANTS ME,HE COMES, ASKS AND GOES,THEN COME AGAIN AFTER A FEW MONTHS?

    He once told me that he kept asking some girl to be with him after they split up because she cheated on him and he wanted to take revenge,but I never did such thing, I was always good to him and he knows i think that's not the reason?...I know that we're not god for each other, when we were together most of the time when he came to my place, he just seat quietly or fall asleep,when I ask him something he just answers something weird or tell me that is a stupid question(so If he was so bored why did he kept coming back?) He just sits there and doesn't talk to me at all,which is strange because aquarius are outgoing and talkative...


    I feel so much lighter after this being said,even if there is no answers:)

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