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  • Hi everyone~! I'm an Aquarian too, with Pieces rising and Libra moon. As i read somewhere, our physical appearrance is affected by our rising. Because Aquarians're tall and have high forehead, but i'm short and plump, the only thing alike's my eyes and it's my pride

  • i am an aquarius and my boyfriend of ten years is a pisces,i think too much and only sleep about 6 hours a night,i am also very sensitive to the paranormal.aquarians are very intelligent people and cant turn it pisces mate however reverts to his childhood self 80 percent of the time and can shut everything around him out,man,there are days when i wish i was like him ,sometimes always thinking is very exhausting.on all other fronts we get along well and have a very comfortable and happy relationship.

  • is there anyone here familiar with native american astrology?

  • Im a libra, and although im aware of the excellent compatibility between these two, i have to admit i find aquarius so contradicting its unreal. They seem so cold and detached.

    Even under extreme stress or romantic emotions, i find aquarius women will never shed a tear, or express in their voices or demeanor any negative feelings when clearly there should be some for the moment.

    However, they will cry and show ALL the emotions, but only while alone in their bedrooms or some place but just not infront of you.

    weird or what lol.

  • @trigot: what you said is just like me haha

  • I'm an Aquarius, too. I've always matched the profile of an Aquarian to a T. I also like to think being left-handed and an only child makes me even more special. I've always respected and preached equality, morals, and ethics to everyone I've ever come across. I can see all points of view, but sometimes overthink things. I have very good intuition and I love volunteering my services to anyone/organization. I've been in the fitness field for almost 10 years and I love educating people and also being there for them - able to understand. Friends I make are usually the ones who speak the most highly of me. I'm currently with a Pisces and the whole "emotionally detached" quality is very apparent. He's also secretive and my intuition is usually spot on (though his is better at times). He has a secretive nature, which I can't stand, but I like to go hang out with my friends (so I guess we're even). He has made me see my emotional side a little bit better, but he gets upset at my eccentric and aloof ways. I can't blame the guy, but I'm also not going to change. I think, because of my humanitarian and artistic ways, and my ability to understand everyone and every situation I am the most awesome zodiac sign ever! I love me 🙂 Being too emotional sucks - I pity the Pisces.

  • Well, a place just for Aquarians! This will be interesting. I'm a dble. Aq. with Moon/pisces, with mercury and mars in Aquarius. I am 60 yrs old and have been married for 40 years to a Leo with a moon/Aquarius. What I want to say is that I have always been the different one. I started studying astrology when I was in my late 20's and it was a fantastic tool for learning about myself. I'll say it again, I have always been the different one. One of the sayings that I learned about Aquarius is "they love humanity but hate people." I like some people but I seem to have to have a connection with them, like my best friend who has a Aq. moon and her Venus is on my moon, if I don't have a connection I can just forget about them. I love to learn and I continually take classes. How did everyone cope with the Uranus and Neptune transit thru Aquarius? Neptune is still transiting our sign. I think it started around 2000. My life has been better and better since this transit and I have been able to really accept myself and the fact that I am always the different one. Any other dbl with pisces moon out there?

  • I don't believe there is any Native American astrology. I think there are stories about some of the constellations but I don't remember it going any further than that. The tribes didn't attached a big importance to birthdays, but I could be wrong. They also didn't have advanced mathematics.

  • I'm a Aquarius with Capricorn in moon and Aquarius rising, Also born on the Cusp of the year of the Dragon snake.

    I'm very outgoing i love to talk and be were the action is with an open schedule most of the times i go were ever the wind blows, very determine on helping ppl out and the rest of the world, I feel myself as the great Leader to bring fourth my generation and the ones after to the new age of aquarius, I'm more mature and beyond the years of the rest of my peers you always see me hanging out and giving a hand to ppl who are my parents age or older I'm 20 but have experienced to way to many things that I know what to expect from life and many ppl, so I want to change it were we live in a world were we can learn to accept, people for who they are. I live in a world were Religion is no more, were straight,GLBT, white, black, Latin Asian, just every race color beliefs are not discriminated.


    that's the key to making me Happy

  • Hi, all! I am an Aquarius with a Scorpio Moon in the 5th house. I have learned to be wary of Scorpios (I rubbed one the wrong way). Few of my maternal aunts and uncles, cousins, paternal aunts, and my stepdad are all Scorpios. For some reason, I've a liking towards Leos (It might be because my brother's one, as well as some of my other family members). Next thing you know, every person would pop up as a Leo. Give them something for Valentine's Day and they would be delighted. Aquarians and Leos (or Leonians) are supposed to have the best marriage partnerships (you didn't hear that from me). My Saturn is in Leo in the 2nd House (there you go). My Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini in the 12th house. If anyone out there can explain further what it means, then I'm fine with that (It is supposed to be my spirit call). Though my older sister is a Virgo and my dad is a Pisces, I don't have either on my birth chart (sorry, guys). My mom is a Cancer and my Mars is in Cancer in the 1st house (considering the fact that I have two water signs for parents and another for a stepdad) ! Cancer is also my rising sign. I realized that I am deep inside what a Scorpio is on the outside. Very goal-oriented, obstinate, and thrifty in some ways I can be, if not, actually, for the so-called 'horndog' aspects. My Uranus is also in Scorpio like my Moon. My Venus is in Aquarius in the 7th house. I've found out that Venus and Aquarius can both make bad company. Mars and Cancer also feud with each other (zzzzzzzzzzzzz, I know. I have a Scorpio Moon, okay?). I am willing to learn other things such as Eastern philosophy, more Astrology, numerology, and metaphysics. I've been called 'big guy', 'boss man' or 'boss' ( Maybe I'm way too special. maybe I am). I felt once that Aquarians were given a bad rep and it is time for us to give Aquarius a good name again. 'Without Aquarius, there would be no evolution.'

  • There are some sources for Native American astrology (I found out that I am an Otter in Natve American astrology. In Cherokee astology, I am a Wolf). You can find them at a Barnes and Noble near you.

  • Hi Analyst,

    I just read your Tome(lol) & I see my mirror image, There are a couple of enquiries about our sign & how we act or interact with others,mainly with the Male Aquarian, it would be ideal for the Ladies to read your letter it may help them understand us a bit better, or maybe frighten them away lol. Thanks for a very enjoyable read, especialy the Tongue in Cheek & Entertaing way you imparted the the explanition of understanding " THE AQUARIAN " 10 out of 10,

  • I am a Capricorn with Aquarius rising and in Venus as well. While in my late teens/early 20's it seemed that all I attracted were Aquarian men and although I liked them as friends I never should have dated them. They were fun to be with but unfaithful to a fault! The one who was my first love had the gall to bring his other girlfriend to my house pretending that she was his sister. My Scorpio gf is the one who figured it out (nothing got past that girl!). I married a Leo and the only Aquarians I'm around are my co-workers (women) one of whom is my best friend and the other just an acquaintance.

  • You just made me smile cause I'm a Taurus female in love with an Aquarian male and things have been hard but you've given me hope again. : )

  • This is very personal information so i would rather not post it in public, but if you are interested I can define it a little better for you. Being aquarius on so many lvls is wonderful. Although ur not interested in love, those are determined by rising (Ascendant) and the opposite. Funny that the person who fit that for me is in a different state married to someone he is not compatable with. Lets just chalk that up to not wanting to put up with bs from attachments. It's not like we don't care, we just don't want entanglements. So you go girl! You should have total freedom from so many signs in Aquarius.

  • hey, I wanted to do nursing too, but blood makes me sick. I love math and science also. I'm more into math and science together such as Plank and Bohr equation writing. Physics are just interesting. Maybe you should go for your Doctors, you sound like you may be heading there already. Mensa Member? You may want to try it too.

  • People on the blog always say that Aqua does not like committment which I do not think is true. Maybe I am a different kind of Aqua.I am the type that likes to be close I do not like distant.

  • I've been told about the Aquarius and lack of commitment.

    I think it really depends on who you are.

    My best friend is an Aqua and she was in a very long term relationship which nearly broke her.

    The characteristic that drives me nuts with Aquarians is the stubbornness

    I'm a Taurus and the Aquarians in my life are more stubborn than I am.

    1 of them carried a grudge 4 more than 10 years and I still don't know why.

    The guy I'm interested in, hasn't spoken 2 me in over 6 months.Another Aquarian and why I don't know.

    Like if someone says sorry than I'm ok then I'm over it but no Aquarians give you the cold bloody shoulder 4 no reason.The rest of us are left to figure out why.

    It drives me nuts!!!

  • I agree I too am an Aquarian (Jan. 23) who enjoys being in a committed relationship. My problem is I'm too inquisitive...constantly thinking about what's gonna happen next instead of living in the moment of the relationship. It annoys me when I can't figure a person out or where they're coming from with their actions. Its like I NEED to know and I need to know right then and there LOL

    Currently I'm in a new relationship with a Taurus (Apr. 22) and it can definitely be an emotional roller coaster. I just wonder if I'm the one taking us for the ride with all my thinky thinky stuff. I tend to overthink things all the time and I lack patience heavily. As I said above, when I want answers I want them STAT. Altho I've been in a relationship with a Taurean before, it was nothing like this and I'm wondering if anyone out there has any advice they can give with regard to maintaing a healthy relationship with a Taurus.

    A few points about me would be I fall into most of the characterstics of the Aquarian sign. I find myself to be very different from most people but I enjoy it to the fullest. I'm smart, quirky, witty, fun, spontaneous, I can be a socialite or a loner...depending on what kind of mood I'm in that day. I like complicated things until it doesnt turn out in my favor so to speak LOL, otherwise I get bored very quickly. I dont like being told what to do, rebellion is definitely my middle name. The harder a person pushes, the harder I will push back. I'm very giving and loving. I just want people to be happy and enjoy life. I'm very sensitive and I take relationships of all kind to heart. I love hard in general and once I've been betrayed my trust will never be the same no matter how hard I try. I can be very opinionated but I'll only fight the battles that are of most importance to me.

  • OMG, You have just describe me. My B'day is 1/23. You have describe me to the T. OMG.........To the T. We hate to be told what to do. OMG

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