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  • My Mom is an Aquarius.. she can annoy me pretty badly but she is a tough cookie. Has been through a lot and still has a lot of love for people who she feels like deserves it.

    Definitely the teacher role, she is a director of training.

  • Thanks so much for your reply! That information is helpful putting my life a little more into perspective! I guess we all like to hear about how interesting we are! LOL!

  • Thank you Zipstudio! I'm not sure what my north and south nodes are. I am certainly not an expert in Astrology, or even my sign for that matter. I thought maybe if I could connect with some other Aquarians, I might be able to better understand myself, as well as those close to me. I appreciate the information you've given me to work with. Now I need to educate myself and run with it! Have a fantastic day!

  • Are you kidding the last 4 years have been hell, relationships, money and all. I know this is supposed to be a good year for money but to be honest nothing is happened yet. It is hard not to get frustrated and feel trapped. Money had never been important to me, but not having it, is making me feel trpapped nothing can work without it. Money means freedom to me.

  • Keep an open mind and she will too

  • I think he is in love with you and it pains him you see him only as a friend.

  • I think Aquarius people may have issues with personal space and physical contact. Physical contact makes something in me go on the automatic defense yet I feel like I have to maintain a friendly disposition and hide my discomfort. It's almost like a cat that like to keep everyone in the room in sight and when they move I move so that I can always keep everyone under sight. I think this is why parties and social settings make me uncomfortable unless I have had a few drinks. I wonder where it comes from.

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  • Hi, my bday is 2-10-90 im an aquarian with pisces rising and moon virgo. Can someone give me some insight and interpretation? im kind of new to astrology and i would like to learn more! thanks 😃

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  • I am an aquarian who loves freedom. I was once in hospital for 2 days and signed myself out although I was so weak after operation I realised could hardly walk to the car. I felt like a monkey locked up in a cage and I thought about all the beautiful birds that the human race have living in cages and wondered how the poor things really felt. I also live in my head and am accused of not listening to people when they are talking to me but that is because I was bored with teir topic of conversation. I love interrogating especially men. I have a friend wo always falls for young women and as often as I have told him at 69 years of age and wealthy that they are only interested in a sugar daddy it usually takes him 18 months to realise that that is the truth and would like to understand why he continually falls for their patter, more so as the man I fell in love with like him was a scorpio and has left me for a russian woman 30 years younger than him and 27 years younger than me. Everyone knows it is because she is unemployed an could not find money to pay her rent but he believes it is the love of his life as she gives him so much attention and love. Now I ask myself is being so independant as I have always been destroyed our relationship as I could not jump when he called me as I had my business to attend to. I cannot forget this man so I do recomend that an aquarian should never go out with a true scorpio as they are th most passionate of al the signs but they are also so jealous an possesive that f you cannot worship the ground that they walk on and all their possesions then they will dump you for someone who will. Altough I am a very independant woman I am not in he least bit materialistic. I am not the normal aquarian as I am rather jealous and possesive to a point and would like to be the one in control. I would like a man to be there when I want but to give me my freedom when I want. This I had with an aries who unfortunatly died but we were so compatible . My friend once phoned and asked him what time I would be in and he said I had only gone to buy bread but he said you know what she is like if she has met someone of interest or someone with a problem she could be long enough. He also trusted me explicably which I really appreciated as I am an extremely faithful lover and friend. I am very disorganised and am sitting here typing with a muddle of paperwork all around me but in my head it is organised lol but looks so untidy. I have spent a considerable amount of time helping others over the years but after daily lectures from my grandaughter I am gradually changing and am beginning to do things just for me like joining a yoga class I feel I am so different from my sister who is also an aquarian and has depended on her husband all her life. She has never worked but keeps a wonderfully spotless and organised home. Unfortunately her lifestyle would bore me to death as I get bored so easily. I need so much mental stimulation or I simply get depressed. I read that this was going to be my year payback time for all the good deeds I have done but we are now in august and so far nothing jejejeje I now do not know if I could ever be in another relationship as I have been widowed for 6 years and have only had my short but passionate fling with a scorpio. Can an aquariun be lucky twice in their life with love I ask myself? lets wait and see .

  • HELLO ANALYST, beautiful intelligently written analysis of The AQUARIAN ZODIAC MEMBER. summed up- in one word DIFFERENT. an aquarian

  • Hello, you have really done and excellent job explaining Aquarius and it has reminded that there are people almost exactly like me {yet very different, since i believe no Aquarius; even when they can see eye-to-eye with the other, is the same}. It, in a sense has re-assured me that there are people who understand what i cannot myself explain. As i read, i felt as if everything you said described me exactly as i am, as if "Thank you, i have at last come to find someone who has put into words, quite beautifully, what i cannot comprehend to others, and sometimes myself"

    I have come to understand myself {even if only by a little difference} better.

    And, your other "commenter," Leonida, i agree with

    indeed we are {however it may be, messed up etc..} indeed we are different

    {i remember you mentioning, you have kids; it did no matter though to the understanding we share; {our age difference seems to have done no difference}; for i am only THIRTEEN}

    just curiously, i am wondering, are you SURPRISED?

  • That is awesome because A & T's are supposed to be a tough match. I really hope that my husband (a Scorpio) and I (Aquarius) can say that same thing down the road. It's only been 2 years married (4 years together).

  • This is a wonderful love story! Best of luck to you, it's awesome when you know your dreams.

  • Hello fellow Aquarians:) I've always loved being an Aquarian,till now that is 😕 I'm on the Aqua/Pisces cusp though, so that has its good and bad points. Was in a serious relationship with a Scorpio for a year, and I loved him so much. Yet our personalities ended up clashing on a major scale. His need for 'privacy' and his mysterious side clashed with me being so analytical and needing to know about everything. I'm not perfect. I've never been jealous of anyone or anything ever before, you're right, it is a worthless feeling. We are who we are and we make the best of our own lives, cos that's what our purpose here is for. Had a bad time with some of the men I chose along the way, I'm very sensitive and my high energy levels can make me quite erratic sometimes. This combined with his Scorpio deepness, of not telling me what I've needed to know, has forced us apart. I grew up with arguing, grew up with domestic violence so that always led me down the path that I never wanted to. I like togetherness, openess, honesty. I hate lies. So I found out that he'd lied, and I couldn't handle it, felt so betrayed. I've learned so much about his sign since he left, and now I wish I'd have known more then. Then I probably could have handled it better and I wouldn't have lost him like I have now. I mailed him yesterday and told him a few things, that maybe I shouldn't have. He's now back in touch with the ex, who I always knew he'd end back with. Aqua's are known as 'predictors', always seeing ahead, which sometimes is a pain! I've been on the verge of a breakdown with all of this, still holding it together though, got to for my kids and family, and for me. I love being an Aquarian, but sometimes I hate it. Sometimes it feels like a curse. Sometimes I wish I was a stronger sign like an Aries or a Capricorn, so things wouldn't bother me as much, so I could brush things off and say, hey, ya know what, who cares. But I do care, and that's why I always end up in a mess like I do. I used to run away alot as a kid, and I still do it now. I run away from situations and from people when I should be staying around and dealing with them head on. I've lost a lot of friends through that. Like I said, even I aint perfect. I've been thinking of my actions a hell of a lot these past few weeks, wondering how things could be if I had handled them differently. I've lost the best thing I ever loved. Now and his Scorpio head has brought him to somewhere else, he's over it already. Know that once they get their minds set there's no going back on a decision. Gawd what's to do folks!

  • Hi, I am new to this forum. I have always felt quite different from most others. I've been a healthcare provider all my life and could think of nothing else to do. I seem to get in difficult situations a lot because I hold high work ethics and have the same expectations of others to treat all humans with dignity and respect regardless of the current situaton or lifestyle. From a managemnt perspective, I am always thinking ahead and wanting to be proactive vs reactive, and that bothers many in positions above me. I find myself to be highly assertive and dilligent in cause. I am also a person that calls it like it is. I do not play politics. My father's second wife is an astrologist and she has told me that she found my charting to be one of the most intruiging she has ever done. I often wonder if there is a place for me, have I truly found my calling yet or what? I have been in a 16 year partnership with a Capricorn. I know I do not do well with Virgos and Leos, not sure why.

  • I am an Aquarius with moon in Cancer and Aquarius/Pisces rising (8:53 a.m. in S.F., CA -- born 1961). When I was 12 I read my first astrology book, and felt like someone had been reading my diary! SInce then, I've come to know and appreciate the other aspects, including Mercury in Aquarius (I love to communicate new ideas!) More sensitive perhaps than "mental" with water signs, like Mars in Cancer and Venus in Pisces. In fact, I have a boyfriend who is Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio--and Mars in Aquarius! Obviously, compatibility intellectually--I am glad I can understand the emotional detachment of the Moon as well with my Aquarian brain. But love styles? A little trickier, since Mars in Aquarius (sex) sounds like "friends can turn into lovers, too!" and Venus is in Scorpio...any feedback on whether female friends can complicate this relationship?

  • Dear MissyMichelle

    I just wanted to respond briefly. I know you are in pain, but you need to know and you need to accept that you are very strong. Aquarius is one of the strongest signs in the zodiac, and if you want to start feeling better, you need to acknowledge, honor and accept that strength. Yes, when hurt and betrayed, there is a desire to run (basic fight/flight syndrome). And you can give yourself some time to do that. But you should consciously decide how long that will be. I am also an Aquarian with both Sun and Venus in Aquarius but I also have Ascendant and Moon in Scorpio so I kinda understand both signs because I live them.

    I don't want this to sound like I'm selling something because I'm not, but if you go to my site there is a free sample (very short) session. If you listen to it, you will get some immediate relief and it will also help to start your healing process. Also, if you think you'd be at all interested, I do a monthly newsletter on all sorts of topics and if you sign up for it, you get a free downloadable session. That will also help you a lot. None of this costs anything.

    But, it's hard to think straight in the middle of all the pain and it's hard to think clearly when you are overloaded, which you are now. You need to clear away the overloaded message units. These sessions will help with that, as will meditation if that is something you prefer.

    Then you can literally take control of your thoughts and guide them away from hurt and pain and direct them to seeing possibilities again.


  • It would really be nice to know the answer to the last one. I've never heard of an aquarius and capricorn getting together before. If that combination has exsisted i would like to know the outcome.

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