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  • If you're an Aquarius, we want to hear how being a Water-Bearer expresses itself in your life. An Aquarius can excel at a range of careers, from being a healer or farmer to being a scientist or engineer ... are you one of those? Or does being an Aquarius come out in other ways, such as by keeping your circle of friends happy and healthy?

    Perhaps Aquarius is your Rising or Moon sign? If so, we want to hear about that, too.

    Finally, maybe you have an Aquarius in your life to whom you'd like to become closer. An Aquarius here might be able to tell you how to win them over!

  • My bf has an Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon and Libra Rising. He's more like his moon sign, with little bits of his sun. I hate the impulsiveness of both signs.. Some of his spontaneous nature is exciting. He drives me crazy because he won't plan or schedule any activities. I'm a Virgo Sun, Libra moon and Cancer rising, so you can imagine how much that annoys me.

    We had talked about a mini-vacation, but nothing definite. He woke up one morning and said, "we're going (here), Can you get packed in 1/2 hour?" It was a 4 day trip! That was a major Aquarius moment. Grrrrrrrr.

  • i am a virgo with moon in aquarius and capricon rising.

    i think it is much better if u let out ur sad feelings so that i doesn't weigh u down. it is difficult due to the moon's position.

    Linda Goodman's "Relationship Signs" helped me a lot.

  • Hey there ticktok,

    I hope I didn't lead you to believe I was sad, if you were posting about me. His extreme impulsiveness is only annoying. I do things that annoy him also. There are no deal breakers in our relationship, just some rough bumps. I do have Linda Goodman's "Relationship Signs". It is a great help. The Virgo's are right

  • Im an aquarius and the more i learn about them the more I relate to them. My ex of three years was a leo and we are COMPLETE opposites which kept it so interesting, but our compatibility was definatly off by a long shot. Hard to get over at first but i knew i made the right choice by distincing myself from him. I have been dating a Libra for a little over a year now and we compliment each other just the way our atrology compatiblility said we would. We negotiate a lot easier, i hate agruements and he loves them which is the one thing we work on. A typical aquarius isnt jelous nor have i ever been, they are great thinkers and my mind never shuts off.. if there is something i want i go for it without hesitation. Im more of the type that wants it done now and my boyfriend wants it done right.

    hope that helped you somewhat on aquarius's

  • i am an aquarius and my husband is a taurus we have been happily married for 28 years this december,no matter what we have always gotten along,how i don't really know,,we don't fight or get mad at each other,we found it is easier to talk things out.I am glad i found him 28 years ago.

  • My husband of 18 yrs. with an Aquarian Sun, Moon and Rising w/Mars in Taurus thus making him quite possibly the most stubborn person I have ever met. He is also incredibly intelligent, logical, unemotional, loyal and faithful to the extreme. It is so wild to see him when he must deal with a foreign feeling, he goes banana boats. Our relationship works because I am a Pisces Sun w/Moon & Rising in Cancer & Mars in Scorpio. This combo allows me to be incredibly flexible and patient, however only to a point.

    I have always felt sorry for Aquarians because they have such a hard time with interpersonal skills.

  • hi

    Glad to meet someone else who has a taurus for her mate. I am aquarius and my finacee is a taurus. This coming Feb 19th we will of been together for 5 yrs. We met online and he's been living with me for lil over a yr now. Fraid i dont know anything about moon rising or stuff like that.

    I just know we have many things in common, are compatible. We do have some fights, most couples do. We do have my mom a capricorn, putting a thorn in our sides. We pray soon we can move and get a home of our own.

    As for me, I am an Artist/Poet. I was a general clerk for 17 yrs, hated it. Job was downsized so i went back to college, I have 96 hours. I was a sub teacher for a 1 1/2 , and I also taught 4th & 5th graders drawing and painting.

    I have health issues, and my soulmate is disabled due to epilespy. I need a job at home. I also do crafts like sewing, crocheting and cross stitching.

    Our dream to have the space and no complaining neighbors to follow our goals to do our dreams. A workshop for him, me a sewing/ art room , and i want to teach children at home, just a few at a time.

    Communication is the key to a good relationship.

    hugs, Fury

  • I am a gemini with moon in aquarius and libra in rising. My close friends happen to be aquarius or libra! My mother and 2 of my sons are Aquarians! I'm married to a Leo, and I have a sister and another son who are Leos too. Growing up I clashed with my mother but our relationship is very close now. My sister is younger than me and can be,to me, overbearing and theatrical and yet I find the same traits in my husband irresistable! I enjoy the company of my friends who are just as sociable and chatty as I ,although my husband's ex girlfriend is a Libra and I feel vaguely threatened by her (possibly because we both have a flirty nature and I'm feeling possesive where my Leo man is concerned?)

  • Wow...I just joined and wanted to ask this question. I am an Aquarius, with 7 planets in Aquarius at birth. See below. I know I am different from other's and I celebrate that. Im such a mix of things, and am just now learning to leave myself open to the universe...Can someone out there give me more insight to my birthchart? Is this unusual? I love people! I love giving, and making other's feel special! I do though, and this sounds SO cold, and I am NOT that...but I dont really care to form long term relationships....I love meeting new people, sharing and going on my way...not a slight to other's in the least! It is just who I am! I can easily detach, but am fiercely loyal to those Im attached with that said....does someone feel drawn to share with me what they see below? Thank you so much!

    Sun Aqu. 5th

    Moon Aqu. 5th

    Mercury Aqu. 5th

    Venus Aqu. 5th

    Mars Aqu. 4th

    Jupiter Aqu. 5th

    Saturn Aqu. 4th

    Uranus Leo 11th

    Neptune Scorpio 2nd

    Pluto Virgo 11th

    Node Leo 11th

  • Hi, I don't have a lot of friends that are Aquarius, like me. My father is Aquarius, the day after me. He was a lawyer, is now retired (90 yrs. old.) My father is a very logical, practical person. One thing that he taught us is to be happy with yourself and not to look to others for happiness. He taught us the value of working hard and being independent.

    I am dependable (fixed sign), somewhat unpredictable (don't like schedules, lists or dates.) Have a wide variety of friends: artists, musicians, older people and younger people. I love my Church, this is where I spiritually connect. Aries is my moon sign and Capricorn the rising sign. I am a born leader. A lot of the time, I have to downplay this natural tendency. I hate anything that is not progressive and a benefit to all involved. That's where my greatest frustration is in life.

  • How is this for a strange coincidence(sp). My BFF of over twenty years shares the same rising sign Virgo, the same moon Aquarius, and the only difference is I am Aquarius and he is Aries. It is scary sometimes how well we seem to always get along. Not that we don't disagree, but the relationship seems to just ebb & flow so comfortably. It seems uncanny. He is very ill ,not curable so I am not coping well with the inevitable issue of losing him in the future. Although I always say we will do this again and maybe get it right the next time. I also do not have many Aquarius friends. Gemeni seems to work better for me. I hate to be told to do anything, but ask me & I will always be glad to do way more than you asked. I too tend to be the leader type & do not always hide it very well. I am usually very sensitive almost empathic to others & being Aspergers I tend to usually put people off as they just do not seem to relate to me at all. That makes it even harder to loose someone who likes you for yourself. I have never had trouble being myself it's just more then most people can deal with. I like metaphysical discussions and such & most folks are not into such things. I am considering getting into the more esoteric aspects of life as it is where my interests lie & what I enjoy most. However ,one must pay the bills as they do not sponser those of us with our head n the clouds so we can pursure higher ideas etxc. (lol).

  • im an aquarian and have been happily married to a pisces for over 9 years, we get along great, and when we fight, im the one doing the fighting. hes got the kindest heart of any human and i love that most about him. my mother was a cancer, my dad was a pisces, and my sister a taurus, i get along with my dad and sister fine, but my mom is a different story.i am unconventional, i dont like any rules but my own.

  • I am an aquarian as well I believe my sun...I was born under the Aquarian Zodiac...Anyway I am all of the things they state about aquarian..Most people can handle my camillian ways but others cannot. I am flighty and without conciscience for societies rules. I like to help others, I am very friendly but also can be very frigid. I have no problems cutting someone out of my emotional sphere and have a very hard time letting a person back in. I am serious but I have a wit that allows for laughter...I dont stress to easily, when I do thats when the storm comes and everyone beware. I have scorpian tendacies but not sure if its in my chart anywhere. I am married to a Scorpian for 13 yrs and we have been together for 20..He is my grounding item that keeps me in this reality. Im a wanderer, loner, can do anything I put my mind too work wise. I am always thinking about the future and that annoys me the present bores me because I could already see it before others so when others are in the present Im in the future making plans for the reactions to the present. My husband and I have always had a fiery passionate relationships anything else would bore the hell out of me. I can be impulsive and I can be logical. I am that even at my most impulsivness. I dont like to be held back. Intimate relations I love to have and not sex either. The meeting of the minds. I can be very seduced by a brilliant mind and sparkling eyes. I love to create kaos. I love to argue and debate and stick up for the underdog.

  • I, too, was born under an Aquarius sun. I am logical, but disorganized. I am spontaneous, but have tempered that tendency over the years in order to keep relationships stable. I do not like deadlines, time constraints, nor do I like taking orders from others. I am dependable to a fault. If I say I will do something, I do it. I have learned to be careful of what I say I will do.

    I have been successfully married to a Sag for 37 years. I credit the success of our marriage to the fact that he has lived in another state for the past 9 of those years. Before that, he drove me nuts. We are both successful in our fields and have built our separate empires. We meet 5 or 6 times a year and hang out for a week or so with our kids and grandkids. I REALLY like it much better this way. I am a loner and do not like sharing living space, although my granddaughter and her parents are living with me at the moment. The economy has necessitated this arrangement.

    Are there any other Aquarians out there with a similar situation?

    Did I mention I am very creative and innovative?

  • what is the best way to approach a NOT-single aquariues sun lady

    and to impress upon her a positive first image

    such meant not for stealing her away from her current mate

    but rather to expand the possibilities in between

    shrinking the gap and ultimately to become a trustworthy friend

    given that there had been multiple encounters

    with eye contact but no conversation

    help this hopeless leo sun gent, please

  • Be yourself Cuss.

  • Its not true aquarians have a hard time with interpersonal skills. We have a fascinately different approach then most any other sign. No one seemed to mention we are the rebels in the zodiac. We cant do anything according to others set standards. That may be the area in which we struggle to relate to others. But for the most part aquarians are incredibly socially oriented, get along well with others and are generally very concerned with society and people around them to the point of being activist in nature at times. I am an aquarius. My mars is in aquarius too. My moon is also in capricorn so i am very goal oriented. ( im sure having a first ascendant in libra helps with people associations they are usually good at getting along and not offending anyone lol) Just give em time. Aquarians are incredibly unconventional, but once evolved in their own person, this can be our greatest strength i believe. Patience is required when dealing with an aquarius. However you will probably learn alot from them too along the way, their insight is vast.

  • what on earth are not all aquarian ladies as free minded as i? i have no problem with that. but i defy borders and boundaries anyways. the only thing with leos for aquarians is that they are soooo eccentric. for those who prefer the safer realm and more hush hush..(geeezzz! boring!!) you just have to make sure you dont come on too strong. i dated a leo and i loved him to death even though we didnt work out. it may be better if she does turn you away. just be yourself and if your willing to be patient you may sneak inside their hearts as a friend or whatever. takes more time then others in some cases. she sounds more conservative then i and shes probably just trying to be careful and not let herself go because shes in a relationship

  • Let me give it a try: You are alone in the universe, you can make up your mind in a instant and life long decisions in a nano, you Love everyone and have tremendous in site that no one else can appreciate. You are inventive and extremely intuitive, Your relationships can not last because you are too intense.That's the good news, now the other side. As hard as you try you see the world as cold, friends are not really friends but aquatints for a while, some longer then others but in the end they all do not like you. You are not in a long term relationship only because you have not found someone with a deep Heart. That's the short of it but the real point is~~~ God sits in the deep center of the universe only giving Love and never receiving anything./ The illusion that something is to come is just that an illusion, so, keep giving and Be happy that is all there issssssssssssssssssss Oh, you are very special not normal that si why you do not fit but you know you would rather not fit then be normal aye~~~

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