Does being patient with Taurus ever pay off?

  • I've prayed last night to the man above ... I was very emotional. I told him I wanted him back, I wanted him back and that I didn't want to lose him. I think I was so emotional because the fact I have been writing all these good things and experiences we had the past 4 years along drinking 3 large 7/7's. I really think I need to just move forward, let our old relationship go kill it and concentrate on the rebirth of being friends. I don't want to cause any more drama that might end up destroying any chance of us being great friends down the road. We had a very intense 4 years most of it being great. I guess I was being a typical cancer last night. I feel much better this morning.

  • TinT hmmm you know I have been with my Cancer for 20 yrs, it start out like that very intimate, loving....I think somewhere us Taurus Women & Men need to remember to keep that alive.....My Cancer cheated on me, it will be 3 yrs in August. I still wonder what did I do...? Like you say we do love our partners, and very much believe until death do us part.....Im still with my Cancer, it has taking me a while to realize it wasn't me. I tried in everyway to get my Cancer's attention, I feel he's to comfortable so why leave,.. I am the 1 that takes care of everything til this day. I don't ask nothing from him, just to be focus on US...He couldn't do that. He found attraction else where....In my heart I want the in-love intimacy back...I know he loves me.....But is he In-love with me is what I want to know. Of course I asked him he's reply is of course, what would make you think Im not, DUH seriously, It's as if what happen 3 yrs ago is gone over with, NO way that works for us Taurus really, because if the tables were turned and Im the one that cheated, he would of left me, I know that in my heart.....I have asked him to leave, he said he was going anywhere. Im tired of dealing with emotional rollercoater Cancer. Yes I have told him that too. The thing is they never leave.....So I started focusing on me, doing things I like to do, and want to do, if he joins me fine, if not...My feeling won't be hurt as I have been doing things without him anyway. I've learned that Im more in Important...And he has noticed that....Which bothers him, cause he says all you worry about is YOU...Dm rite..!!

  • Good For You TaurusW8!!! Im proud of you! What I recommend is if you aren't already, start working out or running outside at a nearby park or trail. I have done that and since we are known also for our physical strength as well as emotional it can be a great outlet for us. I am extremely competitive so I like to run and being with with nature makes me feel more empowered , Trust me, your Cancer man will notice and you will not only gain confidence but a better looking body !!! He will and can fall in love with you again ! Thr hardest part for me is dragging myself out of my house, but once Im out , I always give my 100 o my workout or whatever I am trying to accomplish. Thats my way of pampering myself , working out to improve my well-being, taking care of me! So let them call us you said ...D*mn rite!!

  • AMEN!.. I left my Leo because he didn't know I was alive. I was tired of feeling alone with him sitting right beside me. I started running ea2 and working on me and then he noticed. lol.. Too little too late for this Taurus. I wrote him out of my heart a couple of years ago when our convo of intimacy was disrespected for a second time in a way that is unforgivable. My Cancer friend has awakened a new woman within me, but I fear that he may be a taker too. This is why I am taking a month to do me. I will reevaluate after that month and see how I feel... TW8, I am very proud of you. You keep working on making you happy. You deserve it. They call us Taurus selfish, but we give our all to our relationships, and if they don't give back selfish is what you get. It's not a bad thing. Do you!... Damn rite! 🙂

  • MC, honey I am so sorry. I know how that feels. I do. I chose to make some space between my Cancer and I and I HATE it. He becomes more distant each day, but I have to heal me. So, take some time for you, love. Say what you need to say to help your heart, but know you may need to just move on... I'll send up some prayers for you.

  • Ea2 & TinT---Thats what I have been doing working out, getting fit, walking, running, and joined a Zumba class. Im not waiting on him. He knows he has hurt me, until this days he throws at my face, well when I leave im taking....I just look at him and say "Ok". Just leave the key. Im not scared to live or go through a divorce...Ladies this isn't my 1st marriage, it will be my last. All those yrs I gave ME 100%...The thing is if he too.. Is tired of my boring selfish ways, then why stay with that person. We deserve happiness, so what if my stubborn, selfish. I am what he mold. I use to be this sensative loving wife, never spoke ugly to him. He on the other hand doesn't give a sh*t, how he make you feel. You are to take what he says & move on....LOL, as you know ladies Taurus females do not take likely to rudeness, specially if are nice & understanding. I don't take the verbal abuse anymore. Im not sure where my marriage is leading, in mean time....Im gonna fix "ME"...

  • Ok .. for all you that say I need to fight for my Taurus with this new guy, I just did. I have been hearing over and over again what low character this new guy has (male whore, drinking issues and a complete you know what!)and this conversation on facebook I had with a friend who met him once upset me to the point I felt I had to protect my former Taurus half! I ended up copying the conversation about the bad character this guy has. I ended up sending it to a mutual straight friend of ours that my former is in their wedding in another week. I told her I still really care for my former, that if he meets someone else, I want him to meet a guy with character and will make him happy. That if see meets him and they don't like him, she should tell my other half because he would listen to her. I am sure she is going to forward the conversation to him. My one friend said he is an adult and should figure this on his own but I feel, if you are really a friend and you know this person is bad news, you need to be honest and tell them!

    So there you go. I didn't sit back. I took action to fight for my former Taurus.

  • MC----You should tell this to your Taurus. Of course he may get upset, it coming from you, will make him think....Us Taurus rather hear it from the person, than from a friend of friend. I'm just saying. Your friend is right he will figure this out on his own, we are sooooo slow at figuring it out..LOL!

  • I know you guys rather would but I don't think it would be a good idea if it came from me ... he would just think I am being a emotional jealous cancer. Now that I sent it to one of our mutual friends that he trusts and how I ended it ...

    Probably shouldn't show you this but I still care for **** very much and I don't want him to get hurt. Like I said, I heard this over and over again.

    If you ever meet this guy and you don't like him ... You need to let **** know. HE WILL LISTEN TO YOU!!!! Please, Please don't tell him I told you. I just want him to be safe!!!! I want him to meet a nice guy ... someone that will make him happy .. not someone that will bring him down.


  • MC, TW8 got it right... You should tell your Taurus, but know that he won't be real receptive and will initially think you are just trying to get him back. It will take him time and he will be in some denial for a while (we LIVE in denial about the people in our lives) BUT, he will figure it out and you will be there to sweep him up in your arms and fix it. That is the cure for the stubborn Taurus... Hold us, let us know you are there, and promise to make it better. 🙂

  • MC---if you feel that it will just make things worst. Cause only you know the situation....Then just hope the friend is a friend and tell him correctly.....Whatever it is your're trying to come across to this Taurus......I still feel you should try and find the words to communicate with him...

  • Ok, I need your help... Last night my Cancer guy and I chatted on fb messanger and then I just called him. My plan was to try to get him to see me so that I could give him his gift I got him a while ago. He was evasive and noncommital (surprise). So, I went by his house this morning to drop it off. It appeared that he wasn't home or he was just pretending to not be home. I am not sure. I know he had an appointment so maybe he was gone. I had told him I didn't want to leave the gift, but I just said screw it! I left it in his mailbox and went home. A few hours ago I got a thank you text saying he loves the gift. I haven't responded (PA Taurus). I am so furious with him. He was so crabby last night and to me it's obvious he doesn't want to see me. I just wanted to give him a hug and his gift and let him know I needed time for myself, but he wouldn't give me that opportunity. So, I am in no contact mode... Good or bad? Will it drive him nuts or will he give a crap? This is why I wanted space. We are becoming so PA towards each other. I need to get my head on straight, but I still care. GRRR!

  • I will get back at you soon , mine is a long Im getting ready for my party tomorrow , this will be the first w/out my Caner friend , and I hear it is going to be a "Supermoon" this weekend , so I am already starting to feel emotional...

  • "So there you go. I didn't sit back. I took action to fight for my former Taurus" MC- Good for you , we Taurus's love to feel looked after , although he may not admit it , and may even tell you that he is a big boy and can handle himself....but remember just be yourself and don't overthink things. I am a Christian too, and above anything we need to put everything before God.

  • TW8 ... I talked to my friends Husband and he said that she didn't send the copy of the conversation to him (my former)... They are going to check the new guy out at his birthday gathering tomorrow. He said, if the guy is smarmy, gives them bad vibes they will let him know. He also told me he doesn't know what he is doing ... that he's notice that he's been acting strange too. I'm going to text him a Happy Birthday tomorrow

  • Good luck, MC... Prayers, love.

  • Sent my Happy Birthday text to my former. He replied back thank you MascCancer, I really appreciate it. I haven't responded back. My co friend who is going to his house for his birthday dinner tonight, said they are going to try and get a feel for this guy and be true and honest friends.

    I know some of you said I need to do this or that with this Taurus. But he had a difficult upbringing and I know issues that he disliked during our relationship. For me to confront him and tell him this guy is bad news ... would be wrong! He thought I never valued his opinion, his taste and things like that (which was wrong). If I did this, it would just validate a big reason he felt like we should part ways.

    I believe confusingcancer is right, I need to just lay low until he comes to me now. If this new guy is bad news, he will get that vibe from his loyal friends and start reassessing things.

  • I agree with CC I said if you feel like contacting him will only make thing worst, cause only you know the person.....Then lay low. I feel that Taurus & Cancer think alike we just word ourselves different, which most of time it's misleading, then there goes the miscommunication....ugh!! That part (miscommunication) never goes away, sorry but it's true....Me & my Cancer go round & round....Until we actually realize we are on the same page. Then call each other "Dorks"....Thats why I say you should find the words to communicate.......Im glad you wish him a Happy Birthday, hope you know you made his day :))

  • TT---Really ugh..!! He was hm. how quickly did you get a responds back like 10 or 15 min after you left.....Naw I would be in non-commute mode to.....We Taurus can't stand to be ingored...LOL!!

  • or --one free questioin and dare to get the real truth

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