Does being patient with Taurus ever pay off?

  • I've read all about how Tauruses take their time deciding if they want to be in a relationship with you and from what I've read on here it seems many are in the same boat as me.... waiting and wondering if I'm just wasting my time.

    I'm just looking for anyone that has had any success stories being patient with their taurus? Has he/she finally made that move? If so, what made them decide to take that next step?

    I have doubts that my taurus may never make that move because I know in his past relationship he said they were inseperable from the day they met, so he obviously wasn't patient there! I'm wondering if that's how it has to be for most tauruses - if they have to feel that way instantly about the person. I feel like I'm the only one putting in any effort and it does get tiring, not to mention it's not a great feeling for the ego 🙂 I've tried letting go, ending contact and just moving on but he always draws me back and then I'm right back where I started - with him taking baby steps and me just wondering if he's EVER going to get up off his butt

    I guess I'm just looking for any success stories from those who've had the patience to stick around.

  • SF69, I am a Taurus female... And yes, your patience can pay off. How long have you been patient?... It's usually not a good thing if a Taurus falls quick. We freak ourselves out. If we fall quick, we are too much for you, for the relationship, and for ourselves. Slow is better with Taurus. We have to have our time to work through the emotions. We have to have time to trust that you should have our heart. A healthy Taurus will take their time. Also, we don't let go easily. If you try to let go, we will reel you back in. My question is, is he contacting you within a week of you trying to get space or is it longer? That could be the key here to us figuring out if he is interested or just attached in that Taurus way.

  • It depends ... thought I was being very patient with my Taurus when we were reconciling but he ended dating some attorney. The Taurus' on here say he's still being a Taurus, since he hasn't totally cut me off!

  • MC, if he is still talking to you, you have a place in his heart. Like I said above, it isn't good when a Taurus falls quick... Give it time. Just be sweet and consistent, and when things go bad ride in on your white horse and save him. That's really all any Taurus wants, but we would NEVER say. 😉

  • We met about a year and half ago.. we got close real fast but then he pulled away and said he wasn't ready for a relationship. His last one, with the woman he was inseperable with, lasted 4 years. They were about to get married but broke up 2 weeks before the wedding. That was about 5 years ago.

    I've tried cutting off contact but he eventually contacts me and I let him back in my life.. the longest we've gone without speaking is 3 weeks. I feel like he's just keeping me around as a backup because I know he flirts with other women. I know he cares about me, but I cant help feeling he wouldnt be looking around if he was really into me.

  • He has an attachment to you which is very Taurus like. We rarely form any relationship that we let go of easily. He is keeping you around as his friend. You are right, if he were into you he would not be looking around. A Taurus can't see another soul if we are taken with someone. They become our only. I say tell him how you feel. Spill it all to him and he will pout but take some time to think it over. If he comes back telling you he wants to try, he does. If he comes back and tries to be your friend, change your number. Taurus women are softer than Taurus men, but our reactions are mostly the same. He may have pulled away because he wasn't ready for a relationship, and he felt he needed to date to know what he wants. Sometimes, we need a good kick in the rear to wake us up. Be honest and genuine about your feelings, but be prepared for him to be defensive and make excuses at first. If he comes back to you and tells you his heart, he is yours. If he comes back and reasons with you, he isn't. I'm sorry we take so long to commit, and that we are difficult to convince. We just overthink everything. It sometimes takes the threat of losing something we take for granted to get us in gear.

  • I do suggest you wait until his new "thing" is done. If you tell him while he is figuring this out, he will immediately tell you he isn't interested in more than a friendship. In the mean time be supportive and kind. Remind him he is thought of from time to time, but not too often. We are suspicious of those who chase us too much.

  • MC, I have a question for you.... I have been super emotional with my Cancer "friend" because I am going through divorce. I have overreacted (crying/angry) to several situations in our time together. He says this causes him to not want to date me, but rather to just be friends. I am trying to get myself back to my normal Taurus self (confident and secure). He has distanced himself somewhat (doesn't text everyday, but we talk once a week for about 4 or 5 hours). Should I disappear for a month to work on me and not contact him unless he calls or texts? Or do I continue to check in from time to time during my process?... I think I could love this man and I am so scared I have ruined my chances because my feelings for him were too much for me to deal with on top of the emotions of my divorce. I need the break, but I am scared if I put too much distance between us that I willl lose him. I appreciate your thoughts.

  • Depends on what you feel you must do to help heal yourself?

  • Be there for him while he going thru this hard time and make sure he knows this and then there will be a time when both you and him will be able to be together. Concentrate on healing yourself and being there for him.

  • TIT ... He's right. It's hard enough for us Cancer's to deal with our own emotional roller coaster, let alone someone else. This gal at work last month (don't know what her sign was) would come to me because I guess she felt she could trust me ... to air her grievances about co workers, her job and work, She would get teary eyed ... It was a huge turn off to me. Once we get an opinion about someone, it's hard for us to Change it. I would say the only time we would put up with emotions and temper tantrums, is when we are in love!

  • Sorry the above post was for Taurus in Transition.

  • Taurus Guy here and I say yes patience does pay off eventually. We Bulls love to drag our feet and become very routine like. Its just a line that you need to make sure you don’t cross over and go from him being patient to you allowing him to treat you like a pushover.

    Tell this man how you feel, and what it is that you want. If he does want to be with you then he will tell you, if he doesn’t then I would move on or continue to be his friend.

    But yes patience does pay off with us in the long run. In fact patience in the beginning of the relationship speaks VOLUMES to us because then we know that you’re not looking for a temporary high, but you actually want to be with us for the long run.

  • MC, thank you for your input... So, the fact that he is still talking to me and says he wants to spend time with me this Summer when things slow down for us is a good sign? Do you think I have ruined my chances for a relationship with this man?... Do I just give him space and let him lead?

  • TIT .. Yes, that's a good sign. Remember we are all about Hearth and Home. We don't want to have an emotional person be part of that. So you need to keep your emotions in check. It's fine once we fall in love with that person but not while we are getting to know them. Air your grievances to a female friend. She would probably be better supporter. I know that sounds like the pot calling the Kettle Black but like I said, we have enough to deal with keeping our emotions in check let alone deal with someone elses.

  • Thank you, MC. I have just felt so comfortable with him that I guess I took his emotional side for granted. I am usually so very settled and he said that that is why he wanted to date me initially. When we first met, I was moving out of my home and divorce was being filed. Somewhere in there I got caught up in the emotion of all the change, and my feelings for him are so strong I got lost. I am healing a little more each day, and I only hope he can see the girl he said he could spend the rest of his life with, is really who I am... I appreciate your time. 🙂

  • TiT ... So maybe you can give me insight. Confusing Cancer did a pretty good job, but if you read my past threads my former half who's a 35 year old Taurus has tried to maintain a best friends relationship since the initial break up. I personally thought we were reconciling, i was just trying to be very patient with him. Over the past month he has been seeing this guy and has not told me. He told me a part of him wanted to be honest and tell me but he didn't. I know he has never maintained a friendship with any of his ex's. I emailed him back explaining who much I loved him, how I feel when I am around him and how difficult it would be to just be friends!

    I haven't contacted him since. Took him off my Facebook Friends list but I have not blocked him or taken him off of google chat and neither has he. As a matter of fact, his Facebook use to be totally private and he now changed that, only making his pictures private. Like he wants me to see what's going on. I plan on sending a Happy Birthday text Friday but that's it.

    What do you think he is doing?

  • Pare down expectations w/ a Taurus and know it's always about them. That's what I tell myself w/ my Taurus friends. They can be selfish stubborn and righteous. They have some great qualities of course but in my experience they want to be right and need things their way. Relationships are important their main squeeze anyway. But in my experience unless they are getting something from the relationship that matters to them they are not present.

  • MC, it is hard for a Taurus to let go of any relationship, especially one where we felt something. It sounds like you had a special place in his heart, but he was offended at something that totally turned him off (I will read your thread to get more insight). Once we are turned off, it takes a LOT to get back in our heart. It is hard for us trust and just like you Cancers when you break that trust, you have to earn it again. He is trying to make sure you "see" what it going on in his life to make you understand what you are missing out on. It's a ploy to make you jealous. We are quite passive-aggressive that way. BUT this is a very good sign that he still cares... Wish him happy birthday like you planned and even let him know you think about him/miss him. You will have to decide if you can remain his "friend" which will go on like this forever, if you need to let go (which won't be easy-we don't let go that easily), or if you want to chase him. We Taurus' folk love to be chased. We are deeply romantic and a little conceited so if you want to chase, bring out the big guns and expect to be rejected a few times before the thought crosses our mind again that you are worth a relationship. It's not easy to win us and it's even harder to win us back.... Taurus and Cancer are quite a lot alike in that way.

  • Listen to her MascCancer she is right , make s no difference if he is not a female , we Taurus love to feel that we are being sought after , so go and claim your stake!

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