I'd really appreciate a reading - LOST!!!

  • I'm stuck in a rut - I need guidance regarding an ongoing relationship in which I feel this person is my soulmate (for lack of a better term)...

    He's amazing - we've known each other for 16 years (I'm 31) but seem a bit star-crossed.

    I'm a Scorpio Sun/Pisces Rising - 11/13/80

    He's a Sagittarius/Cancer Rising - 11/26/79

    Seeking insight as this has been a long time coming and I can't move forward without guidance.

    MUCH appreciated!

  • This is not an easy relationship for love (as you seem to have found out). There are two distinct possibilities here - the first is that the two of you will waste your time in rebelliousness (usually a scenario that sees you trying vainly to boss your friend around) and the second possibility, more meaningfully, has the two of you combining your talents in an all-out assault on closed minds and reactionary attitudes. The latter alternative of course will give you a constructive outlet for your considerable creativity and will also bring you closer on a personal level. But you may have to deal with the first possibility first, since the early days, months or years of your relationship may be extremely stormy and difficult. You may even have taken an instant dislike to each other at first but it is more likely that you eyed each other suspiciously and waited until you knew each other better before getting involved.

    in a love affair here, you Ouroboros213 may try to control your friend, usually to little avail. Your attempts however are sure to raise his temperature, with the result that he either flees or fights. You can be a tough customer in battle, and he for his part will usually refuse to admit defeat. There can be love between you, but it is seldom of the completely unconditional sort - both of you usually hold back from giving your all, even when you seem to have given your hearts away. Subtle permutations on this theme may have the effect however of binding you together ever tighter.

    Marriage here can often witness the pair of you going on the attack. This is a fearful prospect indeed, and any outsider who arouses your anger will be unlikely to make the mistake a second time. You both must find creative healthy outlets for your aggression and find a way to give love more unconditionally. In marriage, the relationship usually represents the family's best interests and tries to advance itself economically and socially. If you two combined both marriage and business, even greater opportunity might result. That's if you can stop fighting and provoking each other, and instead put that energy into your goals and projects.

    Your friend may have been left too early to survive and fend for himself, or had to take care of those who should have taken care of him when he was young. This can make him fear being abandoned or having to take on too much responsibility. He can have horribly high and terribly low expectations of relationships and family at the same time. It makes him a deeply complex individual emotionally. But Scorpions are well equipped to handle psychologically complex people. Yet you have your own abandonment issues to deal with, plus a fear of everything going wrong just when you think you are getting what you want. You have an almost insatiable need to receive love and to feel the acceptance of your peers. But to receive love, you first have to give it and contribute to others' happiness. Your friend on the other hand has a deep need to experience peace and oneness with the Universe. To do this, he must shift attention from his own issues and fears, forget the past and focus on the here and now, becoming more able to restore order in chaotic situations and being of service in the world.

  • Thank you! We've been doing this for YEARS and you've hit the general qualities 110% however, he's stuck around, waiting and been there as a friend throughout all of my intermittent relationships and has shown complete devotion, emotional and mental support and seems to have traditional values.

    We're both creative and we allow each other the space to do as we need to - we just seem to 'get' each other.

    Our separation is due to distance, not emotional difficulty but you've given me much to consider and ruminate on since he'll be moving to be with me from FL to NY this year.

    Thank you!!!

  • You're welcome! 🙂

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