Male Cancer Friend Jealous?

  • So, I tell my male cancer friend that I went out with a guy Saturday night. Now, this guy I went to dinner with has text me and messaged me on fb for almost a year. He has sent inappropriate pics of himself to me on occassion, and recently has been trying to get me to hang out with him. He is an Aries. I have no interest in this guy in that way although he is beauitful to look at, because he is 13 years younger than me. Never gonna happen! lol... My Cancer friend was so upset that I went to dinner with this guy and said I was trying to use the situation to make him jealous. What? Really!?! Cancer male has been so adamant about us not being in a "relationship" that we are "just friends" although we have been intimate (that has since stopped). It's like he was personally offended. He said I was looking for sex. That was not the case, but why is he so upset with me? Does this mean he has feelings for me or is he just being possessive? Confused!

  • TT---He has feelings for you. Now he doesn't what to do. When Cancer's have feelings...Yes they get possessive, jealous....Like you're mine & you belong to me kinda way......Sometime they get mad cause maybe he's doing it too.....Didn't think that he someone could be interested in you....

  • Thanks, TW. Me and Cancer guy have really had a roller coster ride with our "friendship" since we met in January. I could so easily fall in love with him, but I just got out of my marriage and am awaiting my divorce to be final. I am trying to work on me and just have some fun. I am not looking to get involved with anyone. I told him while I was at dinner with Aries that I was wishing it were him sitting across from me. He asked if we had had sex, would I be thinking of him during sex too... I told him I wasn't going to have sex with Aries, but yes, I would be thinking of him. He said it was geting deep now, and I told him that I meant that. I explained that he is special to me and although I have a long way to go to be healed, that my hope is we can try to date some day. It's there, but I am a mess and he doesn't deserve that. He also won't consider a relationship until I get myself together and my divorce is done. I respect that about him. He also keeps saying all he can see us as right now is "friends". I am just happy he is in my life so "friends" is okay with me. I just thought it was interesting what a major reaction he had, and I thought it was jealousy but these darn Cancers are hard to decipher. lol I believe he does have feelings for me. At least I hope so. 🙂

  • TT---I think what you are doing is great....sometimes Cancers like to have there cake & eat it to.....He got jealous cause he to may want more just not sure if he's ready, and he didn't think that you, have ppl who are interested in you... I would just let him sit on his emotions. Don't call, txt, anything unless he makes the 1st move....In the mean time take of you.....

  • TW, I appreciate the encouragement. I have really struggled in the time that he and I have been "friends" with my emotions. Bulls and emotions don't mix. If I can't analyze it out then I am in trouble. I usually read people so well, but I can't read him most of the time because of all these emotions. I have flipped out on him on several occassions because of my emotional issues and yet, he is still always there. He went through divorce five years ago, and has been so supportive of me. He encourages me to take time for me... My issue is that I have been all over the place. I can't seem to figure out who I am or what I want from moment to moment and my waivering has scared him he told me. I completely understand. It scares me. I am so put together normally that everyone looks to me to guide and direct them, but I haven't been in a place where I can do that recently. It scares me because I feel like a completely different person. I am not me. I decided to suspend the initmacy. I was more emotional after our intimate moments than any other time. He told me last night that it bothered him that I was so emotional after sex together. I explained that I couldn't help it and that I really did try. I miss that time with him too, but I can't. I am focusing on my heart and getting back me. I believe Cancer will stick with me as my friend, and I believe as I transition into myself he will want to be with me. I honestly think that is what he is waiting for, but you are right. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too. I had to stop the sex to assure that my heart stays safe. It's not just sex for me with him, and I don't believe it is just sex for him. He has told me we will not have sex again if/until we are in a relationship. I agree that that is best for us both. Thanks again for reminding me to take care of me. It is hard for this Taurus to take care of herself. I am so giving I tend to focus on everyone but me. I do know though that it is my time. I have to focus on me and find my wholeness again or I am no good to either of us.

  • TT---Your so welcome that's what this thread is all about encouragement, and being able to speak without someone being judgemental....I believe you will get on your feet again. It is hard for us Taurus to get back in the swing of things for ourselves, we lose sight of that...I know I did. Try not to beat yourself up about your divorce. Just because you failed once, doesn't mean you will again. If you have anger built inside of you, join a gym or start by going walking. Anything that will get your mind off things. Start a journal about you & emotions. Is it time for a make over....Im glad that you spoke to him and both came to that agreement.

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