Sensitive Cancer man? I think not.....

  • Right Maria, So please Dear one .. direct me to where Cancerians such as I ~~need to be & when we are allowed to JUMO into an open Forum ~ Such AS This ~ to post & to Share with like minded others......

    Maybe Maria~~~ i is the rude & in ones face ~ BACK OFF ~I know what the **** I'm talking About....~ Maria ~~ your Immaturity is spilling out ~~ tend to your onw needs okay~~


  • Thank you so much Seanymph.....I see the correctness in your words. I am a very impatient Cancer woman so I am learning that and tolerance. I know its only been 2 weeks which is why I have not doen anything. We have not been together physically but were talking about it in the near future before he disappeared into his shell. I know all to well how that goes. He did tell me his birthday it is 7/6/66 and mine is 7/21/57...... if you could shed some astrological insight about our compatibility that would be awesome.

  • Dear CaliGal.. it is never to late for Wishing YOU A very Happy Birthday!!! how was it ~ !!!!

  • Maria - THANK YOU!!! I appreciate the back-up on this. I couldn't understand what Mille was saying either - it's all so schizophrenic and negative.

    Mille - It is not about anyone telling when or where you can post in a forum, but please remember there should be a certain level of respect for the individual you are responding to - and others as well. Your response to me was not about being "heard", it was about telling me off - I had lack of common sense in who I choose to be with and so on - according to you. But everyone's situation has many more details that most are not willing to share, or it's just plain too much to write.

    People come to this forum looking for answers - in a positive way - not to get "told off" - like you have done to me and now Maria. The majority of us that come on here discuss things in a rational manner, and are civil to each other out of respect for the other person't situation. Yes there are occasions when people get into it, but being disrespectful to someone who wasn't disrespectul to you is unnecessary and makes you look like the true immature Cancer that you are...........LOL!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yea it might seem as if there been insentive , They just alway need TIME to sort out

    all that is happing in there lifes with the up and downs !!

    I have been with a couple of Cancers ,,, they at times seem withdrawn from you ,,,

    If you are really into having a relationship with him ... just be patience ,,, which i know can

    be hard , and an Aries myself ,, patiences is what I tend to lack.... I have learned now in my

    older yrs that I sure wish i had been abit more Patience ... !!

    The choice is yours ~~ Just think about it ~~ & GOOD LUCK !!

  • Aries HUH ~~~ I know two Aries they are my sisters, both have their temperments & dislikes and opinions that they think is Right ~ and everyone is wrong... ~~~ Tell me I'm Right !!!

    otherwise I'll eat my Hat..... LOL growing up with Two Aries Was not so easy & I was the middle child ~ So you can just imagine the Toss Me about here & there ~~ NO FUN... but i did survive & We are closer now in our older yrs..... than we were at our youth..... PATIENCE..... Too bad that we Finally GET IT >> patience<< when we are cold Gray & Toothless... LOLOL

  • Nothing like reality to dampen a fantasy. And if this isn't a flesh and blood relationship--that's what it could be. But let's be optimistic and listen to Sean--yes, Cancerians hide in their shells when hurt or depressed. Maybe he just needs time. Its normal for you to feel confused and hurt from his lack of communication. Maybe he doesn't want you to enter his life with his "psycho" sister in the picture. Advice? All I can tell you is don't obsess, send him a short sweet note that you're there for him if he'd like to talk and go on with your life....

  • Thanks everyone for your input.......I have come to the realization that if it's meant to be it will happen otherwise I'm moving on. Having had 3 long term crash and burn relationships and now this is happening....kinda makes one feel a little jaded about trusting your heart to someone. But we are all here to learn lessons, mine just happen to be the painful, emotional heart lessons...."HEAVY SIGH"........ I appreciate all replies and read them all. Thanks again.

  • Well we like to think At least i did when i was younger That we can change or makes things better in any ONE relationship ~~

    We come to terms~ to what aligns to our own energies ..whether it be of pysche -spiritual - or soul mates re-uniting ~ A perfect answer here is hard to find when it'sabout relationships ~~ all i can Add here is maybe ~ send out love & light healing..... like Reiki healing ~ not only are you healing that person ~ but you are healing as well ~~ love does this for us all~

    so just imagine ifevery human on earth wou;d share just a drop of their love & light ~~~ Our World would be so Happy & Healthy.......

    I have a link that i wih too post here .. that might help us all......


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  • Hmmm A thought came to mind ~~

    we assume that when we date or fall in love we are either Male or female YES

    ....& what if the Love Grid Zodiac matches us up & we think we finally found our soul match

    & then later on we come to learn that ~ your Honey is a he / she ~ is a trans gender male / female/ female / male ~~ then what ~~ where do you go from there ~~~ Do WE RUN & HIDE

    What next....... what about those who live in a body that is wrong~~~ how do they find their true soul mates....?????????????????????? are they considered Gay Gendered ??

    Maybe if we just allow the energies of the Stars & life's Destiny led us ~~ !! safer maybe....

  • I imagine that love knows no boundaries. It's all that remains after death. Brian Weiss is a wonderful doctor who specializes in hypnosis, healing, and past lives, and he writes of this. Love certainly knows no difference between age, race, creed, religion, nationality, ability/disability. It's energy which transcends these limited categories created by human beings. Some bisexual friends of mine truly love who they love. It's not like the old joke, "Oh, they have more chances on a date for Sarurday night". No, they love who they love deeply, and they will work with whatever body the Divine gave their lover. It seems to be a rather evolved exalted sexuality, as the love seems to be far beyond skin deep.

    So I imagine it is the same for trangendered persons. No, wait, I know it's the same, based on the few transgendered persons I know, and the people they love.

  • Thank you archersbow, for your kind words. It's true, sometimes Cancers (and anyone, really) doesn't want to drag a loved one into a crazy family situation. It was months before I told my boyfriend anything about my toxic family as I didn't want to drag his energy down. Once I trusted, and was certain that he was in a space where he wouldn't be dragged, I did tell him, and he is a fabulous loving confidante!

    And wise advice to Caligirl about the short sweet note about being available to talk.

    Hi Caligirl - Ohhh, our relationships will teach us exactly where our spiritual lessons are. I sure learned how not to overreact and be less defensive, especially since his words were not meant to wound, but to be an approximate clarification of things. And learning to be patient is a lifelong pursuit and valuable to anyone.

    Without knowing time of birth or birthplace, this is the tremendously quick and dirty version, but here goes. You'd seem to have sextiles (broad) between your Venus and Mars. Your Venus in Leo and his in Gemini, his Mars in Gemini and your Venus in Leo. Having both Mars and Venus in Gemini can make him seem superficial, when what he needs is a lot of mental stimulation. Yes, he might be, but he's got Jupiter in Cancer, maginfies the energy there, so he will be generous with those he loves to the point of bankruptcy. The Cancer Sun will want to shut down when overwhelmed, but upbeat notes, as archersbow suggested, are helpful. Words stimulate his imagination, especially bright cheerful ones, and neediness will drag down a Gem Venus faster than an anchor. Hmmm, moon sign woul be hard to tell without knowing his time of birth, but it's Aquarius or Pisces, and that will create very different creatures. I won't hazard a guess there.

    You most likely have Moon in Taurus, so you'll crave stability, a sense that this person loves you based on actions even more than words. It is tough when you only have words and have not met in the flesh. Venus & Mars in Gem, such as he has, will not exactly give you the stability you crave, but his Sun and Jupiter will give you the emotional reassurance. You have to wait for the tides to turn with this guy! But on the positive side, your Venus and Mars in Leo will love the bright upbeat exchanges and adventures you can have with a guy with his Venus and Mars. You might want a more ...lacking good words here, but... a more flamboyant show or declaration or demonstration of love. He can offer this, but... here's the key... that patience thang again! Pesky patience, it's good and a life lesson for your Venus and Mars. You've got the right Moon sign to learn it though.

    You have Saturn square Saturn, (broad square), so you can squash each other's enthusiasm inadvertently by the the things you each want structured, or disciplined. Better to put out on the table that you are learning about one another, and what the other needs, as wel as expressing your own needs.... if you can do so in a calm, rational way. Can be hard, but not the end of the world. definitely soul evolution here 🙂

    You have Jupiter conjunct his Pluto and Uranus, so what you get enthusiastic and expansive about, can trigger fast and deep transformation in him. Sweet! Likewise, his genius and eccentricities, and his capacity for change, triggers your enthusiasm, so this is a positive attribute. But... here it comes.... you both need patience with each other, as transformation and change and evolution can be slow, and not fast enough for folks with Air or Fire Mars or Venus placements. So, there's hope here! Just there's that life lesson.

    Hang in there, caligirl!

  • To Seanymph......It all sounds so nice in words...... I have yet to hear from him, been 3 weeks, no word from him at all. I sent texts once in awhile saying hi. My life theme appears to be tolerance and patience which I'm getting very good at. Although I spiritually feel like I will hear from him at some point, I have let him go emotionally because of the unwillingness of communication from him. He would need to tell me a pretty convincing story about his hard luck times for me to trust him again. Being a decent, kind and compassionate person it really wounded me to have this happen as I would have never done this to anyone I had told I loved and wanted to build a relationship with. But the human being having free will can and does change their course by being compelled by a higher force. Que sera sera.......

  • Ive been reading the posts on here and Caligirl my heart goes out to you. I have been in love with my on again off again cancer guy for years. No matter how many times he has been in my life it really gets more and more painful when he isnt around. I have learned what works for me the best is to not contact him at all when hes in his shell as a way to protect myself from feeling rejection and wondering why its so hard for him to talk to me at the present time. Hes also matured over time too in the sense that if I do need to contact him he at least gives me a few words if I am willing to accept that and not keep prodding for more info. The more I back off the more he is willing to communicate w me. We havent spoke in a month and I miss him but I have to take responsibility for my own happiness. I cant blame it all on him if I feel miserable because he isnt here. Pay close attention to people that will show you love at the present moment. Family friends ect. make a concious effort to truly enjoy your time with loved ones and dont question yourself thinking you shouldve done things different. Take charge of what you can do to make yourself feel good now. There are no garuntees he will come back to you but you need to rebuild your self esteem and get your self in a good place emotionally. this will only help you with or without him. Stay strong honey and love yourself the best that you can.

  • Forget about this guy! I have been married to a male cancer for 26 yrs. He's lied,cheated, led a double life all this time! He's been mentally abusive and is addicted to porn, swingers clubs and S&M. He told me before Christmas that he had never really loved me and has just used me all these years. He abandoned me for a woman he met on and took our daughter's college fund with him. I always thought he loved me but he didn't. It's always been about him! He's the most evil man I've ever known. I can't even believe it's turned out the way it has. It was so awesome in the beginning but I now realize I now realize that I never really knew him at all. Any man that encourages a long distance relationship has other agenda! If he hasn't called or sent you a text there's a reason...he is a liar! If you really care about someone, you DON'T DO THAT, no matter what the situation. RUN!

  • seanymph, you seem to know what you are talking about what can you tell me about myself? 5TH FEB 1984, 19:01

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