Sophia Love: It’s Time to Push the Red Button

  • Sophia Love: It’s Time to Push the Red Button

    2012 April 29

    Posted by Steve Beckow

    .It’s time to push the red button

    Sophia Love, 04/27/2012

    How many humans does it take to change the world? Apparently 144,000. There is an event, (World Liberation Day), playing out on our stage May 5/6th. Global change will occur as a result. Here is more information: and a video as well: .

    This is a moment to see if it’s true, take a step towards self-determination and grab the wheel. It takes awareness of the time and about 5 minutes of your day, if that. No special location, chanting, outfits or incense is necessary. This is perfect.

    The reason this is ideal is because it allows for unique expressions of one truth – the truth of Unity. On a fundamental level we are One. We have never taken that idea out of our sacred texts and meditation circles. We’ve never declared our Oneness. At one moment, all over the planet, we will next weekend. We will speak as One. This is our chance to tangibly experience our truth.

    Some of us have known of our oneness for awhile, others of us just want to be free, yet all of understand a change is necessary. There are forces mobilized to carry out the initial event, the arrests and removal of those who understand only domination. They are waiting for a signal to do so; they are waiting for us to give it to them. It is time to push the red button.

    Once it is pressed, our responsibility for action does not end. The expression “freedom isn’t free” applies here. Our effort to press that button, although unprecedented, will pale in comparison to what comes next. It will be time to walk our talk.

    Unity is only possible without judgment. The members of what we have called the “elite” and the “criminal cabal” are no less divine than you are. They are no more divine either and that has been the issue; they have imagined themselves to be more worthy, they have played God. It is now upon us to refuse to do the very same thing in reverse. We are not “holier than thou”. We are One.

    We have not known we had a button to push. We couldn’t see it beyond our daily lives of jobs and laws and rules and fears. We see it now; we are ready to push it; then what?

    Then we maintain a visualization, and it springs from love. As One we see the treasure in all of life, and without seeking vengeance, we move to correct and educate for unity and expansion for all. We are moving from an age of Global Domination to the Age of Enlightenment. That implies decisions made that are the highest and best for all concerned; wisdom.

    We can do this. We have come this far against all odds and without really knowing how. We know now. We are One. What is done to any one of us affects the whole. See this transformation to conscious unity as a seamless effort. Guided by the voice of oneness we can’t help but create a beautiful new world. This is why we have come. This is our world.

    We are the ones we are waiting for.

    Let’s push the red button 5.5.2012.

  • Presses red button...yeah, I've always wanted to do it. 🙂

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