Need help please :)

  • I have been married once before and have been hurt quite a few times. I am currently living with my fiance and he has been great to me and my children. Because of my past I have trouble trusting and sometimes these insecurities get to me. I would like to know if I have anything to worry about before I get hurt. Can anyone here help me put my mind to rest!

  • Hi, Few suggestions--Does this guy have integrity, is he trustworthy. Does he have a stable job. Is he abusive in any way. Do you kids like him. Should probably put the family question first. Think about it.

    I have had the same problem, I thought. Then I realized it wasn't a problem. There is nothing wrong with taking your time and getting to know this person that you are spending all your time with. Does he act like a father around the kids.

    I wouldn't live w/someone unless I was 95%-100% sure that the knot was going to be tied 6 months down the road, otherwise wouldn't put kids thru this. Read an article in Time magazine recently that would help understand this. The cover story was Unfaithfully Yours. What was interesting was the impact on kids of relationships, divorce and one-parent families. It's worth reading.

  • I have to say I agree with Dalia when it comes to the kids, but since she already addressed that issue I will move forward.

    There is never any kind of gaurantee when it comes to love. My advise, take your time, be sure this is a person you can wake up to for the next 60 years, and visa versa. Have this discussion with your man. You should never marry anyone you can't tell all your secrets to. Skeletons in the closet are never good and although your issue is not really a secret it will manifest like one. You must share your concerns, fears, and hestince with him.

    I hope we helped you.

  • I ...... may i suggest that every human will for sure experience many lessons regarding personal isues ~~

    For some these changes cause Shifts in moods & emotions which may be draining & tiring

    those couples married many many years Know exactly how living together feels like~~

    We expect tooo toooo much ~ We're forgetting that their are Ripples & Waves Currents that cause wounds & scars ~~~~ these are also apart of life ~ No gaurentee life was to be a bed of Roses..... ayeee

    To be live in a married life & united for that long is a miracle indeed ~~~


  • I have to say that we do have very good communication between us. I am able to tell him anything. Of course he might not like what I have to say but we get through it. He has proven to be trustworthy, but I feel my insecurities come through and I get jealous when I find old pictures of old girlfriends. I have tried to ignore those feelings but I think it might be the cancer in me. I guess basically I need reasurance maybe from someone who was psychic to tell me that I had nothing to worry about. I know no marriage is perfect and we have to work on the bad and get through it.

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