Capricorn woman vs Capricorn man

  • i need some advice! i am a 35 year old January Capricorn woman im currently dating a 39 year old January Capricorn man and it isn't going to well.. i feel like im the only one trying, i do the calling the texting just to say hello how is your day. if we do something its because i foot the bill he don't even want to take me to work. when i ask him a question he seems very nonchalant he pursued me. i like him a lot but feel like he could careless i bring it up but he just says that its not true he do care and want to be with me. but his action says other wise i don't know what type of relationships he's use to but im already ready to through in the towel, and its only been a few weeks. he doesn't spend the night during the week because i get up too early. i feel it shouldn't matter if your really feeling the person. when i ask for a ride to work he says i don't wont to be stuck in traffic or that's too far or baby gas cost to much all i can say is really he don't even offer to pick me up from school one night a week when its really late. but expect me to cook give him loving and contact him when im not getting it in return.oh yeah he wants me to have a baby also. im really not feeling that. oh yeah i met him a year ago but do to things happening in my life decided to move on but we kept in contact mainly he kept in contact. so what should i do/? should i let go for good? or hang in there? i cant help but feel alone when i shouldn't

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