Others handling my deck

  • I haven't read for anyone in person until recently. A friend asked me to. He snatched two of my cards out of my hands and bent one because he said he got anxious and it really made me angry. I feel like he transferred his energy onto them and I cannot get over how inconsiderate his actions were. I reset and cleansed my deck but the whole situation really has me feeling funky. So I bought another deck but it's not like my original exactly and I feel a pang of guilt not using them. Any advice Ina situation like this? I know not to let people in the future handle my cards but I'm at loss on what to do right now.

  • Daform143,

    Just wanted to put in my 2 cents. I'm a professional tarot reader so I have my own decks that I use to read for other people. When I can I always make them shuffle it. I've never felt like I needed to cleanse my deck. Sometimes I do disinfect and clean it but I've never felt like I'm the only person that can touch it. However, I've heard that some people do like to keep their decks cleansed with rituals and they are the only ones that handle it. I think that's fine - whatever makes you feel connected to your deck. Personally I'm more interested in building the relationship with my guides, the ones controlling the which cards are picked. I think you should keep the first deck for use with people and your second (newer) deck just for yourself. I think you should say a prayer over the second deck and just ask for those who help guide you to put some signature energy into it which makes it a little more personalized. I can understand getting attached to a certain deck - my favorite deck doesn't get handled at all because I bought 3 more copies of it to use since I use them so much. I think your second deck will grow on you if you give it a chance and your first deck will always be special as your original one.


  • Thank you Sara. I think I am going to buy a couple more of the deck. they are extremely popular. but it doesn't hurt to have them. I am testing out the new deck. And I have said a prayer with the old I didn't think to do it with the new but it makes sense! Thanks!

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