EX cofusing me! Please I really Need a reading!

  • I would be really happy if someone could do a reading on this for me, PLEASE!

    Ok So my ex keeps coming back into my life, he has someone but he keeps wanting to see me for drinks.

    We see eachother then a year passes then he calls again, I am always friendly toward him, that is just the way I am. If I resist or say no he would nag me until i caved in, so saying yes to drinks is the easier version.

    Please I would apprecate it if I got no lectures, I know it all. Trust me.

    Last time I saw him, we ended up kissing.

    On some days he shows emotions on some he plays it cool.

    I dont know what to think any more, I have known him for nearly 10 years!

    So please if someone could help me here with some insight with a reading.

    Is this just fun for him and physical or does he have feelings towards me?

    Basically, what does he want from me?

    I am a pisces, he is a gemini. If DOB is needed I can provide.

    Thank you so much!

  • He sounds like the typical Gemini to me. He needs two people to play the field. Do yourself a favor and don't be the "Other Woman."

  • Thank you on opinion buy I am not his "other woman" and dont want to be that.

    I know him for 10 years and chemistry is still alawys there so yes sometimes it is hard to not be confused.

  • Hello Fishy-one according to the cards your ex wants his cake and to eat it to; he wants something that he hasnt revealed. You need to cut the cord and tell him no or you might end up with more than a broken heart. The cards stated that your kindness and generosity in regards to this situation will bring discourse in your life if you do not close this relationship & leave it in the past.

    also according to the cards you have something good that is coming your way when you close the door to the past. the cards say you are generous, kind and creative person and to persue your dream

  • www.psychicbiatch.com OR psychicbitch.com I dare you to get real answers from real psychics.

  • Thank you very much Shadowmist!!

    I agree there needs to be a cut in the situation from my side. I am thinking of doing it pretty soon

    Hope we will stay just friends once in our lives.He will always be dear to me

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