The Moon and Four of Cups question

  • hello all,

    i have an interpretation question for you.

    the moon and the four of cups came up recently in this reading i did for myself and this guy i have had a crush on for ages. the moon card was in how he feels about me position and four of cups was in how he sees me. i can see what the moon card might mean in our situation (muddy, unclear, deep feelings) but what about four of cups? he sees me as "not interested in him"? or unavailable? this card comes up a lot in this same position and it's very puzzling to me, because as far as i am concerned i'm not giving a "not interested" vibe at all. maybe it's his interpretation of things regardless of my actions?

    could you more experienced and talent readers share your thoughts about this card? and the combination of the moon and the four of cups? because they were next to each other in the spread.

    thank you so much! and oh, i use a raider-white clone as a deck.

  • Hi Cylll, my first feeling from this combination is that, it's not that this guy is not interested in you, it's just that he's focused on his own emotional-relationship issues at the moment. The funny thing is that when you cease to be interested in him, he may take notice and become interested you. I hope this helps. J

  • I think the four of cups can mean things have been the same for a while and there has been a lot of thinking on a particular issue. A fear of change. A new emotional investment/ opportunity. Combined with the moon: Fear of change because a need to protect themselves (the hard shell of the crayfish/lobster) or fear to walk that path between the towers in correspondence with the new opportunity (the hand offering the cup).

    The Moon could mean they have a lot of self doubt and confusion.

    I may not be an experienced reader but I thought I would offer my opinion as I draw the four of cups alot and for me it means dwelling on issues and not taking action I think. I also draw the moon alot, Im a pisces and am filled with self doubt.

    Hopefully this has been of some use

    all the best 🙂

  • i mentioned im a pisces because the moons astrological attribute is pisces, i forgot to mention that

  • juliandeburgh and laura, what you both said makes a lot of sense actually on his side. but the position of the cards, especially four of cups, was what threw me off. i know he has self-doubts (from what he told me about his life in general, not in regards to me as far as i know, but i wouldn't be surprised) but seeing me as afraid of change and a new emotional investment is a bit off for me. that's why i'm really really surprised. and i get this card a lot in this position about the same guy. maybe he's projecting his own issues onto me? seeing me as he sees himself, i mean?

    anyways, thanks a lot. though i'm an absolute beginner in tarot, i'm having so much fun exploring the cards at the moment. thanks a lot for your input, you're really kind. lots of love!

  • hello cylll

    your welcome. lots of love back

    🙂 I hope it works out

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