6 tarot readings....again :-)

  • Hi everyone

    Im offering 6 people readings. I own a few different decks so if you have a preference just ask. Also not sure what spread Im going to use. I enjoy giving people readings but one thing I did notice is people dont read the topic description. Please read it.

    I will be doing these throughout the week most likely so if I dont get to you straight away be patient, or request one from someone else.

    Im not a professional I have only been interested in the tarot for 2 years but I aspire to be a professional one day.


  • Laura, may I have a general reading about May?? Anything the cards wanna tell me! Thanks! Lots of blessings to u!

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your offer, I would like a reading concerning my relationship. Anything the cards want to tell me! Thanks! Lots of blessings to u!

  • Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the offer,, I would love a reading. I have been out of work, so anything about a job, and financial....will the settlement come through? Anything on my love life....old guy or new:) and also....do you see any move coming up for me?

    Thank you!!


    Leslie (DOB 10/16/56)

  • Morning Laura !

    I would like a reading for Dennis on his love life. He is a Taurus May 15, 1953.

    Thanks for your generous offer.

  • Hi Laura,

    Can't believe I might get my request in on time this time:)

    I have two big problems in my life, on related to money... I'm not sure if i should be looking for a second job (which I've sort of already tried). Or maybe look for new opportunities altogether that would pay better?

    Secondly, my love story with a certain Gemini. I don't know if it's good to give as many details as possible about the situation or not. So I won't this time. Just let me know what the cards tell you.

    Thank you very much for the kind offer.



  • Hello DDTT

    here is a general 5 card reading about May. Im using the Original Rider Waite Tarot:

    Card 1: 6 of Cups

    Nostalgia, fond memories of the past. Cherish the past but dont be bound to it, take away the memories which will make you strong and leave behind those which dont. An appearance of an old friend, a gift or emotional transaction which is sweet and fulfilling. Hold on to your innocence.

    Card 2: 7, The Chariot

    A battle, a decision. An effort to make the 2 opposing forces nature of your psyche work together (the sphinxes). Victory is guaranteed if you face the challenge head on.

    Card 3: 3 of Wands

    Reflection on what could have been and what will be. Do not linger too long. This is a time for action.

    Card 4: 9 of Pentacles

    A personal success you will want to celebrate on your own and keep private for a while. Financial stability and a time of relaxation. Take pleasure in gentle activities. A message.

    Card 5: 8 of Swords

    Confusion and feelings of being trapped. Stop take a breath and clam down, the blindfold is loose. Free yourself. You have many weapons at your disposal, cut yourself free. There is almost always a logical solution.

    Story of the Cards:

    Avoid dwelling on what you do not have and drive your chariot to victory. This may mean sitting down and figuring out a game plan or uniting 2 parts of yourself which do not usually mix. Victory is possible with the help of action and reason. This may result in abundance as indicated by the 9 of Pentacles, the seeds you have sown may come into fruit, this could be in finances as indicated by the pentacles.

    thanks for the gratitude 🙂


  • Glad to see u on here before I go to bed, Laura. I do worry a lot mainly about my job situation and hang on to my past and feel sorry for myself - talking abt my ex bf. it has been five months and I still find myself miss him. I feel ashamed. I'm still working on my emotional prob. Good to know may has some good news for me. Nice of coins!!! I hope it indicates a job!! A good one please ha!

    Thanks for the reading, dear Laura. I will keep u updated 🙂 enjoy the rest of ur Monday. Oxox

  • Hello DDTT

    you shouldnt feel ashamed, emotional scars take a long time to heal. How much you hurt is an indication of how much you care, if you can take away the good memories and leave the pain. I did feel the 9 of coins meant some kind of success, probably financial.

    your welcome.

    lots of love 🙂

  • Dear Laura,

    Thank you for sharing your gift! I think I am number 6, I hope I am right 🙂

    I would like a general reading... any love coming my way, new, old?

    Thank you so much

  • hello arieslost

    Im using Touchstone Tarot (Kat Black) and I will use a 5 card reading.

    Card 1: Past

    9, The Hermit

    One of you may have felt like a loner, an outcast, or may have even been unsure of the relationship. Self doubt, finding a way through the darkness. Looking for spiritual fulfilment. This person is not someone you expected to find yourself in a relationship with. Either one or both of you is very wise, maybe beyond their years.

    Card 2: Present

    5 of Wands

    Conflict. The need to work as a team to achieve what you want. Although the conflict is minor if not addressed the goals of the relationship will never be reached. A misunderstanding. The vigour of the wands here is misdirected and chaotic. The true reason for this frustration may be hidden.

    Card 3: Hidden Aspect

    5 of Coins

    Poverty, being poor in some way. The need for help and guidance and generosity. It seems one of you is going through a trying time and may be unable to see the help which is offered or there may be so much confusion that help is not even recognised. Soul searching.

    Card 4: Advice

    Ace of Wands

    There is a new life waiting for both of you. A new direction, happiness restored. Growth. Remember what makes you passionate about this person, what makes you passionate about each other. It is always possible to start again. If you resolve the conflict a new beginning is possible.

    Card 5: Outcome

    4 of Coins

    Financial stability. Picking and choosing. A plan of action. Perhaps the conflict is about money.

    Story of the Cards:

    One of you is undergoing a transformation and for the relationship to flourish the conflict will have to be resolved.

    Arieslost the cards felt a little all over the place as if there is a lot of confusion going on in your situation. I hope the reading was helpful in some way though.

  • Hi Laura, just wanna stop by and say hi. I like your id pic. cute. 😉

  • hi DDTT thank u

  • Hello,

    Yes you are right. I would like a reading as to his sincerity and if he really loves me as he says. Is he being honest with me or is there a hidden agenda?

    Thank you!

  • Hello LibraLuli


    Im using Touchstone Tarot (Kat Black)

    I will give you a 3 card reading about each subject.

    (your welcome 🙂 )


    Card 1: 7 of Wands

    Empowerment. Facing obstacles with unwavering enthusiasm. A firm grasp on the situation. What has been planted will grow.

    Card 2: 2 of Cups

    An unexpected proposal. Union and harmony. The signing of a contract. A toast. Mutual agreements.

    Card 3: King of Coins

    A feast. A time of plenty. Abundance. Enjoying the fruits of your labours. Working towards financial success slowly and surely.

    Story of the Cards:

    This reading looks positive indeed! The settlement will come through most likely. This is indicated by the King of Coins enjoying his feast (a card of material wealth and success) and the 7 of Wands (strong foundations), the wands are firmly planted into the ground. I feel the 2 of Cups indicates a new job because in the card there is a contract and although it is a marriage contract here I think it means a new job contract. It also means 2 people coming together in a symbiotic relationship (you and a new boss).


    Card 1: 6, The Lovers

    A new relationship. Exposure, feeling exposed and vulnerable and excited. What is sacred. A secret. A decision between lovers. Love when found will lift you to a higher plan of self awareness.

    Card 2: 2 of Coins

    Dancing around each other, a game or dance. Separated but eternally linked. A very serious man who takes his studies very seriously. Also the need to juggle multiple tasks at once.

    Card 3: 4 of Coins

    Financial wisdom, a smart investment. Being careful with money. The two of you, whether this is an ex or a new love share similar ideas regarding money.

    Story of the Cards:

    Because there are 2 Coin cards I think your love life could be tied in to your new job, especially because the 2 of Cups came up in the Career Reading. Love and money are very closely bound. I think there is going to be a decision regarding an old and new love, but your decision may need to be based on practical thinking because of past mistakes.


    Card 1: 5 of Wands

    Pride. Being a bystander and not getting involved in the conflict. There is a conflict but not serious. Hiding from the real reason you want to move.

    Card 2: 2 of Wands

    Looking towards new horizons across the sea. The need for travel and freedom. Wanting to conquer the world. The passion and enthusiasm is there. You have the beginnings of an idea.

    Card 3: 8 of Coins

    Your craft, what you do for a living may urge you to move overseas because where you are currently living may not be big enough to make your ideas possible. Keep working on your craft and learning.

    Story of the Cards:

    A need for freedom, and a need to escape a situation. I think if you want to make your dreams come true you may need to move, but before there are conflicts to resolve.

    LibraLuli I didnt see when you would be moving unfortunately.

    Hopefully this has been helpful in some way

    🙂 lots of hugs

  • Thank you so much for the reading Laura....it did make sense and was very helpful....I was so worried about how the legal proceedings were going! Also, the new and old love....very much how I felt it was going to happen eventually.

    Blessings to you....have a great day:)

  • hello LibraLuli

    Im really glad it was helpful. Blessings to you to :-D. Have a good night/day


  • Hello

    RubyRedLips, helbells, SundayChild

    Sorry but Im having back problems and the doctor said I should take a break from the computer for a while.

    So I wont be able to give you readings. If you make a new topic Im sure someone else will give you one.

    Im also having a lot of problems in other areas. Its too much. Im sorry.

    All the best.

  • Hey Laura, sorry to hear your having pain ;( please take good care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon. Be positive. Lots of blessings to you!!!

  • So sorry to hear you are having problems Laura. You have given so much of yourself to others. Don't be sorry, just take care of you !

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