Captain, Can you please do a reading for me and my marriage?

  • I felt like the spark of my marriage is falling apart. I can feel the distance between me and my spouse. I was born on 2 Dec 1980 and my husband is 3/16/1973. We are married for 6 years. Can you please give me an insight of what is going on with my marriage?

  • This relationship works best for friendship and worst for love.

    You two want to go where the action is. It isn't enough for you to have imagination - you will eventually want your dreams to be translated into reality. The word 'eventually' is crucial though, for it can take months or years before fantasy is realized in action. but since you can bring out each other's practical side, making plans for such endeavours, down to the last detail, can be highly satisfying for both of you. The theme of travel usually figures here in one way or another, for the two of you usually take great pleasure in regularly moving from place to place.

    A love affair or marriage here will favour long-distance trips, and if a period of time goes by without any mention of such travel, both of you may get itchy feet. Travel provides the perfect escape from the relationship's problems, but also acts as a safety valve, allowing you to let off emotional steam built up by frustration or neglect. Expressing anger is often a major problem for the two of you, in that it can be hard for you to find a socially acceptable way to let loose, or to avoid abusiveness or violence in such confrontations, whether physical or verbal.

    Putting things off can become a bad habit here. Find a sensible way to express your aggression. Really try to communicate with your partner, even if it is hard for you as your thoughts can get scattered and you may fear not being taken seriously. Be relaxed but not too much. Meet challenges directly. You SA want to receive love, almost insatiably, but your partner simply wants somewhere he can feel safe and protected and cared for, a place where he can feel free to be himself. He fears you dumping him unceremoniously and may cling to you out of fear of losing you. Can you find a way to give each other what you most want? If not, then it's over.

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