Gypsy Tarot Reading - was she just trying to sell a candle?

  • This was a most unsettling reading - if you can rightfully call it that. I think it was all about selling me something "more?" None of it matched up with my experience, but her asking all those questions and then holding my hand the whole time even when you could tell I was uncomfortable...just felt yucky.

    Any insights would be appreciated!



    There was a fair here today with booths....and at the end of the fair I had a "tarot" reading from a gypsy reader...should've known better. It was soo windy the cards were flying - and she asked for my full name and date of birth and - kept holding my hand- says something's wrong with my health and I'm like then she says my boyfriend's changed, and I'm like nooooooo, and then she says I'm really worried about someone and I'm like nooooo.....and then she says someone powerful is wishing me bad luck and keeping me from my happines, that they're super jealous of me....and she can give me something for it, or sell me a candle....

    So I say, look if you're trying to sell and candle, I'm not buying one -

    and then she finally seemed sincere and said she'd never sell and candle to someone who wasn't a true believer. And that I should keep doing the work I am doing - helping the boyfriend

    • because if I take the other job, everything will fall apart; and that we were going to move to a place both of us liked, but not buy a house. That I should stay where I am and do what I'm doing because the grass is never greener somewhere else.

  • Ooooohh...sounds like a bad experience. Sometimes the tarot reader is more of a "fortune-teller" or sometimes the querents, those asking for the reading, have selective hearing - depending on the type of reading they are giving you - good or bad people have their own idea of what they want to hear so it can be unsettling if you didn't like it.

    Whether it was accurate or not I would judge it yourself. Did it seems accurate? Was there a moment you though - "Yeah I kinda already knew that I just didn't want think about it?" or was it like, "What the hell this is totally coming out of no where and I don't register it at all?"

    If the second then it wasn't a very accurate reading if the first then you have your answer if she was at a fair - she is most likely trying to make a profit, which isn't bad depending on her "agenda".

    If you want a little more confirmation on the message I can offer you a reading (no candle upselling included ^_^) that might put you at ease. I'll give you a 5-card general reading and you'll be able to tell immediately if she was accurate or not because it would be similar to what I would give you IF she was being accurate.

    So if you want a free reading just say: I (name) give you permission to do a reading over (topic).

    For this purpose you should probably make that topic a general reading. Don't worry about making it too specific because the guides already know what you want to ask anyway they just always give you the message that is most important.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi, Sarah - thanks for writing back. No it was all like what is she talking about for me - lol - when I told her I wanted a rent house I meant I want to buy a house to rent out to someone else, but she obviously thought I wanted to rent a house....the whole thing was like that.

    And I don't mind paying for someone's time at all; although my friend who was trying to do a fund raiser for -another! - new car was charging $1.50 a minute - that's more than I'd make doing manual labor at massage which I went to school for and invested thousands of dollars in, it kind of blew me away.

    But if you'd like to do a reading that'd be very generous -

    (I, Jacqueline, give you Sara permission to do a general tarot reading for me.)

    I really hope your guides would give you info for me on just "letting go...." and being able to move on - from a lot of things!

    Thanks and bright blessings to you,


  • Jlina - I'll do the reading and we'll see what my guides have to say - they are always willing to give someone the message they need and they'll talk to your guides to make sure you're getting the correct information. Just give me a day or two because I have a few other readings I'm working on right now but I will probably post the reading by the end of the day tomorrow. Thanks.


  • Jlina,

    Here is the message the guides want to give you. I read a 10-card reading, which is given below. Compare it to the message you received earlier, if it is the same then you know she was accurate if it is different then maybe she didn't have the context right or something. This reading is for you reference - a confirmation and clarification from the guides as to what you need to do.

    III Empress : Ace of Wands : XVII Hope : 6 of Swords : 10 of Cups Reversed

    6 of Cups : 7 of Pentacles Reversed : 0 Fool Reversed : Page of Wands Reversed : King of Wands

    You're working toward gaining a better foothold on yourself and your life. You're working toward becoming a better person, advancing the soul. This work is necessary if you want to keep moving forward. It comes at a good time during your life - you have the capability to receive advancement easier right now. So the guides are encouraging you to continue bettering yourself and keep yourself moving forward this right direction your on right now

    There are some opportunities that you can take if you want. They might be risky but you could also succeed. It will be up to you to see which type of path happens according to the circumstances involving you and everything around you (God, destiny, guides, etc). You have the chance to create these opportunities to your advantage but it will be up to you to decide the outcome. The results of these ventures haven't been decided yet so if you do decide to undertake them realize that these are risky ventures as it might help you make the decision you need to further yourself along your path.

    Hope can be a very strong advantageous feeling to have during these ventures. Hope creates a lot of powerful energy which in turn can help "move mountains" behind the scenes. The guides are the ones working behind the scenes and they use this positive energy to help you create and execute these ventures to the best possible ends. So if you wan to know what you can do in order to receive help in achieving your goals - use the emotion of hope to carry you forward.

    Moving away from hardship or sadness can be difficult, especially if the residual annoyance of them is still around bothering you. But the sooner you put these behind you the better off you'll be. So instead of dwelling in a bad place, which doesn't serve you, dwell on the positives of the future. Move yourself away from the little pangs of sadness you still harbor over these past issues - time to move yourself into a place where your positive emotions can help you more so focus on them.

    You are working toward an overall happy & well rounded family life (complete) and you can get it you're just not there yet. So keep moving forward and working towards it. You're putting a lot of positive energy into it so that's helping you but things still need a little extra push so when you see the opportunities to do this take them to better your family life because it will pay off and you'll be so much happier in the end if you put in that extra work now.

    You have someone close that you can depend on. This person is there to help you in life. This person can help carry you through the tough times so make sure that you use them when you need them. They are there to help you and move you forward so there it isn't necessary to try to put on a happy face for them or try to hide what's bothering you - they are meant to be there to move you forward so it's good if you utilize them whenever you need them. The guides say this person really cares about you and you're lucky to have each other.

    You have some idea about what to do now so in the future you can reap some rewards/benefits. They are still bubbling in your mind but you haven't really clarified to put them in stone yet. So the guides are recommending you make a clear map of what you want and how you plan to go about getting them. They say that if you do that it will give them a clearer idea on how to help you. Whatever holes you can't fill in this process the guides will see and then they will help you fill them along the way - so if you use this technique they can help you better fulfill your future goals.

    Be careful - sometimes you are on the edge of making questionable calls. You don't want to trip or stumble off the path that you are on. You are working toward something positively but if you make decisions without putting a lot of thought into it you can undo a lot of hard work. So make sure you cover your corners as you keep moving yourself forward with making these decisions in your life - especially concerning economic ventures.

    There is a "calling"/opportunity waiting for you...or are you waiting for it? Whatever the reason it isn't ready yet. So keep working toward it and soon it will solidify itself more and then if you continue down the right path it will show itself to you. It's still in limbo right now as there are some things which haven't been decided concerning it so it is blocked from appearing yet. So be aware that it's there and if you work towards it that it will start to appear. This is to help you anticipate it and no know that you are working toward something that will manifest as a really good reward.

    There is a person, most likely a man, who can help you with your ventures or your choices concerning your ventures. He has the information but do not depend on him too much. He has his own agenda in mind too. He might be only thinking of himself and not of helping you. So be warned that this might be the case if you meet this guy and start thinking he might be able to help you. He will make the decisions to his best advantage not yours – he might be able to help you some of the way but do not start depending on him past that help. He is only good for introductory help and guidance not for constant help and not for dependence. This is good info so you know how to deal with him and what to use him for best to your advantage.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you, Sara! This all makes perfect sense as I can clearly see 3 or 4 different paths for myself, and have just been waiting for clarity on which way to go. I will remain hopeful and positive and wait for the moment when things fall into place. Plus I think I will only have one shot to get it right financially and I will wait until I am I am making my best choice and have considered all factors - even to the point of saying, let the hidden factors be revealed. I don't feel this is slowing me down, it is just peeling away the layers to help me chose, to me.

    My relationship/family does seem to be deepening and stabilizing.

    I do have a best friend who is always there for me, no need for me to ever put on a happy face with her. Not sure who the guy is - but some part of me thinks that people almost always make their choices with their own agenda/best good in mind. It's rare that someone will put you first.

    I am assuming I haven't met this man yet - and will definitely watch for that....

    Actually, this was kind of similar to what the gypsy said - keep doing what you're doing, lol...that all was well and I was on the right path with the right guy.

    I am a little addicted to change so maybe that is just hard for me to hear - smile -

    anyway, thank you again, it was super nice of you to take so much of your time to help me and I appreciate it.

    Will send you warmth and radiance for your highest and best as well.

    With appreciation added in!

  • Glad I could help!


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