Captain would you be able to interviene please ?

  • Hi Captain ,

    I was wondering would you be able to help us? I am asking you this on behalf of another person whos dog is really ill as you helped me with my Doogie. Duck Duck Sharon s dog is very ill it is a small boxer called Hazel I was wondering if you could tap into anything that might be causing this illness? I picked up on problems in the back legs and hip area but nothing more .

    We would really appreaciate your help

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Thank you sweety. I ment asking not along in the last thread sorry.

    We went to a different vet today and he is recommending us to have surgery sooner rather than later. The first doctor wanted to hold off on surgery. We are leaning more to going through with the surgery.

  • Thats ok Sharon ,

    We are at the mercy of these vets i got so annoyed with mine as he couldnt tell me what was wrong with my dog which was very frustrating and the expense of it all is a major factor as well . Its good that yuo got a second opinion.

  • You are right about Vets. We spent about $1300.00 TWICE for an operation on diff.times.

    Our dog keeps getting stone and it has to be taken out cause he couldnot pee. He is on a special diet now. We buy the food at the Vet and its also expensive but we love our dog anything to help him out. Its been two years now and he has been clean since. Sometimes special food helps out when they have a certain problem. It cost money but what else can we do but to follow it so as to help our dog. After the surgery ask if special foods will help your dog so this problem doesnot happen again or soon.

    Still praying for your dog Hazel.


  • bump

  • DuckduckSharon

    I think you better start a new thread for Captain .

  • I have to redo my post again. I click too fast and it disappeared.

    Anyway to LOP - I'm sure Captain saw your thread for intervening. I'm just surprised Captain

    wont respond to this particular problem. Really strange??????? Who doesnot want to help a DOG?


    I hope Hazel is doing fine. I'm still praying for her. Did you go ahead with her surgery?

    I know she will be alright. Just be positive cause dogs pick up our energy. She needs all the positve energy she can get.


  • Aw Magical thank you for everything . Hazel is doing much better and surgery is not an optio at the moment. Thank you guys for all your prayers, everyone. Shes going to chiropractor and going to recieve acupuncture too.

  • HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I found it strange as well Magickal, Captain is forthcoming im sure she would have told Sharon to open her own thread rather than not replying at all .. Its got me beat

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