To the Captain!

  • I feel so hurt by love. I am in love with someone who is constantly on my mind. That person is someone I think about everyday. Lately I have been crying my heart out everysingle night. I know within myself that this person is my twinflame. He is the only person that I have ever loved and touched me in a way that no other has done before him. The only thing I only want is to be with this man but I am afraid that he does not feel the same anymore. I can tell that he was very hurt by my decisions a couple of years ago. The thing is it was not my decicson to be apart from him. My family does not support my love for this man and I feel that there is many people around me who will rather see me unhappy and miserable than happily married. These people don't want me to be happy and I find it very hard to live around them it feels as if they are squeezing all air out of my lungs.

    I feel so connected to this man and it hurts me very much that we are apart. I would rather have love than all the money in the world because money can't buy you happiness. Captain, do you see me reunited with my twinflame in the future? I desperately need your help!

    I know that if things had went differently I would have been married by now with one child or even more.

  • No, this man is not your twin flame - there is nothing that can keep twin flames apart. You would have fought anyone to be with him. He was a soulmate however but we all have many soulmates in one lifetime who all teach us lessons. No, I feel he is completely finished with you and doesn't respect you for not fighting for him - he lost faith in you and that can not be changed (in this lifetime). You have to learn the lesson here. You chose other people over the man you supposedly loved. Until you care less about what other people want from you, you will never put the person you love before them. It's your choice to live amongst people whom you feel don't support you. You need to acquire more courage and determination to live your own life without depending on the good opinion of others. Don't spend your life trying to please other people - it won't ever work. Learn to please yourself first.

  • Thank you for replying but I did not choose other people over him. These people prevented me from seeing him. It was relly brutal of them to do this to me and because of it I became very depressed. I felt so empty inside and it hurts more than anyone can ever know. I feel like there is no future for me in the country I am living in now. I always want to escape to somewhere else were I can be at peace. Sometimes it feels as if I am just existing and not living. I still feel a strong connection to this man and I did fought to be with him but these people around used power to keep us separated. I don't care about what other people think of me since I am a person who usually walks alone. I have always been an individualist and it's not easy for other people to get close to me. I had a social account on a website that I deleted a couple of years ago because some people tried to hack into my account. I never wanted to delete it but the circumstances gave me no choice. I really hate these people for doing this to me and I can say that I will never forgive them. They drugged me with a big amount of pills and I have never taken any sort of pills in my entire life. I could have died because of it and if that had happened they would have been charged with murder. I have never comed across so evil people like them in my entire life. They don't treat people in a human way. I do believe in karma so these people will reap what they sow. I have already seen it happened.

  • So why don't you leave?

  • I am planning on leaving after I have finished school and taken care of unfinished business.

  • Good then you can put aside feeling like a victim and start afresh, and meet new people so you can put the past behind you.

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