Does anyone out there have any successful relationships with Virgo men

  • After reading the topic the heart of a Virgo man, is there anyone out there with some successful relationships???? Would like to read them if there is:-)

  • mmmm, I think for Virgo men success in a relationship means "success for some time". To them the fact that a relationship may end does not mean that the relationship wasn't good but that things may just change and you must adapt to that. I am interested in a Virgo right now but I do not think he needs a relationship right now, so as long as I do not build expectations around "us" he is super interested, the minute I do the opposite he goes into "pull back" mode. So, I am sure there are some women that might be successful at that. For me I think friendship is good right now. I do enjoy having him in my life. I would be interesting to hear what women who have had long term relationships with them have to say. It probably would help lots to be super busy and distracted and pay attention to them when they want it. Though I have to say the Virgo I am interested in does like it when I reach out too. I dunno...the best way to figure them out is just not to try to figure them out and go about your business.

  • I'm married to a Virgo man and I'm happy. No one is perfect in this world.

    Dont have preconceived ideas, keep yourself

    busy and just enjoy his company then it will be alright

    FOLLOW MARDEPPS GOOD ADVICE and you will like a Virgo man.

  • I'm married to a Virgo man and I'm happy. No one is perfect in this world.

    Dont have preconceived ideas, keep yourself

    busy and just enjoy his company then it will be alright

    FOLLOW MARDEPPS GOOD ADVICE and you will like a Virgo man.

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  • I am happily married to a Virgo and for 33 years. we are both very independent, not clingy, give each other plenty of 'space' as I require plenty of space myself so it works for both of us. I think that when one partner is 'needy' clingy' and too emotional will turn a Virgo male off. good mental conversations are required. in other words you need to be a good intellectual match.

    from what I have heard on the virgo males, is that there are two different kinds. either they are very promiscuous, or very modest. one or the other there is no in-between.

    good words magickal

  • Thanks guys,

    It's nice to hear that it is possible with a Virgo guy if the balance is right, just after reading the Thread about virgos, it is enough to put you off them for life. Lol

    Hope you all have many more happy years with your virgos.xxxxx

    Anymore nice successful relationship stories with the Virgo man would be nice .

  • Been with my Virgo guy for six years so far. I met him when I was 20 years old. He's completely wonderful and we love each other very much. Sometimes he's more clingy than I am but its always balanced, we have a great relationship.

  • I have a question for the ladies who have been married or partners with Virgos for a long time...I met the person I am interested in with the New Year. He is/was the perfect gentleman, he took me out on perfect dates and he said I was the right woman for him, so feminine, poised, etc. I know he admires my mind, we are both great conversationalists. Things were progressing well for us although I started feeling a wall up with him and I gave him space when this occurred, he would always come back. Until the space started being wider or I could not handle it. It is hard to be our best selves when someone is keeping you at arm's length. He kept on saying he did not want to lose me but at the same time would pull back. Two weeks ago he called me and he decided it was best if I went on without him, because he is going through many worries, depression, etc and he doesn't feel "ready". I said I was not sure I was ready either and that if that was his decision it was not what I wanted but I was not going to resist him doing it either. We met Saturday after two weeks of silence and we were really happy around each other. I basically told him that I did not want to make this about me because he is obviously going through a tough time and I want to be there for him. We were both very honest in our conversations and leave each other room for a lot. I am really interested in him and I do know he means it but I need to prepare myself for a really long process with him. I prefer to go on with my life without internal time or expectations because it works better. I do have to work on some things too, I am not ready either. Do you believe I am taking the right path by living my life? In the meantime I am not really involved with anyone else, neither is he. I am happy, I could date other people, I just do not want to. I do want him to know that he can count on me without being his doormat either, does it make sense? He has done a lot of projecting into the future and has put on the breaks. He has gone out of his way to make me feel good and explain the reasons. I am basically curious if you ladies think I am handling this well. It is after all what I feel in my heart. I usually wait for him to take the first step towards me. I like to let him lead.

  • my feeling with your virgo on how he pulls away and then comes back.. I call that the yo-yo affect, and it's damn confusing. after 33 years with my virgo, I discovered to never ever push your virgo into a corner. mine tends to explode if you apply too much pressure. it can take a long long time for a virgo male to open up and become 'vulnerable'. with you though, i feel you are tolerating too much and that you are giving him too much room to get back with you and then break up with you. would not be a bad thing to discuss this issue with him.

    He thinks he can do it, but everytime he fails. I feel with him he is feeling badly that he is unable to give you what you want. he seems to want to protect his own feeling first and foremost and would rather avoid risks. you can't always avoid risks, and there are no guarantees of things will turn out, it's blind faith. and it's the heart that will lead when it comes to relationships/s e x/commitments.

    if he has told you he is not ready, to me, that sounds like he is not ready and that he is telling you the truth. all you can do, is to let him go, and for you to move on. if it's meant to be he will come back. there is a saying.

    "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" OR "out of sight, out of mind"

    I think he will come back around, but probably not for awhile, so don't sit around and knit

    a sweater or anything like that. he will realize soon enough you are a good woman and a good catch, but he can't see that right now.

    he sounds like a lot of men... men are afraid of becoming too attached for fear of losing a great love to another man. and that IS the truth.

    in some cases however, it's as simple as not being that into you. when a man finds a woman he is crazy about, he will do everything in his power to have you for all his own. I know, I know all about double standards, but this one you speak of? does NOT cheat.

    blessings, Sunny

  • Mardepp

    Everything we say and do in life is a choice so choose to be happy and do whats best

    for you and not for both of you. Getting involved with a Virgo man is a long process so

    dont ever close the door for any chance that you might meet the right one for you.

    There is no gurantees in life even the marriage one brakes up

    thats the challenge of life. If he is meant for you he will come back and end up with you.

  • I actually was with a virgo man for 10 yrs. married 5yrs. I recentley wanted a separation due to having so much stress with work and school, and not really giving any of my time to my virgo. no matter what he always understood that work and school was important to me so if it meant i was always busy, he understood. its been about 2 months and during that time i started to see another person(scorpio) who is someone i've known for about 2yrs. and learned that he is nothing but a jerk. Anyways, my virgo doesnt want to let me go and agreed that he will give however much time i needed and that he will wait for me cuz he loves me so much and will do whatever it takes. Virgo men are suppose to be controlling, but not my virgo, he lets me do whatever, and make whatever decisions cuz he knows i will always go with whats best. I miss my virgo man becuz honestly, he is such an amazing person and always wants me to be happy no matter what. we have a great life together, and i was crazy for being so confused and almost letting him go. But i have realized that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. When i asked for readings on both guys, most of the time, i was told how adorable my virgo man was. And yes, we give eachother plenty of space, and there is never any jealousy. we actually make a great team. I am a virgo as well and think that 2 virgos go very well together. Hope this helps, and best of luck:)

  • Thank you for the responses, that helps. But Ms. Sunny I didn't quite grasp your last line "in some cases however, it's as simple as not being that into you. when a man finds a woman he is crazy about, he will do everything in his power to have you for all his own. I know, I know all about double standards, but this one you speak of? does NOT cheat." What did you mean by does not cheat? the standards or him? He has made me feel so pursued and wanted before. He says he does not want to lose me but he is trying to put on the breaks because he has been married twice before and they were both short courtships (a couple of months) and he committed quickly only to regret it later. He also says the women he had in his life before panicked when he gets stressed out or pulls back. That that is not a problem with me and he likes that. The thing is when we started dating we were both on the same page as to wanting a commitment of some sort and exclusivity but then this fear (by the third month) got a hold of him and he constantly runs things through his mind and projects long term towards the future and that would be overwhelming not just for him but for anyone!. So hence the space I give. All I have offered him now is friendship because I know he is going through a tough time. He has said that from my perspective I could perceive him as leading me on. (and I have voice that) And he has done this to other women before me (his ex wife included, made her wait for four years until she gave him an ultimatum to marry). Anyway, like you said Ms. Sunny very confusing. He knows I have a full life. Saturday he said we should take it one day at a time he just wants to take it slow or he will be moving in next weekend. I believe it is an issue of boundaries too. Anyway, I do not like it, I like him but I have explained how it makes me feel. I do not consider myself in a relationship with him at the moment. He does open up and has shown me his vulnerability many times but I believe that scares him too. He is observing if I am going to date other people or not, it is almost like a test. Perhaps I am perceiving him as caring more than he does.

    Blessings and thank you for the response.

  • you definitely are being put under a test. we all do it. we tests our partners all the time, and most times it's driven by instincts. we feel better knowing our partners love us, and will not leave us. it's good to stir things up a bit to help clear the air. one thing I know with my Virgo, he does not like confrontation. I do though, and it's usually me that will stir things up. the reason I feel I have to from timeto time, is that he can be lazy, and when things get too comfortable, we tend to become laid back and complacent. this is where boredom comes in to the picture. we have to be responsible for our own restlessness and learn to channel the restless energy into something more constructive. like take up a hobby, bake a cake, find other interests, but not another person. this is where most people make their mistakes by finding another love or lust interest to make themselves feel better. when 99 percent of the time is miscommunication or a misinterpretation. my virgo never cheated, and neither have I.

    I almost pushed him away thinking he was not good enough for me. I learned some heavy lessons, and I am sooooo glad he is still with me. thank god I listened to my heart and not my ego.

    when I said, when a man falls in love and if he really wants you, nothing will stop him to be with you. with your Virgo however, he has been in serious relationships twice, and both times it did not work out. these women were not enough o a challenge for him. he also found out at least with one of them that she only hooked up with him for financial support and not really in love. at least that is what I am seeing with one woman.

    he has learned from those two relationships, and taught him that being impulsive was a big mistake. he is scared of making another mistake, he does not want to go through that again, and put you through needless pain in the event that he backs out of your relationship. so be patient, he needs more time, and that may seem forever for you, but if you want this one, you will need to be very patient.

    I do feel he is a good catch, a good man. but he is scared and needs to see more from you and before he decides to come around again. he wants to feel very sure, but he thinks you are amazing lady, and that he may not be good enough for you.

    I know I told you to let him go, and that would mean the invisible leash. let him sort it out, and there are things you need to think about too. it's good to think things through, and is what you both need to do now.

    don't date another man unless you really want to. that could seal your fate with your Virgo. he could see that as you moving on fast. so be sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

    blessings, sunny

  • Thank you Ms. Sunny,

    What you have told me is what I feel in my heart and he has made sure to tell me everything. You have been so right about what you have seen from him. I do have to take care of a number of things myself before I am ready as well. I am in no hurry. I do want to date him again but he clearly can't, he feels is contaminating my world right now with his negativity. And I do not believe in influencing or coercing anyone to do anything, so time will tell. I do feel that I need to concentrate on my things and my daughter and get my world in order as well. I have a full life with wonderful friends, activities, my art is my passion and I am continuing to be my own bubbly self and he has seen that. There is male energy around me but I do not feel the need to date anyone right now. I know about the complacent part, you describe it so well...he does need a challenge, not just with me but with his life in general. He is having a big pity party right now and becoming sort of a recluse. But I have faith in him for him that he can learn to be happy and turn this around.

    Thank you so much Ms. Sunny, I know it is of vital importance that I do not let my energy leak out and focus on me and my things for the time being. It will be interesting to see of other women posting successful stories with Virgos. I really enjoyed reading about your story as well! You know your husband really well as you should!! Thank you for the blessings. Love and light! 🙂

  • you are very welcomed Mardepp.. wishing you and your Virgo the best!

    AND I would love to see more posts from other ladies posting on "successful"


    I know there are many great Virgos out there. My father was a Virgo as well.

    so I understand Virgos and I recently found out my Venus is in the sign of Virgo,

    and my Mars in Scorpio. My husband has the exact same placements. so

    no wonder we understand each other and well. BTW, sometimes we even argue.

    when the disagreements come up, I've learn to give him space, and him give me

    space.. and we always get over it, forgive each other. he IS my great love.

    blessings, Sunny

  • Hi MsSunny,

    I enjoy hearing your successful story I don't think there is many marriages that last 33yrs these days,especially with Virgo men but your proof and I think with your success with one of the most difficult signs, that you are a very good personto be giving excellent advice on relationships.

    Having had ups and downs with avirgo man myself, whom i seem to have pushed away, but thinking is a good thing now after reading this I do understand how difficult they are.

    But hey ho I won't be the first an I won't be the last.

    Would be nice to hear more success stories though because I think it's nice an a positive read for everyone. especially for me:-)))


  • aaww, actually I know quite a few folks my age bracket that is 😉 that have been married a very long time. makes feel good. a woman I met recently and at a yoga/dance class, told me she been married for 43 years, and life is perfect for them. I believe her, they do seem very happy or at least content. sadly though, divorce rates have been on the rise and for years, but the good news that trend has leveled off.

    my theroy though, and just my own 4 cents here, people tend to give up too soon, and often regret it later. everyone is different, and I don't believe Virgos are that difficult. at least not for me.

    I've had other sun signs I thought were much more difficult.. ie; scorpios and cancers

    keep those great positive posts coming!

  • MsSunny I am a Scorpio an d I know I am hardwk, I find it very hard to express my feelings to partners yet fin it very easy with friends an family, my heart is in the right place but I cam blow hot an cold with men. Ithink I met my match with the Virgo, an sometimes I think it's just a matter of not knowing how to control your feelings when you are falling for someone so it's easier to not bother an be with someone you know won't hurt you because your feelings are not as strong for them. Stupid but true.:-( I know I have to change an hopefully I will.

    But I also believe I it's meant to be it will be.

    I hope one day am as happy as you :-)))))


  • Ms. Sunny,

    You have amazing insight into the Virgo man. I have recently met this amazing guy. His name is Chris and his birthday is 9-10-82. I like him a lot. We have a chemistry so rare and I am head over heels for him. I have clue how to get him to come around. We communicate everyday but it's so hard to get some time with him. I'm wondering is he true or is there something he's hiding. He expressed to me about his ex and he hasn't been in a relationship since that was two years ago. I'm trying to be as patient as I possibly can be. Is he not interested or I am I being paranoid?

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