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  • Hi LOPD.

    It's just about look back and reflecting on how you where in yourself, and how there people you prorated them or how they used you,

    So, we are in such need of feeling something, and we just look or more mute point get worst for it, but if we learn from it, that's good hey?

    Your son, is a sensitive as you say, he will need guidance, but i felt he will have more strength over time when he older to see he been used,, dont fret too much on that OK.

    I dont why this memory has come back to me, but a long while a go i awoke and saw a child like figure just looked like ash.



  • Hi LOAP and everyone, just zooming in to say hello to you all, keep the faith and hugs to everyone, have a very hectic and exausting energy at the mo so don't want to shower you all with it, will come back more when I have finished this move and gotten internet back up and running.


  • Hi Guys

    Its school holidays over here and both my pcs have been hijacked by my kids thanks Scully for you kind words about my son he is such a sweet soul an earth angel but a little devil to me sometimes . Dmick the boy is wearing the type of rosette ribbon you would put on a present so i feel he is telling me he will be a gift to you and that indicates to me that he hasnt been born yet . he is from the future . A grandchild like you suggested perhaps..

    Paddi its good to see you mate ! good luck with the move maybe one of these days we can catch up on skype .

    Love and hugs 2 all Loap:)

  • Hi lopd.

    I just felt that for your son.

    I am going to bee taking a long time away, to get me, myself in order, i know i said before , everything happen to get me here, place i am.

    I happy where i am,

    I will return, sham we cant just swap emails

    Take care


  • Hi Living , it's been a while! I dont I will try to sign on - Im so glad that you have this thread going on. I didnt want to intrude...and the other posts are so

    Things are going well with my grandson, hes beautiful and growing strong. My granddaughter is beautiful too...and they are a joy. Her mom is expecting again...she asked me about abortion a couple of weeks ago...and I told her it was a decision she could never undo. I told her I regret that I ever made it, and I always will...they are going to have the question. Im so glad.

    Yayyy...another beautiful baby! She reads Tarot too and has a sensitive soul. I know things arent easy for her.

    Can I sit in your living room? can we have tea?


    Ive missed you, and missed coming here.

    Love and Blessings,


  • Hi Scully,

    I wish this site had a private messaging sysem as dont want to put my email on the public forum .Scully i feel you will be doing a course soon or something that involves some kind of learning . Also are you having trouble remebering things lately ? I have pulled an Archangel card for you and Archangel Zakdkiel has come out with the teaching and learning card .Archagel Zakiel is the angel of learning . I hope that you enjoy your time away .andyouome back soon. Dont be a stranger .

    Take care

    Love and hugs 2 u Loap:)

  • HI Patch

    My dear freind long no see i am so glad to hear about your Grandson and grandaughter growing strong and healthy that is wonderful news . I think you gave your daughter good avice about the abortion issue I have missed you dearly i was going to post on our thread the other day but i cant get near a computer for the kids . I would love for you to come over and have tea . I would love to come to you at the moment the housework is piling up kids are on school holidays i bought them an xbox 360 yesterday and they are totally mesmorised by it i cant get them away from the tv now..but i have no car as i had a smash a couple of weeks ago and it was written off The weather is terrible over here it so cold and miserable for them to play outside . .

    I hope you are soaking up the sunshine i must go and do this dreaded housework take care my freind Archangel Uriel is saying yes go ahead with the idea you have planned .

    Love and an abundance of hugs 2 u Loap:)

  • Hello all lovely people

    The Nutty Nuts Lounge may be closed for good but I just opened :

    The Debate Room

    I hope ill see many of you over there.


  • Hey LOPD.

    Am i daft, but this is your thread, i dont see you saying it's closed down?


  • The Lounge is NOT my thread. The Nutty Nuts Lounge WAS my thread but it has died a natural death. HUGE difference. And this AGAIN proves ONE OUGHTA read the ENTIRE thread before uttering anything LOLYe ye i know i KNOW , i do it aswell, skip to the last page, but i am wrong, if i want the whole story and not juss the headline, whole thread as to b read


  • Dear Living, hope the car to take its place is fabulous!

    Thank you for go ahead from did you know????... 🙂

    The expecting new grandbaby has miscarried...I miss it already

    Skype now has patchlove1 to deal with!

    The xbox is cool! My kids have still like to play it

    Glad to be back, so nice to be here again. Thank you.

  • Hi Scully,

    I have done that more times than I can track of threads and comments.

    I think this one is up for a while 🙂

    Have fun with whatever you pursue 🙂

  • Hi Pachlove,

    I need to get my eyes tested ,, miss read 🙂


    How did you know i been worried my memory not working as as well?

    Yes i been doing a course, that i am for once thou rally enjoying


  • This post is deleted!

  • Sending love and good vibrations to assist you in all matters

    a wave of love that crosses the ocean, glides through air, time, and space to rest on your doorstep. The spirit knocking perhaps is doing so because it knows you are capable of understanding that it is there.

    Reaching out with arms of love, angels bless and renew your circumstances.



  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you dmick for your kindness and grace- I was sending love to LivingOnaPrayer...and knowing that all who know her will join in sending that love.

    Love trancends in all things..

    rises above

    now...LOAP needs a car---I say we all see the most beatiful dependable vehicle ever, and her and the family riding in it!!!


  • Hello all lovely ladies. i noticed this thread allows readings requests?

    I juss need a teeny tiny look in to see if ANY sees me in Canada doing translations for a company there? it means relocation to an entire new life.



  • opps my bad im a pisces born march 10 72 at 11.20 pm in the evening. lawds i had a nighmare ............. translating danish to english on time ............ ufff.

    so if any could help thanx

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