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  • Hey Seehorse ,

    Long time no see how are you mate ? Ive missed your great sense of humour i am so happy to see you back , i have that deck its called the housewives tarot . I love it . Yes that 3 of wands image reminds me of myself alright its groundhog day here the housework never goes away .Did the cards reveal anything exciting that is going to happen?

    love and hugs 2 u Loap:)

  • Yowza i got my super-dooper Transformers Tarot deck yay !!

    ....but every time i ask about myself all i get is the same card coming up again and again duuhh wonder why....

  • Now this is weird too....every time i ask about the future of the world...i get this....

  • 🙂 If they had like buttons for comments, I would like both of your tarot cards. Made me laugh! 😄

  • Wow, LOAP, that is very interesting! Yes, that is what i have had to go through quite recently 😞 Thanks for the guidance so so much, I will do that, I have been placing myself in outdoor environments during my meditations, so i am happy to see some suggestion that I'm tuning in the right direction 🙂 I don't know this archangel, I will look him up and try to understand him. Thank you.

  • What is it that makes a good tarot deck? How do you choose one? Also, I am very into nature and crystals, ever since i was super small. If I want to start feeling positive or focused energy, which crystal.stone should I start with? thanx!

  • Thanks LeoLight 🙂 some people never get it, all good things come in 3's...Holy trinity, the Trimurti Love & Light...maybe not be complete until another "L" for Laughter is added 😉

    I dig crystals too, i've heard that the best way to choose a crystal is to walk in a crystals shop, feel around....and get the one that attracts you the most. In essence, let the crystal choose you !

    The whole thing is subconscious so don't worry too much about it 🙂

    As for Tarot decks....i have a mind of making a Looney tunes one bahaha.....i wonder what would be the spiritual meaning of Duffy duck card in a Looney Cross....

  • he he he 🙂 My son would kill for that transformers deck he would want one in minecraft as well.

    Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing LeoLight . I want to get the deck tarot of the spirit world .Thats my next mission .

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I dont understand, why it so hard for me to make friends, along side people want to be friends with me.

    I have been looking at others, they seem to have friends, some still from school day's, even if they catch up later on again, do seem to want to know em. I've be looking back at the past, all the people, i have had have used me in one way or another, so they weren't real friends, or just take the mickey out of me.

    I did have friends during school,, but things changed when i was twelve some left and grew out the rest, they got ion with their lives, most my friends where boys anyway.

    I have been thinking so much, about it , how many people have friends (the amount) on social network sites, like work colleagues. It been constant and over whelm me, i try get it out opf my head.

    I guess this is happening for a reason, i have something to learn from it.

    II have been doing so much to better my life, thought i was past this/


  • Scully,

    I feel people come into our life for a reason i keep attracting friends that are users and i want to know why this is as well .I think people that have a lot of friends on social networking sites like face book dont really know these freinds personally at all . My cousin has 693 friends on his FB , it s ridicoulous . I am so glad i deleted mine .

  • Hi D,

    The boy is showing himself to me he looks alot like Tabitha from bewitched but i know he is a boy . he is handing me the wooden spoon his mouth is moving but no words are coming out . He is so cute i feel he is 5 or 6 years old maybe . Timmy i am hearing Timmy it must be his name . Can you please talk to him and tell him to show me something that is relevent to you ?

  • Sorry Dee he is smiling the beautifulest smile i have ever seen he still has all his baby teeth as well .

    Its the 25th here were i am and i cant believe Michael Jackson has been gone a 3 years today where does the time go ?

    RIP Michael

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes his baby teeth he keeps smiling I have to tell you i feel people could have mistaken him for a girl as well i am feeling feminine energy as well if that makes sense , he has the most beautiful sweetest face i have enver seen for a boy . He does look likeTabitha from bewitched .

  • Hi LOP

    I think i was just going backwards looking and as you do at past to figure something out.

    I see how i was for different reasons i attracted to worst people, as that was how i was feeling in me the,, make sense,, now im who i really am, i will attract in time like minded people, i have friend in a way at work, but would like some away from work, i have made friend sk, if you get feel on him, friend, just by doing a speed date, just simply to help my confidence, i had no expectations and we both said yes to each-other we both agree we just friends thow.

    I think the net work sites can be off putting if you compare yourself, loads people just add friends to their friends, probably haven't even met them, so that's not real friendships?

    Is that your little boy who is cute got baby teeth?


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Scully ,

    Your post was very interesting i never thought of it in that way before , but i am not a user so now i am racking my brains as to why i seem to attract these sort of people . No the little boy i feel is a spirit i feel he is attracted to Dmick , My middle son who is 9 is such a sensitive soul i worry that he might attract users later in life that will take advantage of his kind nature as well .

    I often sing to him a good heart these days is hard to find so please be gentlle with this heart of mine .

  • Hi Dmick,

    The boy is wearing what looks like a white rosette around his neck can you relate to this at all ?

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